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State Of Space Engineers

Discussion in 'General' started by Ravric, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Ravric Apprentice Engineer

    Over the last few years it has been painful to see features break or not function as well as they used to. That combined with not being able to do things that were once possible is aggravating.

    Still we all want SE to be awesome and complete someday and we should all be aware of the issues and shortcomings in the game that are past, present and future. Hopefully this list helps in some way.

    Below is likely out of date and incomplete so help me update/add/remove to this and of course discuss away!

    • Blocks
      • Armor Blocks
        • Inconsistent edges __ IMG
        • Overly Pronounced Patterns __ IMG
        • Invisible texture between armor corner and inv. Corner 2x1x1 base __ IMG
        • Incorrect face culling of Armor Slope 2x1x1 Base _ IMG
        • Texture detail _ IMG __ IMG
      • Blast Door Blocks
        • Small Ship blast door blocks have hitbox conflicts that the large grids do not ) __ IMG
        • Step back on detail (remove notch/bar) or at least give us the "blank" ones back__ IMG
      • Button
        • Small Ship Button Lacking Yellow Light __ IMG
      • Catwalks
        • Too much detail makes it stand out or give us ones that blend in with builds better__ IMG
      • Collector
        • Not picking up stuff that it should __ IMG
      • Conveyor
        • No attach points to sides of conveyor frame __ IMG
        • No 6 way small ship large conveyor
        • Straight small conveyor tube and elbow conveyor tube do not match
      • Cryo Chamber
        • Interior still has old textures __ IMG
      • Decoy
        • Unpowered or Off decoys still are focused by turrets
      • Drill
        • No way to toggle right click on/off
      • Hydrogen Tank
        • only filling up to half and not auto filling bottles
        • mass on small grid tanks to be reduced. As it stands a small grid tank has less than 1/30th the capacity but has 39% of the mass of the large grid variant
      • Landing Gear
        • Irradic/Unusal behavior when locked on to voxels/ships __ BugRep
        • Not locking on construction
        • Auto lock turing on randomly without warning
      • Laser Antennas
        • Not Connecting at range __ BugRep
        • Cannot do as shown in KSH video __ IMG
      • LCD & Text Panels
        • displays transposing onto other displays at random __ GIF
        • No way to tell direction of LCD panels before they are completed
      • Merge Blocks
        • Cannot be placed on another and will disconnect when attached grid has blocks removed __ GIF __ BugRep
      • Pistons
        • General WTF __ GIF
        • When extended the 2 outer segments have no collision box __ IMG
      • Projector
        • Timer blocks and any other block with actions lose it all when built through a projector __ BugRep
      • Programing Block
        • Program accessable user input for all seats. MovementIndicators are not what I am talking about because that buggy feature only gives the input of one seat per grid
      • Rotor & Advanced Rotor
        • -40.0cm is not a baseline or zero point where it should be even with the grid __ GIF
        • Limits are only observed after a certain mass is reached __ GIF
        • Rotations per minute for both large and small variants are too slow __ IMG
        • Small version of a small grid advanced is a high demand for vanilla
        • Breaking under load while rotating __ GIF
        • Lack of separate safety lock on and safety lock off for the rotors in the timer commands and g-menu
        • No rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise action for timers and cockpits
      • Seat
        • Be able to add a remote control to the g-menu or even add a option to control a specific remote control when seated
        • Ability to interact with buttons while seated
      • Sensor
        • Have multiple action slots for both detection states kinda like timer blocks
        • Duplicate Configure Options
      • Thrusters
        • Small ship atmos, hydrogen and ion both large and small damage large grid heavy armor blocks and blast door blocks __ IMG
      • Turrets
        • detection range is always max regardless of weapon range settings
        • Ability to prioritize enemy weapons
      • Warhead
        • small warheads have WAY too many polys
      • Welders
        • Not properly starting projected blocks or replacing components on damaged ones.
      • Wheel Suspension
        • Very Erratic Behavior __ GIF __ BugRep
        • Twisting on the axis
        • Handbrake is terrible __ GIF
        • World load hopping, jumping wheeled vehicles on map load
        • Not able to add blocks onto the wheel like we used to, even though it was recently shown in a patch video __ IMG1 __ IMG2
        • Wheel suspensions height offsets do not properly update without world reload or spamming safety lock
    • Building
      • Coloring Blocks
        • Coloring tool is needed as you can't target through "half blocks" like corners, welders etc
      • Copy/Paste
        • Pasting in primarily defaults to nearby station grid which "resets" orientation to some random angle
      • Mirroring
        • Incorrect mirroring for Window 1x2 Flat __ IMG
      • Orientation Toggle "T"
        • The new way became the default frustrating and confusing many players
      • Separating Grids
        • Severed blocks now move __ GIF
      • Placement
        • Projector and remote control have extremely poor directional cues
        • Some multiblocks center on the wrong side where they can't be placed
    • Game
