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Some questions regarding star systems

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Xelo, Oct 27, 2019.

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  1. Xelo Trainee Engineer

    Hello there!

    I would like to know, if there are any future plans regarding more realistic star systems?
    To be more specific:
    Will there ever be
    - more realistic sizes of planets?
    - planetary rotation?
    - weather? Precipitation? Thunder storms?
    - Volcanism?
    - liquid water?
    - more realistic distances between planets?
    - drifting asteroids?
    - object like stars, gas giants or even neutron stars?
    - more realistic gravity?
    - more realistic travelling speed?
    - more star systems in the same world which you can visit via hyperdrive?
    - chances to orbit a planet in a more realistic way?

    and last, but not least:
    - Will there ever be copper, titanium, aluminum and tungsten be added?

    Yes I know, SE has mainly a building, mining and fighting purpose, but I think it would be nice if the star system(s) would be more realistic.
    Newtonian flying physics is already implemented in a basic manner, what I really like (remembers me of the good old times of Frontier Elite).

    Most of above questions will be obsolete because of performance and RAM usage, but maybe not?
    Some of them are maybe for a distant future?

    Just some questions I'm interested in.

    SE is one of the very very few games I always come back to, because it's so beautiful.

    Thank you
    I'm curios of your comments :)
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  2. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    The short answer to all of that is, probably no, not ever.

    There are mods for larger planets and gas giants, so there is a possibility that Keen might figure something out there, but the truth is that at this point Keen might be leaning towards a new version. They have been doing some very aggressive advertising lately for video game production talent.

    There's no end to what we would like to see in the game, and apparently there's no end to what Keen would like to cram into the game, and now it's clear that we will pay for anything we like, even if it's just to help insure that the game doesn't die. I'd be surprised if they are not at least thinking about a version 2.0 ;)
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  3. Kalantris Trainee Engineer

    My answers in bold.

    My advice would be to go directly to the steam workshop and get half of what you desire straight away. There's a daily needs mod, that adds a whole additional layer of food, hydroponics, water consumption and rest. There's a mod, that adds more than 400 new resources to the game. There's realistic physics with drag, wind, etc. and combined with a speed limit mod changes the game entirely. There's mods with gas giants and countless others, that can transform your experience entirely.

    Best regards,
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  4. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Not to come across like a Debbie Downer, mods are great when they work, and not so great when they don’t work. How many times have players cursed the game when, after a major revision (and, in many cases, a minor revision) one or more of the mods in their game no longer work. Worse yet, their game no longer loads, or crashes after a load. Then the player is forced to begin the arduous process of unloading the mods, one at a time, until everything works again.

    Mods certainly add depth to the game, but it’s my opinion that they should be used sparingly, and then only to add real value to a map. But I’m only speaking of maps that people intentionally publish for others to play. Heck, what you do with maps that you create for your own personal use can have as many mods as you desire. If I subscribe to a map and find it’s loaded with hundreds of mods, I usually dump it and just won’t try to play it.
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  5. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    On the other hand...

    I have upwards of 250 mods that I consider "core" because in one way or another they enhance my playing experience. Some are "quality of life" scripts like Build Info or Paint/Delete Cursor. Some bring my builds to life like Auto LCD. Some are things that make sense but Keen won't provide like clear (untinted) windows for inside and capital thrusters and pistons that extend to 35 meters. Many of my mods are things that some people might repurpose a vanilla block for. I have armor blocks that look like regular armor blocks that have been ground down to the open lattice stage. I have dish antennas of all sizes. I've never had to resort to using a vent window to get a set of 1x1 stairs because I have several 1x1 stair mods.

    I have a lot of armor block variations that let me build things closer to how I imagined them. I have about twenty different thrusters to choose from. I have combo blocks that, for instance, combine a passenger seat and a window because if you place a window you normally can't place anything next to it on the inside.

    On top of all that, I probably subscribe to about thirty mods that I haven't even tried yet.

    Yeah, it's a bad day when a mod you like goes away because of an update. Back when Keen was doing weekly updates I was kissing two or three mods a week goodbye. However, many of those mods came back one way or another, and the rest have mostly been replaced by better ones. I usually subscribe to about four new mods a month that I might find useful. I've been playing with the new "Drill and Fill" mod for the last two weeks.

    I'm loving it that Modders are attempting to "one up" Keen, and Keen is trying to stay ahead of them :woot:. The vanilla-only community needs to give the modding community a hearty round of applause (or beer) for a lot of what's been happening lately. Keen's staff (bless their hearts) does not always comprehend what players want. Modders help them see.

    My only regret is that no one that will play Space Engineers on an Xbox will be able to experience any of my builds.

    Things are not quite as chaotic now. If you see a mod/script that you might like, go ahead and subscribe. Chances are that what's still around now and what's coming out now will be around for a while. Find out what you have been missing.

    It's a Crayola thing. You can either use the box that has 8 crayons in it or the one that has 64.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.