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Stuff floating away on planet

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Zylithi, Mar 25, 2016.

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  1. Zylithi Trainee Engineer

    So this is with the most recent version (as of 3/25/2016).

    I've noticed this with respawn ships, and really any ship built on a planet. It seems the inertial dampaners are misconfigured and occasionally don't update. Either that, or gravity suddenly stops being applied.

    The reproduction is relatively simple:

    1. Land on planet. Don't lock gears.
    2. Destroy one atmospheric thruster.
    3. Watch as your ship suddenly has anti-grav capability and floats away into the atmosphere.

    This only seems to happen if there's a thruster on. Also, enabling or disabling inertial damps doesn't change a damp thing.
  2. Prescott Freyd Senior Engineer


    Thank you for the report, I'll check it out :)

  3. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    I have seen this as well. On planets with life on them (I have not noticed this on moons) ALL vehicles with downward facing thrusters will get random "pushes" (or gravity turns off for a bit) and fly up a few meters and then they will continue to hover there. I seen it happen right in front of me once... right at the moment of the 5 minute "saving your game" notice came up. ALL my ships just hovered up 10 meters in the air. This only happened in front of me once though so I can't say it usually happens during the 5 minute saves. However I had the "FUN" on one map of constantly flying around to each ship to set it down. It does NOT make any difference if the landing gears are locked or the connection tube is locked. The vehicle will float/fly off the surface and still say the attachment items are locked. although in hind sight I should see if power/items will still flow through the connection tube.
  4. Prescott Freyd Senior Engineer

    Alright, we know about the issue of ships floating up a couple of meters, the issue with complete loss of gravitational pull on the other hand is something different. If you have a world where the issue occurs please link it to me so that I can take a look at it :)

  5. Rommel Trainee Engineer

    Samething happened on my DS last night but i didnt need to remove a thruster. Ship floated up from planet surface until i sat in cockpit seat and applied thrust, then it stopped floating up
  6. Sk1ns Trainee Engineer

    It doesn't stop going up after a couple of meters, it'll carry on going.

    After Thursdays patch I started a new world twice and it happened twice, even recorded it happening the second time, plus for a laugh turned upside down and still carried on floating up to the sky.
    Landing gear was locked and thrusters were off while on the ground before this happened, then when it came to taking off, I switched on the thrusters and unlocked the landing gear and there I went floating like something in the toilet.

    This bug was happening before the patch by the way and still happening

    1. It'll happen whether they're locked or not.
    2. Didn't do that myself and it happened.
    3. Yeah, I did and then laughed :D

    None of my thrusters were on, I grouped them all together, once I turn one off they're all off. Only work around after it's happened is to try and land on the ground then lock gears, turn off all thrusters then save, go back to main menu and reload game save.
    Only happens with respawn ship for me

    Will upload video of this happening :D
  7. Ragotag Trainee Engineer

    This issue has been reported elsewhere in the SE bug forum topic with regard to large ship landing gears on version 126.xxx (IIR). When floating away from the planet, you can turn off the ship dampeners and turn on ship thrusters, then counter-thrust against your current motion to arrest or reverse direction to return to the surface; just keep your approach velocity slow enough to allow for corrections and safe landing gear locking. If you turn dampeners on again, thrusters are ignored and you start floating away again. When this happens to one ship it seems to happen to all ships; a host restart fixes this issue on MP games... for a little while anyways.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2016
  8. SayHi2Jesus4Me Trainee Engineer

    Just had this happen to me on a DS.

    Using atmospheric lander, I unlocked the landing gear from the planets surface and the ship started floating away from the planet at a constant speed. I wasn't able to reattach my landing gear to the ground because I didn't have any down thrust so turning the ship over caused the landing gear to break. Turning the landing gear on and off, and toggling the lock had no affect. Inertial dampeners also would not stop the upward motion.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.