      • Animations
        • Character weapon/tool use in 3rd person look terrible
        • Stretchy arms and broken wrists
      • Blueprints
        • Folders for our blueprints so we can put them in categories
        • Fix blueprint search bugs(Like you have to remove old search and scroll all the way up before searching once more)
      • Grid Walking
        • Cannot walk/stand properly on moving small grids __ GIF
      • Memory Leak
        • This is a common issue that goes away and comes back
      • Not Closing
        • Having to task manager and end process for SE even though game was left normally
      • Overlay
        • Turret camera overlay is seen in spectator mode __ IMG
      • Saving
        • Save As when loading a backup will put new save into backup folder rather than main loading area
      • "Stable" Build
        • Actually give it some QC and not just update monthly
      • Bugs
        • Better communication with bug reports. Some of us feel no incentive to spend hours reporting bugs that will ultimately be ignored.
        • We need a Issue Tracker
      • Hot Fixes
        • Inform us and update patchnotes with what happened
      • Fireflies
        • What ever happened to these?
    • Interface
      • Force Out
        • various "forced out of camera/turret control" bugs that occur when some blocks are destroyed or otherwise interacted with
      • G-Menu
        • Missing small grid small conveyor tubes __ IMG
      • Crosshair
        • Isn't straight forward in suit __ BugRep
    • Multiplayer
      • Blueprint
        • Majority ownership of grid in order to blueprint/copy is needed for PVP
      • Sim Speed
        • Drops dramatically in short time with multiplayer
      • Spawn Planets
        • can be spawned by non admin players in creative
      • Client Desync
        • rotor lock causes massive client desync
      • Space Master
        • Give Space Master the ability to repair blocks
    • NPCs/Spawns
      • Aggression
        • they do not roam, they aggro immediately when spawned
        • wolves attack stationary components
      • Cargo Ships
        • Need some sort of reaction behavior
      • Drones
        • More spawns and encounters
        • Better combat capabilities and navigation
        • can meaningfully use the fixed weapons in the game
      • Encounters
        • Other attack event types similar to Argentavis and reasons for spwning
      • Pathing
        • they will try to get to you even though they can't reach you
      • Proper Factions
        • cargo ships should be traders, pirates should be pirates
      • Trees/Rocks
        • Come back even if destroyed or voxels under are removed
      • Player
        • New game star system player is just starting in a suit rather than a lander
    • View
      • 3rd Person
        • Does not ignore connected grids with view __ GIF __ BugRep
        • With Camera Blocks the view cannot be panned
      • Bloom
        • Bloom needs to have a setting control some of it is blinding
      • Headbob
        • is not disabled while sprinting, when it is disabled for walk
      • Light/Darkness
        • lights bleed through blocks
        • Not dark enough at night or deep in holes
        • Spotlights have a offset Glare
        • Skybox is too bright/grey
      • Shadows/Light Angle
        • Planet Cast Shadows are missing chunks
        • Light goes through the planet? __ GIF
      • Spectator
        • F7 spectator no longer follows or pan/zoomable
        • Does not keep position after world load
      • Sun Location
        • Does not keep it after world load, swapping from day cycle to none
    • Voxels
      • Collision
        • Large Masses will clip through a planet surface __ GIF1 __ GIF2
        • Too easy to fall through the planet
      • Draw Distance
        • Modified voxels will greatly exaggerated at distance __ GIF
        • Voxel type change will go yellow if viewed at a distance
      • Explosives
        • Do maximum + perfect large spheres to voxels
      • Lack of Smooth Tool
        • No way to easily smooth voxels __ IMG
    • "Wants"
      • Character Customization
        • female face and variety of faces to choose from and maybe including KSH team members
      • Procedural Caves
        • This would make planets much more worthwhile to explore and enjoy
      • Jump Drive Inhibitor
        • Can be from a dedicated block or just make artificial gravity be just like natural to the Jump Drive
      • Max Speed Increase
        • Raise max speed to a reasonable value or allow us to choose a max in settings
        • Give small ships a higher cap than large ships
      • Turret Driving
        • Very cool feature that was added but only works when both the cockpit and turret are on same grid
      • Color Incomplete Blocks
        • This is a low hanging fruit where it can do so much for build possibilities
      • Blocks
        • Many more armor shapes
        • Concrete Blocks
        • A flight seat without screens
        • Ladders
        • Smaller variant for small grid
          • Merge Block
          • Connector
          • Battery
          • Hydrogen Tank
        • Small Advanced Rotor for small grid
        • Large Advanced Rotor for large grid __ IMG __ GIF
        • Large Gyro
        • Large Ship Ballistic Weapon
        • Small Grid Windows
        • Conveyor Hinges __ IMG __ WKS
        • Rails
        • Moisture Farm
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2017
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  2. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    I feel like most of that list is exactly what beta is for.
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  3. DasStrudelMonster Trainee Engineer

