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substitute for mythical Water in SE [challenge]

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Alestri, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. Alestri

    Alestri Trainee Engineer

    Hi everyone!
    Before I start, Im sorry for my lack of english language skill... I'll try my best to describe topic as best as I can. (with little help of google translator)
    So... I bring special idea for brave modders or our great devs (I hope you all will like it)

    From beginning:
    I built sea ship on wheels for test, what (with a little fantasy), it well pretends to be really drifting on the water... I was suddenly inspired to create a map of the world in which the main action takes place on the sea / lake:
    (Coastal docks would have different purpose - for example:
    Transporting ore from dock-A > to process it in dock-B > and deliver ingots to dock-C, where they are used to produce components > that you can take to Shipyard to upgrade your ship, or build quite new - using ready projections so as not to break the immersion. Some sea battles etc. ...yada-yada-yada

    And here the question arises:
    #1. Is it possible to create a planet without voxels?
    (that is, only the gravitational field with the atmosphere)
    #2. Is it possible to reverse the gravity of such a planet that are pushing from self?

    If both questions can be answered in the affirmative, my plan has a high probability of fulfillment:
    Hypothetically, after placing these two planets (with appropriate parameters) in the same one center - it would allow to create a field of natural reverse-gravity, which removes the Earth's gravity a little more (5-10m) above the "sea level" - which would make everything that falls into the generated vacuum/(or a stronger repulsive field) - its pushes up to surface (primitive imitation of water physics)
    in addition: to display a dense atmosphere (imitating water surface, what is toxic to use oxygen underneath) in the sphere of operation of its gravity field.

    The idea and a description is very complicated, but I believe that the right Modder or team would be able to put it into practice, and the game would gain with a low technical cost (without burdening the game engine) on the new water mechanics.
    I find it should be added as mod, or optional checkbox for players who want test it.

    Maybe you know someone who can do it anyhow?
    Send, share - maybe we can get "water" in SE :)
  2. Arcturus

    Arcturus Senior Engineer

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  3. Alestri

    Alestri Trainee Engineer

    Och yeah, I like that idea. It is going that similar way (by gravity mechanics) but it is in smaller scale - and now imagine whole low-level terrain on Earth-like planet filled with blue "water" :)
    I tried projecting "water" on my sea as blueprint, but it wasnt good, when globe curve just was going lower and lower, while my straight long projection were like a DVD on football ball.

    Some time ago I was playing with placing planets on my world, and I saw possibility to merge them together - and then their common gravity-field was combined (its like 1G+1G=2G) and then if we can get one planet with reverse gravity?
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.