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[SP] [01.137] Pistons detach by themselves (Reproducable)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Duckroll, Jun 5, 2016.

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  1. Duckroll Trainee Engineer

    I have a ship with pistons and drills on them and they constantly fall off while in flight for no apparent reason.

    If I turn the pistons off in the control panel then they don't fall off but the drills no longer show up, as if they had detached anyway.


    Save Game:

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Take off on the ship. You need to detach landing gear, and turn on the hydrogen thrusters (6+7 IIRC)
    2. Fly about 4 KM in any direction.
    3. Get a message that "someone else is controlling this ship!"
    4. Pistons detach, dropping the 2 drills off the bottom of the ship (Where varies)
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  2. Cassius Faux Apprentice Engineer

    This happens with more than just pistons. Rotors(Only had it happen on Advanced) and especially 1x1 wheels are also effected by it.

    A message will pop up if I'm driving the particular vehicle, "Someone else is controlling this ship!" and then everything will float off the ground about 2 feet, wheels and rotors will come free. Then everything sets back down.

    Haven't found a way to replicate it yet.

    Edit: Heres a gif I got referencing the 1x1 wheel issue. The rotors decided to play nicely on this recording. But you can see the body of the truck lift up, and the 1x1 wheels stay still, then snap back on after the truck sets back down. The message: "Someone else is controlling this ship!" was displayed every other time vehicles have started to do this when piloting them, so it is safe to say it was displayed in this case too.(I was driving the missile truck.)

    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016
  3. Duckroll Trainee Engineer

    Just had it happen in space too, so it's not planet-only. :(

  4. Grit Breather Junior Engineer

    Happened to me in space. The trigger appeared to be going faster than 25 m/s for a few km.
  5. Phoera Senior Engineer

    mainly this happens of SubWorld boundary.
    happens to me when i tested my smooth lander script with car on landing gears.
    car just lose half of the wheels.
  6. Dkz1181 Trainee Engineer

    Ive noticed this aswell, it seems to be since the whole connector update a few months back, i put in a post with the bug saying the head attachment point needs to be stronger but it was moved to a suggestion post ¬.¬ ... but do you guys get a detatch piston heads when docking a large ship to a station as well,

    its made resuppling my ships at complete pain in the hole just now, that is when pistons and rotors dont just start randomly exploding, in fact i cant even use the speed lockout because that is just like saying heres some C4 blow your self up ¬.¬
  7. Grit Breather Junior Engineer

    I don't think we're discussing the same issue.
    The issue here is of the piston head just detaching cleanly. No explosions and no drama. It just falls off.

    Your issue may be valid but for this one there is no relevance to how strong it is because there is no strain when it happens. The game just decides to detach and that's it.
  8. Dkz1181 Trainee Engineer

    yea i think the issue has the same root cause, Anyform of force/resistance on the piston, be it flying, turning to sharp seems to out stress whatever the head attachments breaking vaule is.

    its the same when i use a piston to move a connector to a stationary ship, it joins as pur normal and i get access to that ship for all or 2 or 3 seconds then the head just falls off, tho it looks like its still joint if i move the ship the connector and piston head come with.

    forsome reason when you joint objects or use pistons and rotor the objects at the end seem to (move) with out moving, you can see this if you use alt F10 and cycle throw fastest objects, for some reason stationary objects on pistons move or rather vibrate.

    have you tried to use 2 pistons to hold your attachments in place? im pritty sure if i was just using the one for each arm on my drilling rig it wouldnt hold up at all under any movement.

    BUT actually now that i think about it and re-read your post... do you have auto trash removal turned on? ... this use to happen to me alot while ago but usally only when reloading
  9. Prescott Freyd Senior Engineer


    Thank you all for the reports and information, we'll check it out :)
    EDIT: Just to let you know, we've reproduced and reported the issue internally.

    Last edited: Jun 8, 2016
  10. Dkz1181 Trainee Engineer

    On a side note, i just found out today that a broken piston head and its attachments can be reconnected if its pushed up against the piston its self ... thankfully i tried it before having to strip down part of my welding rig and rebuilding it all ... i dont think that was ever mentioned was it lol ?
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.