    I'm really impressed with how thorough and constructive this post is - just laying out the situation as it is. Just about all of the issues I regularly wrestle with, as well as many I've become so used to tolerating I almost don't notice them anymore, are captured here. Thank you for putting this together.
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  4. ghettodexter Trainee Engineer

    GJ on on the post, I'm sure this would have been a lot more well suited in the ug report section as this is VERY detailed, some parts could use a bit more elaboration... in the end you have pointed out a lot of small overlooked bugs that could easily be patched out like the texture issue. In the end I feel like ^^^^ Al the problems mentioned are small very small or feature requests, they will be ironed out in time. But it is best to make a report on them as so a Dev can getting around to creating a bug ticket
  5. Ravric Apprentice Engineer

  6. ghettodexter Trainee Engineer

    Yea that thread has nothing to do with anything in this posting and is quite old... Its labled "Third person view is broken"... You mention very little about that and only deep into the posting so that isn't the topic of discussion .. I suggest you make your own thread for this issue just because ONE part of your post has a similar aspect don't mean it belongs in a old post on a different topic all together, further more if that thread changed topics then it is more prudent that a new thread is started as the latter has fallen of topic and would be too confusing for a Dev to follow the discussion.
    --- Automerge ---
    put it simple don't expect a fix to come out of a 2 year old thread on a different topic... just trying to point you in the right direction
  7. Ravric Apprentice Engineer

    What? 3rd person is still broken since October 2015 and so is F7 spectator since the beta patch which both are mentioned here. F7 spectator was supposed to be a solution for 3rd person being unfixable by KSH.

    This thread is just a start and has a lot of work to be done. I still have more images, gifs to make and maybe a video if needed. Trying to figure out how to keep the list clean and readable while adding things like links to bug reports on each, how old they are, what patch they came to be, examples of working properly, a system to rank or point out which ones should be KSH's priority, and last time tested.

    There are also issues that are hard to describe or show (something along the lines like gravity and sensors don't work every physics step which is not a bug but it messed with some prototype builds) but I need to figure out a way to convey also without revealing on what it is for too.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017
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  8. CaptainJaRs Trainee Engineer

    • No way to tell direction of LCD panels before they are completed.
    • Projector and remote control have extremely poor directional cues.
    • Some multiblocks center on the wrong side where they can't be placed.
    • Most blocks start with a steel plate, with very few exceptions and it would make more sense if all would.
    • Crosshair isn't straight forward in suit.
    • Coloring tool is needed as you can't target through "half blocks" like corners, welders etc.
    • Turret priorities. would be nice if weapons where prio 1. And avoided blocks behind armor if there are visible blocks.
    Im sorry i didn't categorize as well as you did. Great post!
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  9. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    Great post.

