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So what does the jump drive mean for your existing fleet of ships?

Discussion in 'General' started by UrbanLegend, Jul 11, 2015.


What are you doing to you pre-jump drive ships..

  1. Scrapyard - they are obsolete!

  2. Modifications - I'm going to shoe-horn the 2x3x3 block wherever it will fit!

  3. Keep but build new ships - Those old designs are still good as local system ships!

  4. Heighliner - Build even bigger jump ships to transport my thruster ships!

  5. Nothing - I don't feel like exporing the universe

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. UrbanLegend Apprentice Engineer

    Out of curiosity, what are people doing with their pre-jump drive creations?
  2. Aracus Senior Engineer

    Chose the most relevant option, modification of current ship, or rather, building the new component which I already had more than enough room for due to either expecting it or having mods to the same effect

    Actually, probably gonna need a minimum of four to get anywhere at all and then multiples of that for backup or sequential jumps.
  3. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    It'll be tricky, and they'll end up looking different no doubt, but the majority will need jump drives. We'll see about FACs and corvettes, but destroyers and up will definitely need them.
  4. GrindyGears Senior Engineer

    I don't think now is really a good time to ask a question like this, my reasoning is more or less along these lines:

    With planets coming soon (tm) the vast majority of ships will have to be completely overhauled or scrapped and rebuilt to accommodate either more thrusters, some form of anti grav drive, or really anything... to make them more planet compatible. i know a large number of my older fleet vessels would never even be able to go near a planet, most of them if they got caught in the gravity well they wouldn't potentially be able to break free (pending planet size/relative gravity) which would lead me to saying that i'd be a damn fool to try and use the jump drives for any real distance, i have a fairly strong computer, but not everyone who plays on my server does. i know keen said they planned to change how planets render vs asteroids but for now lets say they dont. if i can only see 50km ahead of me, and i jump 100km for example, i could jump face and eyes into a planets gravity well and lose the whole ship to a crash landing. So for me atleast, i almost have to go with scrapyard, just because personally i'd like to design for the future, not for the present. that, and i think i'll be starting a new world anyway just to be on the air of safety with changes being made to the world generator.

    TLDR: ask again when planets come out
  5. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    Generally speaking, I'm squeezing a JD into anything larger than 3000 tons and building a "Jump Frame" for anything smaller.
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  6. Echillion Senior Engineer

    I like that idea^ abit like the jump section on a jedi starfighter?
  7. Kovendon Apprentice Engineer

    Well, as most of my projects are sitting at 80-90%...

    Why not start again!

    I had the same thoughts with oxygen coming out, and planets will be an interesting challenge for many as well. I think with the game as fluid as it is right now, it's important to just enjoy the process of creating rather than becoming attached to designs.

    Most likely as you re-work or start new projects, you'll build on all that you've learned :101: and the projects will almost always be better for it.

    Oh... and compound blocks anyone? ;)
  8. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Any ship i build (original design or replica, it doesn't matter) is going to have ample room for expansion; fitting in a dozen or so of these into the Galaxy is rather trivial.
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  9. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    Yes, I've been doing something similar in survival for miners. I give them a large thruster boost pack that attaches via a merge block. Help cut down time getting resources from far off asteroids. I plan to scale this up for large ships, but using the JD instead of thrusters. I'm think that to be useful it will need to transport 4-6 Fac/Corvettes, it's probably to expensive too build one for every ship.
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  10. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Perhaps fill up the 4-6 miner ships and attach the Jump section to one and attach the other miners to the jump miner by large landing gear?
  11. Xakthos Apprentice Engineer

    I never leave enough spare empty room for this sort of thing. Definitely going to have to start over, which is fine I expect to end up needing to do that a few more times.
  12. GotLag Senior Engineer

    I was able to squeeze one in after removing some batteries. There are still enough batteries to charge the jump drive 3 times, and the jump drive reduces the requirement for thruster movement on battery power.
  13. hangar-8 Trainee Engineer

    Mittens (the small grey ship) attached to Grendel, the orange jump capable carrier (Grendel because it's an ugly monster). My son's Dasher it parked on top. Grendel has all the systems that a long range scouting mission might need, Mittens is small, light, reasonably fast and maneuverable. This is on a private dedicated server. I think Grendel needs some tweaking, but its function over form currently. There are quite a few mods involved (notably the Azimuth series).

