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[Suggestion] Meteor detection system

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Darkcry, Jul 20, 2018.

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  1. Darkcry

    Darkcry Trainee Engineer

    The current meteor feature is kind of boring and not realy a hazard for the player. And after a few hours of gameplay the ground looks like a swiss cheese.
    To spice things up and give the player a meaningful goal to accomplish lets add a meteor detection system.

    There will be only one meteor per "event". This meteor is a larger than the current ones and will do more damage on impact. He will target always a funcional block of a static grid (medbay, refinery, ...). This makes the meteor a real hazard since the player knows if the meteor comes down the base will take damage. This event will occur in much bigger intervals than the current system say after each 16 days (or sun rotations). One important thing to note the meteor will spawn much further away in space and will travel a longer distance at a lower speed.

    Detector Sensor
    The purpose of the sensor (scanner, telescope, whatever) is to mark the meteor with a GPS signal and let the player know that there is an incoming meteor. Maybe even with a impact location GPS signal. The scanner has a limited range (maybe around 35km) where meteors can be detected. This will encourage the player to build satellites equipped with sensors to extend this range.

    The meteor has a much bigger health pool as the current ones and only with gattling and rockets the player will have a hard time to beat it because the turrets have such a short range. But since the meteor can be marked with a GPS signal the player can make his own decision how to encounter this.
    - custom rocket with warheads
    - intercept meteor while still in space with a proper spaceship
    - satellites with weapons
    - abandon base
    - watch and enjoy

    If the meteor has its own ore type we can use ore detectors with increased range. Signal broadcasting with the current system. Then we need only to tweak the current system. one big meteor, lower speed, spawn further away, target accuracy 100%. Maybe make these general settings in the server configuration?
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.