    I'd add:

    • Timers: Settings wiped when built from projectors. (Reported)
    • A small 1x1x1 Merge and Connector for small grid.
    Could think of more probably but I've got no time now.
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  10. Dragonspride Apprentice Engineer

    • Medium Sized Reactors
    • Small and large variant batteries.
    • Small conveyor (Basicly to pump Uranium, Ammo, Gasses, and Electricity)
    • Hinges
    • Rails
    • Compound Blocks
    • More MultiBlock Design for better engineering.
    • More options of curved blocks.
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  11. opethbtbam Apprentice Engineer

    This is a sexy post. Sending to the leads.
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  12. High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    Ravric wants everyone to know that his list is a work in progress. He'd update you on this now but he's at work at the moment.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017
  13. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    Wheel Suspension
    • Handbrake is terrible
    after they released all the swanky new blocks the wheels seemed to be fixed of an issue were driving them at a high speed would case them to noclip for a moment
    usually falling into the ground the noclip would fix itself and the game would treat it as a high speed impact.
    thats fixed now.

    but now the breaking distance is much much greater.....not too bad if you view ahead.
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  14. Omen964 Trainee Engineer

    Greate list!
    Now here is some of mine.
    • Merge-block/Connector hybrid Big and small grids
    • Projections could weld secondary grids if thy are connected with rotors or pistons
    • More blocks
    • More variation in weapons
    • A new block dedicated to Clang with would only cause problems(Or a category named "All Hail Clang" for pistons and rotors)
    • Survival to be more cost expensive as you progress(EX: Hyperdrive should cost allot more and everything large grid)
    • Folder for our blueprints so we can put them in category's.(Quality of live and all that shit)
    • Fix blueprint search bugs(Like you have to remove old search and scroll all the way up before searching once more)
    • Give inventory to Warheads so we can throw in explosive materials for bigger boom
    • Server option to make Hand drills ore go directly to inventory(Maybe way to disable it from giving you rocks)
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017
  15. KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Nice list, pretty much agree with everything on it. If it helps I made a bug report about the adv rotor mount point issue and I've got three other minor issues with evidence for the list:
    • Incorrect mount points on large grid Advanced Rotor - Bug report
    • Incorrect face culling of Armor Slope 2x1x1 Base - Pictures
    • Incorrect airtight values for centre piece Blast Doors Block - Bug report with picture
    • Incorrect mirroring for Window 1x2 Flat - Picture
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017
  16. jonnytaco Apprentice Engineer

    This is an amazing list. I can't find a single thing that I even remotely disagree with. The points about explosives vs voxels and "deformed" voxel rendering at distance are fantastic. These are issues that I don't see mentioned often but need to be addressed if we ever want a good mp sandbox. As it stands it's painfully easy to find someones cave base by flying around in low orbit looking for kilometer+ wide "disturbances". Up close and all that's visible is a little hole and a door.

    My wants:

    - Color slider or selector for tracers
    - Large Grid fixed weapon with ammo that does not require platinum. I personally like the idea of an Autocannon that does less dps than a rocket launcher but has faster travel time.
    - Rockets that have a more Newtonian flight path and do not "curve". I suspect this is one of the reasons rocket turrets miss by hundreds of meters when moving.

    Player/ Player Tools:
    - Addition of female engineer.
    - Variety of faces to chose from. Maybe even a xoc face?
    - Greater visual diversity between tiers for tools and weapons. Should be more than just a color change or a holo sight.
    - Add a short range, lower velocity rocket launcher players can use.
    - Modifications that vary the performance of tools and weapons. Could be different optics for the rifles
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017
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  17. GrindyGears Senior Engineer

    Since these are my favorite things about this game, and I use them a great deal, perhaps some insight.

    HOLY FUCK YES, I actually mentioned this to Xoc on one of his streams and he said he'd talk, don't know if he ever did, but please if nothing else this!
    it'd make alot of things substantially easier, especially now that we've got vanilla ways to manipulate pistons and rotors using keyboard inputs. being able to toggle that would free up the other hand for other controls.

    First one is an issue that cropped up when they did a fairly major rewrite (or so i assume)
    It all changed when they made it so that pistons with broken off heads still moved the graphical section of the piston.
    I personally dislike that change because now its hard to see which pistons may be broken if you have multiple stacks.
    As for collision box, i kinda agree, and i kinda don't.