  14. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    I'm pretty glad I don't have a fleet of ships that needs constant upgrading between the JD release and planets, and oxygen before that. All of my capital ships have tremendous surplus volume though, so JDs will fit in there somewhere. There are advantages to building big and ugly ;)
  15. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Yes, at least the size is not too large, so they will fit in pretty easily.
  16. Eternal Visitor Trainee Engineer

    I'm going to at least try to modify my boarding house class ship to fit a single jump drive for short hops, but I'm building a new design as a pure transport ship for longer jumps.
  17. Galaxian Apprentice Engineer

    Modification, my capital ship roster doesn't have anything too small to retrofit with the new jump drive without an aesthetics impact, especially considering I had been using the jump drive mod and you can perfectly fit a few of them in the same space as one of those old behemoth blocks.
  18. EternityTide Senior Engineer

    Retrofit all of the cruisers and medium Carriers.
    Unfortunately due to the jump drives, the age of Leviathans has ended, as anything larger than 3,000,000 tonnes has too limited a range to be useful.
    I think I'm going to weld them together and treat them as an Ad-hoc station.
  19. RedAceFred Trainee Engineer

    Almost the entirety of what I build are stations and small ships, so it doesn't affect anything I have build so far, Exploring may become more fun however so I might have to start building big ships!
  20. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    3 million tonnes? I'm not sure I've seen anything that large. Then again, the drives could be a very useful mechanic in terms of preventing gigantism.
  21. Nova Wolf Apprentice Engineer

    I'm replacing the batteries in the otherwise-unused front compartment of my mothership with 3 jumpdrives. It was an area mostly reserved for future use, anyway. If I need more batteries, I can stuff them under the floor.

    I may create a jump sled for my small ships. Attach via connector and jump away.
  22. Dax23333 Junior Engineer

    I'm going to have to get around to redoing my gravity cannon frigate. I'm going to cut the back end off and add jump drives and redo the conveyer network so the cannon will fire stone, rather than everything in the ships inventory.

    With a jump drive the ship will be great for destroying capital ships with hit and run tactics using the big cannon.
  23. Spectre250 Trainee Engineer

    Depends on the ship and its layout. Some will be getting retrofitted, others outright replaced. Of course, of those in the latter category, most of those designs were obsolete or at the end of their practical service lives anyway. After all, we can only update these designs so many times before it is just too impractical to conduct further refits.
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  24. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    I can just bolt them on to the outside of any ship, really. I was already building a mothership to carry all of my other various craft around, so I can just put the jump drives in the engineering compartment, maybe extend the hull in a few places.

    They're by no means necessary for most ships. Unless you want to go exploring, you're probably fine without them. Jump rings should be easy to build as well if you want to jump small ships.
  25. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Heh. Thankfully i read it twice before saying something cocky :D

    Honestly - long before the Jump Drive limits your size the engine is going to do it for you; once your ship hits a certain size sticking in a dozen or two Jump Drive Blocks is really no big deal anymore. (I've thought about packing my Warp Nacelles with them but then i'd have to hide my thrusters somewhere else.)
  26. Action Hank Trainee Engineer

    Modification here. Unfortunately was in the middle of rebuilding the fleet and retiring the models built a year and a half ago so this certainly threw a wrench in the machine, though, I am grateful for them. For now any ships I feel deserve a jump drive I'm squeezing them in any way I can and hoping whenever compound release it'll help me find a much better internal solution. If that doesn't happen looks like I'll at least be gutting my interiors at some point in the future.
  27. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Absolutely nothing. Any and all ships I make instantly become obsolete. Down to the fact I keep building new ones of new design ideas.
  28. EternityTide Senior Engineer

    I meant Kilos, I do apologise
  29. Amonkoth Trainee Engineer

    For me, it's modifications.
    Part of what I love about this game is modifying my older ships to adapt to the new features and challenges that are posed.
  30. mackandelius Trainee Engineer

    I'm gonna slap a big engine on the bottom of my ship. Infact when the update came i instantly started building this addon.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.