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Suggestion: Modular Batteries

Discussion in 'General' started by Kochean, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Kochean Trainee Engineer

    I would love to see batteries work more like the modules shown in this clip.

    Make the blocks attached to the ship receptacles for power modules to be placed into. so a large grid module would hold 4-6 and a small ship module holds 2. Maybe the little small grid block could use the smaller power pacs but don't get used up if installed into the block. The modules themselves would be made like the tanks requiring power cells and a few other components/materials. would be nice to have it work like a tool and hold it in your hands till its been placed.

    I would still have the block be able to store a litte power but to be fully effective it would need the modules to extend range and capacity.
  2. Spets Master Engineer

    would it be too unbalanced if we could use the power kits on batteries?
  3. Kochean Trainee Engineer

    That would be pretty nice as well.

    The whole point of the original idea was that you could have more battery only craft. Instead of bringing the ship back and waiting for the ship to recharge you just swap out the modules. I know technically you can do that with a battery with a merge block and/or connector, the hassle of not being able to pick up blocks to move them without another ship is a bit to much in my opinion.
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