    I personally never exploit that particular issue, because 9/10 times when you'd go to retract the piston it's going to collide with whatever's intersecting it anyway. If it'd be a simple fix, sure, but if it's a hassle i'd like to let sleeping dogs lie.

    - i've found-40cm is actually the displacement needed to have multiple large grid rotors link up to a single grid without causing phantom forces to occur, if anything i'd say increase the value, or move the original offset to be what is currently -20cm, options are always a good thing.
    - I've had on and off issues with this, so im not even sure sometimes, lowering the torque on them usually fixes the problem.
    - Again i've had on and off issues with this, i'm sure it'll be fixed at some point.
    - Too slow in certain applications yes, in others not so much. Large radii attached to large grid rotors don't actually have to be all that big before they can theoretically cause grids to go beyond the maximum speed limit in game.
    - OH MY GAWD YAAASSSSSSSS! it's such an awful thing to have a small grid mining boom that has to have a massive plumbing system to try and move rock from your drills. I pray for the day when this is no longer the case and i can stop worrying about how stupidly high the forces are at the base of a arm because of full drills on the ends.
    - To some degree this falls to the "engineer" to design it to be able to better withstand the loads. I'd like to see more than one rotor size for both grids, such that you can make things much larger without having to resort to weird work arounds like i do.
    - Just gonna play the devils advocate for a second here: I'm assuming the reason they made that distinction originally is because you really do have no reason to mount to the sides specifically, I mean why use an advanced rotor if you aren't going to connect up the piping? which happens to only be on the bottom of the rotor base side mount points would be kinda redundant because they would allow you to circumvent the purpose of the advanced rotor.

    I'm pretty sure they are internally testing the fixes for this and will hopefully be release tomorrow (from the bug list thread)
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  18. D3Seeker Trainee Engineer

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  19. Ven_Ven Trainee Engineer

    But first, they'd need to either save the refire time or add tool equip time, otherwise you can just spam the tool slot and fire the weapon as fast as you can spam it (~170RPM). Not to mention that explosives kill the players inside the blast radius regardless of the stated amount of damage, so a 0 damage rocket with a 5 meter radius kills players.
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  20. jonnytaco Apprentice Engineer

    A public beta is for increasing the volume of people that may potentially experience, identify, and communicate a problem in a constructive manner?

    If that's what you meant, I agree.
  21. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    I think the discussion on PVE is too generous. SE simply does not have meaningful PVE, either from mobs or pirate grids:

    I'd like to see:

    - Proper factions: cargo ships should be traders, pirates should be pirates, IMDC should be it's own thing, etc.
    - Cargo ships that meaningfully react when attacked and try to evade, or fight if they are military types.
    - Drones able to spawn close to planets.
    - Drones with meaningful combat capabilities. The assailant in particular is pathetic and actually helps the player by providing free resource.
    - Argentavis spawning that is triggered by player actions (attacking X many pirate ships, collecting X amount of ingots, etc) and that is a much, much more potent threat.
    - Other attack event types similar to Argentavis.
    - Completion of the IMDC assets with actual combat capabilities.
    - Substantial increase in the potency of the pirate bases.
    - Planetary random pirate spawns and encounters.
    - NPC trading.
    - Rudimentary NPC diplomacy.
    - Drones that can meaningfully use the fixed weapons in the game against the player.

    My ultimate PVE wish-list item:

    - Game will automatically import friends WS creations as enemies providing the ships meet block and AI requirements, these will scale with player block count so that at post scarcity you will be fighting cruisers, etc that can wreck your shit.

    Filling out at least some of these is really the only way I see survival approaching feature complete.

    For other quality of life stuff:

    - Remove obscuring greebles on flight blocks and either replace with integrated functional LCDs or remove entirely (flight seat, cockpits).
    - Turret tracking properties should be dynamically linked to turret speeds so that if/when projectile properties are modified it doesn't break turret functionality.
    - Better tank filling/draining logic. You should be able to set priority for how tanks will drain, the order in which they refill and the way they stockpile gas from other tanks.
    - Remove the various "forced out of camera/turret control" bugs that occur when some blocks are destroyed or otherwise interacted with.
    - A heirarchical menu system with automatic and custom collapsible menus based on the group system.
    - Welded blocks with context menus (flight controls, timers, sensors, vents) robustly need to inherent the settings saved in the BP and they absolutely must be able to pick up the set blocks again once these have been repaired or replaced after destruction. One of the most annoying issues in the game is that after combat damage you have to reset a bunch of menus unless everything is buried in groups.

