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Sparks of the Future Update & DLC Announced on Steam

Discussion in 'General' started by Holt, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. Holt Trainee Engineer

    I can't find anything more in depth on what this new update is supposed to contain. Tried searching Steam and places like Reddit to no avail. Can't even find more info on the official site :woot:

    This a purely cosmetic update? Or something a bit more in depth, hopefully the likes of the Economy Pack? I'm dying of curiosity!

    What's the deal with all the secrecy Keen devs?
  2. Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    Keen's always been evasive when it comes to upcoming releases. Here's what I predict you'll get with the upcoming Sharts of the Failure DLC:

    • Yet another ~$5 surcharge (just call it a subscription at this point jfc),
    • ~6 supposed crash fixes (the game will still crash though even though were going on +/-512 crash fixes to date),
    • ~3 token support site bug fixes that nobody cares about because the serious bugs reported years ago are still there,
    • ~3 unreported bugs 'fixed' which will more than likely not actually be,
    • ~4 already in game blocks added with different skin to be new shiny despite the devs claiming there are already too many in the game,
    • an untradeable suit skin or 2,
    • a themed block skin,
    • someone else's mod ported into the game and made official with a 25% chance of at least credit given to the author,
    • a Torch inspired concealment system which adds twice as many bugs as were supposedly fixed and ends up not working as well as Torch anyways and with no credit to Rexxar or Jimmble for the 'inspiration',
    • all your mods to be broken for ~2 days or forever depending on whether its dev still cares,
    • your favourite MP servers to be down for a day.
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  3. Bullet_Force Apprentice Engineer

    Knowing the Keen devs it will include:
    • 1x rainbow paint scheme
    • Non functional pointless decorative blocks like tvs, radios, kitchens and toilets for your spaceship
    • A regular functional block with the same features but sporting some new skin on it
    • Some new pointless single player scenario complete with bad AI (who the hell plays single player anyway?)

    This game is no longer Space Engineers, it's Space Cosmetics. Design the prettiest ship in the galaxy that serves no purpose.
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  4. Cameron_XV Trainee Engineer

    I have 834 hours in game and never played multiplayer.
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  5. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    7100+ hours, a good 95%+ in single player.

    Theres more to space engineers than building brick pvp gun blobs. You only have to look at the mods available that add decorative stuff to the game, some of which have been integrated into the game itself.
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  6. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I have way more hours in this game than I care admit, and 99.8% of it has been single-player mode. I guess I the hell play single player anyway.
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  7. Dazednconfuzed Trainee Engineer

    1 - Good Bot expanded massively in game

    2 - Small grid blocks attaching to large grids (look at the letters ... I mean really look on their post showing the letters)

    3 - messhall/kitchen style deco

    4 - new scenario

    5 - new suit, electric style skin, and extra blocks

    6 - plenty of fun and games for people running servers like myself and mod owners
  8. Holt Trainee Engineer

    Given the toilet block that was added in the last DLC, I'm wondering if they plan on implementing the immersive game play offered by Skallabjorn's brilliant needs mod:


    Would be great if they could add a light food/water/sleep/waste needs system and HuD elements the way Empyrion Galactic has (which has all these survival needs minus the waste). That would make functional sense since they went to all this trouble making this deco content....
  9. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Keen would be wise to take a look at what Hardspace Shipbreaker is doing gameplay wise, it has some really interesting stuff.

    Personally I'm just waiting for npc ai and reload animation for player held weapon.
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  10. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    this update will include the mechanic of randomly electrocuting yourself when touching things after running over the new carpet block. Hence: spark of future
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  11. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Maybe we're getting interactive poo?
  12. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    We can always plant interactive potatoes for interactive munching by mixing our interactive poo with Martian dirt.
  13. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    A spark can also be just a flash in the pan... someone great once said that ....... not sure who... :)
  14. Holt Trainee Engineer

    I actually love this DLC. There said it. Bring on the haters :D

    Now if Keen had allowed us to get out of that space suit and be in bathing trunks/swim wear when entering a pool. Or even the option to go pixelated censored nude and be able to take showers in the bathroom. Seriously with all the time SE commnandos have spent living in their suits. Those space suits must be awfully funky smelling by now :woot:
  15. Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    So... predictable...