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Some general suggestions

Discussion in 'General' started by Zoichi, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. Zoichi

    Zoichi Trainee Engineer

    Steel ingots mass loss: I use 2x iron ingots and a bunch of carbon for steel, it would be fair to obtain 2x steel ingots not 1x. Some mass loss happens obvious, during long forging, to allows carbon infiltration on iron, there are some oxide formations but this is around 1 or 1/2 gram for 1kg piece for example.

    Linen oil: Why would I need some linen oil to forge a steel item? The linen oil was used only to create a patina to protect the item from rust, the patina was obtained by eating the piece beforehand in forge around dark cherry red color, waiting some time and then applying the oil and letting it darken and smoke.

    The above should not be a problem to manage if you would take it in considerations, cause are only variables in some crafting functions.

    General crafting:
    Bigger stone arches would be needed for serious castles and some heavy wooden squared doors for fortresses. Stone roof would be nice too.

    Enemies: The crafting side is almost perfect for a game, the tutorial is very interesting, but if i want to play with a friend as coop? Once the tutorial is ended i start build a Minas Tirith sized structure and then getting bored.
    I would strongly suggest to develop some foes that spawns once the players ended the tutorial quests, like some brigants that start roaming the roads.
    The so much mentioned barbarians, shy and mythological creatures nowhere to be seen in my case, are almost pointless if used in such way.
    It would be interesting, for example, to create small barbarian camps or villages into the woods or mountains at some range distance from the player spawn location.
    An option on server creation "Add enemies on tutorial end".

    Could you add some bear as "foes" and some more neutral animals for the forest area, on the yellow grass area some lions and related animals, and so on. This to add variety to hunting and add some challenges while roaming around.
    Like adding an option on server creation "Add dangerous animals" for people that wanna not be mauled by bears.

    It would be interesting to add some "deep" veins that cannot be just spotted from the ground, but found by digging deep.

    The objects often have zero frictions, I saw one of my cart sliding on a sightly perceptible slope with all 4 roads stuck (cause i used the wrong blocks). I noticed some items starts rolling and never stops, even squared 1type limbers. A deer just touched and launched a catapult on my 3 floor house's roof.

    I think the fast fixable one is the "weights" of the combined items crafted, like my flying catapul propelled by deer.
  2. MorshuArtsInc

    MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    I agree on all your suggestions, however, this is not the right place to post them. Better post them here.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.