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  22. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    Ok so to add to the list:

    • Wheel suspensions height offsets do not properly update without world reload or spamming safety lock
    • Decoy power state is ignored by turrets
    • Large grid advanced rotor erroneously uses the same base model as the normal rotor.
    • Better communication with bug reports. Some of us feel no incentive to spend hours reporting bugs that will ultimately be ignored.
    • Program accessible user input for all seats. MovementIndicators are not what I am talking about because that buggy feature only gives the input of one seat per grid.
    • Remove the non functional screens on flight seats.
    • Better default skybox. The current one is poop
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017
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  23. High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    • BFG (Big *expletive deleted* Gun) - While we have Missile & Gatling turrets, we need some heavy artillery. Doesn't need to be a turret it can be a fixed weapons system, where we can make our own turrets. What we need is a high caliber, long range (1000m-1500m), slow rate of fire cannon. Since its the future make it a rail gun or something. Needs to have high destructive power, low rate of fire, and huge power usage. That would balance it out IMO.
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  24. Elfi Wolfe Apprentice Engineer

    People make missiles for the 1000m to 15000m range.
  25. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    We need a better method than the MoveIndicators because that only works for one person per grid. I have a new code I'm sitting on until I can get input from multiple sources on the same grid. :/
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  26. Ravric Apprentice Engineer

    I wish I could add anything but I'll try to keep it to Issues and Shortcomings or else I would be writing a book not an index list.

    Added, other was a duplicate

    Added the popular and most reasonable ones, I cant believe I forgot to add hinges.

    This is how posts should be with Links and pictures :D Added them except for your 3rd point where I am told it cant be done with that block due to the way how air-tightness is computed. Advanced Rotor one is a duplicate and I removed it due to GrindyGears wise words.
    Added, all body types should be the same in the suit but being able to change faces would make the community very happy

    I added a gif to the list that demonstrates how rotors break under load in which they should not and have not in the past. Definitely agree with you on the advance rotor mounts and removed it from the list. Hurray for possible merge block fix tomorrow :D
    Wow that is quite a read.. I added quite a few. Let me know what you think.


    Duplicate with the large ship ballistic weapon

    Tomorrow I hope to remove a good number of things and not add due to the next patch.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017
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  27. tankmayvin Senior Engineer


    Seems fine to me mostly. You left out planetary procedural spawning for ships/vehicles/bases and random planetary encounters.

    Drones not spawning except very far from natural gravity seems like it is a bug and it needs to be fixed.

    Likewise the IMDC spawn tables are broken such that stuff never spawns. Bug and should be fixed.
  28. Robotnik V Apprentice Engineer

    Landing gears will also auto lock without warning, even if you turn auto lock off and turn the landing gear itself off. It's usually random, but fairly easy to reproduce. This doesn't sound too bad, but if you have multiple landing gears spread out over a medium sized distance and they all auto lock, this can cause explosions. I had this issue repeatedly when I was converting my ship into a thruster sled.
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  29. Ravric Apprentice Engineer

  30. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    I hope these aren't duplicates, apologies if they are, I've not a lot of time ATM:

    Scrap the four assault rifle bullshit and replace with standard FPS tropes: Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Grenades.

    Edit: Rebalance the small grid to be quicker vs large grid. Reduce component mass (Small conveyors especially), buff SG thrust or nerf LG thrust.

    Keep new catwalk and blast door, but give us new "blank" armour panel and block.

    Give us the ability to create and save custom world settings so we don't have to set them up every time.

    Finish the Solar System. Give us the rest of the planets and some of the moons. Use magic for gas giants if it's too hard to do.

    Expand the tags available on the Workshop. Other tweaks are needed but I think that's Steam not Keen.

    Give Space Master the ability to repair blocks.

    Give Programmable blocks a built in timer loop.

    Get rid of Wolves, expand Sabiroid race with Spores, Winged variants, Queens, workers etc.

    Give Space Engineers a soul.
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