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[Solar panel usefull or just pretty?]

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Zandraak, Mar 21, 2014.

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  1. Teravisor Apprentice Engineer

    They do not work, I just checked that...
  2. vicwarrior Trainee Engineer

    Well, solar panels are now just plain worthless with the meteor showers.
  3. lhiles Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, this was one of my comments in the Change Log forum. This update seems completely at odds with the solar panel update since they only effective way to protect yourself at the moment is to hide in the shadow of something (heavy armor block wall or large asteroid). Hopefully in future update the meteors will be affected by gravity or be destructible.
  4. Deggy Trainee Engineer

    Time to engage my Rotor-powered Heavy Armor pane to protect my panels when they're in danger!
  5. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    Ah... but there's no "not in danger" period. These boulders just rain down wherever you are and demolish anything pretty rapidly. I wouldn't expect heavy armour to last along enough to matter, but I'm sure someone has tested it and can attest to that better than I can.

    I won't turn it on in any of my saves in the state it's in right now.
  6. RavynKnight Apprentice Engineer

    My main grief with this update is that the meteors do the same damage to heavy armor the same as light armor.. i would at least expect the heavy armor to just dent a little not have a huge freakin hole that goes straight through my heavy armor covered station.. not to mention they did this before they gave us anything to defend against them.. another interesting thing that occurred to me is that they come from the sun.. the devs didn't want to do solar panels.. but they gave them to us because we wanted them.. then a couple weeks later they make meteor showers that come from the sun.. coincidence?? needless to say this option is off on my saves until they present some sort of way to protect stations from them..

    anyway that ends my rant lol

    on topic.. i like the solar panels.. i can turn off all my reactors when i'm not using the refineries and assemblers and i have infinite energy for my suit and lights =) love the solar panels.. OH! and they are very pretty too.. especially on extreme graphics settings.. we just need to be able to have power transfer through rotors so we can angle them the way we need for max energy generation..
  7. Zandraak Trainee Engineer

    Now we can't play WITH solar panel AND the full game (with meteors) cause we can't fight against them.
    Solar panel are just pretty :(
  8. Teravisor Apprentice Engineer

    Seems a bug to me as for me (on normal meteors) they do exactly same as rockets: dent heavy armor and destroy 2x2 light armor.
  9. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    I was able to survive the Armageddon setting with no damage to my light armor ship by keeping it moving at least 30 m/s.
  10. Teravisor Apprentice Engineer

    Just another part of it being not realistic+having an always moving speed and no way of using inertia dampeners to adjust to that speed brings only even more pain.
  11. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    I dont mind that so much... I think that the challenge of landing a craft on a moving vessel without dampers is pretty fun... and doable with some practice. I have also found that the inertial dampers are great for using in short bursts like this... Approach the target at high speed and then turn on the inertial dampers to slow down, but time it to match the speed of the target... It works surprisingly well.

    Repost from another thread:

  12. steve5041 Trainee Engineer

    I like solar panels. I use them to power beacons and I plan to add some to my station soon.

    But at the moment they take too long to build/grind down and the Solar cell components are HUGE! (50L each) So it would be good to see those adjusted. Both the construction time and the component size should be halved, and I think that would be about right.

    PS. Interior plates also take up too much space at 10L each when steel plates are only 3L. And computers are too small, should be doubled ....

    Enough complaining now :)
  13. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    Computers are smaller in the future.
  14. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Replying to myself...
    Solar panels are now completely useless, and not because of asteroids.
    The last update significantly increased the power draw of gravity generators. Now you need between 20 and 150 panels for one gravity generator (up to 600 kW input per GG, and up to 5kW output per panel).

    I found out as my station ran out of fuel and lost all power. I was purplexed because the solar panels were still reporting output, but nothing was on. Only when I found the reactor empty I investigated and found the power draw.

    I just put in 53kg of uranium, and have only 2 days of power with 5 GG and a dozen or so lights.
    Before, that would have lasted months, or even a year or two.
  15. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the warning... I have 3 gravity generators on! time to go turn off some stuff...
  16. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    I pity you fools! I use solar power in meteor showers enabled, look for your inner engineer mates, I'm still surviving. Still useful IMHO :cool:
  17. Marneus Apprentice Engineer

    Very useful. Once you have built them, they are continually putting 6KW each for big sups and 1,5KW for small ships.

    First I user them for buoy and suit recharge satellites. No need to worry about maintenance any more. And I can even use it as a sail ship. Second, I put 10 on the red ship in the red ship scenario and they have been very useful for reducing the electricity bill and taking care b of the electricity vampires (lights, systems on standby, etc...).

    Moreover, I'm planning to attach 6 of them to the rescue ship. If we ever get batteries, that would be enough to move it with dampeners off.
  18. Uhm Apprentice Engineer

    If they add batteries solar pannels are going to be the best thing ever.

    Right now, i am 1/4th of the way to having enough solar panels to power a single assembler.
    With that being said, if you were to build a battery array big enough, uranium would be obsolete
  19. Yoruno Trainee Engineer

    News just in. Solar panels with Auto turrets made my panels nearly meteor-resistant, nearly.
    Need more ammo... and more turrets.. mostly more ammo.

    On a side note, i just love how those turrets move randomly when not shooting, on stations atleast. Not sure if that's the case on big ships yet.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.