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Sub-missions system (solo/coop) : Solve problems like an engineer.

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Albino2, Mar 26, 2017.

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  1. Albino2

    Albino2 Trainee Engineer

    I love SE but every game I play I always end up thinking "why am i building stuff ?" and giving up on the game for a few months.

    I dont need a big base : a couple refineries & assemblers can make anything I want.
    I dont need long range / interplanteray travel : all resources are available in large quantities nearby, wherever I spawn on the planet.
    I dont need military power : hounds & spiders are the only threat and are easily dealt with.
    I dont need many ships : A simple miner is plenty to satisfy all the base needs.

    Engineering is finding solutions to practical problems, but there's not much to solve in this game.
    SE has the same problem as most sandbox games - like Minecraft - giving the player a great potential but not much to do with it. You can still set your own goals, but that's about as exciting as building a card castle.

    So I have a suggestion to make every game different, more interesting and challenging, and provide great replayability while using the creativity of the community :

    Make a sub-mission system that rewards the player with those critical elements.

    The system :

    If you've played Exile form Arma 3 with AI mission, you already know what im talking about :

    - You get half a dozen random missions available at any time. When a mission is done / failed / timeout, another one spawns a little later to replace it.
    - Missions are marked with GPS coordinates, are not mandatory, limited time opportunities, and you dont have to "accept" those to play them. You can go take a look and decide if/how you'll tackle the problem.
    - Technically, missions are a presets of objects (grids, NPCs, scripts) that just spawn somewhere on the planet / in space. Those missions (or missions packs) could be added to your missions library from the steam workshop, making anyone able to create more missions and add variety to the game.
    - Depending on the mission, you get your reward from what you salvage, or a container appears with your reward when you complete it.

    It would be nice to make sure missions have an established difficulty class starting from a no-difficulty level such as :

    1 - "space hobbo" : you dont even need a gun (cave to explore, small grid remains you can gather, dead body located ...)
    2 - "wanderer" : you need basic tools / weaponry (abandoned base with a few hounds, small ore clump located underground ...) reward : assembler (assuming you cant build them yourselves)
    3 - "handyman" : you need some vehicle (repair/complete some grid, quickly bring resources somewhere, fight a small enemy ship, attack a small npc camp, grab & move cargo containers ...)
    4 - "engineer" : you need some big machinery / weaponry (dig very deep for a great ore source, build X copies of a grid in limited time, bring an npc to another planet, attack an NPC base, build a space elevator, create an automated system to do some task, rescue a ship that lost control ...)
    5 - "industrialist" : capital ship and multi-ships coordination level (attack enemy armada, build a giant protective structure in limited time above a position to protect it from incoming meteorites, establish a perimeter defense to protect from a large attack ...)
    (bonus ?) 6 - "ultimate" : very hard mission only available after completing 3 level 5 missions - complete the mission to win the game - can still keep playing tough.

    BONUS : Making some critical resources and components not directly avaible to the player
    (cant mine / assemble those) would make the system even more interesting.
    Those could machinery-specific compenents necessary to make assemblers (advanced computer), drills (titanium pikes), reactor components, weaponry (gun powder / explosives) or some kind of chips allowing an assembler to build advanced components (maybe also add some other critical resources too like food ?).

    So now you have a reason to build ships for various purposes and search for the best solutions to complete missions. You also get a better sense of progression as you can start from scratch with nothing on you and make your way to the top by acquiring critical equipement through missions. You have a player-driven progressive difficulty as you can chose to focus on easy missions until you feel ready or try to rush the hard ones asap.

    I think it shouldnt be too hard to implement - you can also save & publish grids with the workshop. You'd need a system to dynamically load and unload those resources into a live game. It could go one step further with voxel information to be able to provide additive or substractive terrain (caves) with the mission.

    So what do you think ? Can you imagine yourself playing SE this way ?
    If there are mods or something in the official roadmap along those lines that I didnt see yet, im very interested in learning about that !

    Thanks for reading !
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.