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Survival and weekly Space Battles!

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by PrioroftheOri, Feb 17, 2015.

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  1. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

    Join the group in order to play on it.
    Starting off in a brand new world their is 2 starting zones that you can spawn at.
    For the first week, respawn ships will not disappear when you log off. I'm not sure if they do if you spawn another respawn ship however.
    I have placed 5 asteroids that are EXTREMELY filled with every kind of resource to help folks get started and/or fight over in between the starting zones.
    It is a high density procedural world with a 50km border so DO NOT FLY AT MAX SPEEDS WITH NO DAMPENERS!!! (If you get DCed while flying, you will loose the ship)
    Right now the BlockEnforcment is broken in Space Engineers so everyone will have to follow these rules till they get it working again.
    The two warning system: If I catch you breaking any of the rules below you will be givin a warning. Two warnings equals a ban. Don't break them and make the game fun for others. These rules are to insure perfect server stability.
    1. No ramming! (will be handle on a case by case basis, if your ship is out of ammo and you're severly damaged with no escape and have the opportunity then it MAY be allowed as a kamakazi. Victime will contact me regarding this.)
    2. No more then TWO of each industry block! (Meaning 2 refineries, assemblers, etc.) Stacking with friends is allowed. I can tell how many you have placed and how many your whole team can have, breaking the limit will result in a warning.
    3. No more then 5 Drills/Grinders/Welders per ship/station!!!! VERY IMPORTANT! If I find someone breaking the rule I will just delete the ship, no questions asked and you will recieve warning.
    4. No more then 10 Turrets of any kind per person and no more then 8 per grid (ships and station). (Grouping for more is allowed but I will be watching. If I see a grid with more turrets then the total allowed by the number in your group I will delete it, no questions asked)
    5. Show some respect to your fellow players even if you're enemies. By this I mean don't be a douche and attack when the person isn't online to defend themselfs. If someone does it to you I can't help you recover lost goods but if someone get's caught and frequently does it then they will be banned.
    6. A single ship or station may NOT exceed more then 500,000 in mass. If I catch someone breaking that rule and they don't adjust it then I will delete it. (Fair warnings will be giving to reduce the size, if not done within 2 days it's gone)
    7. Spotlights must be off when not in use. Rules are subject to change but will not be changed with in the next week.
    MOD LIST: Clear Camera Screen 1x1x1 Piston Azimuth Industries Mega Mod Pack Azimuth Thruster Colour Pack Armor Without Edges Replacement CSD Battlecannon Encased Gyroscope Blast Door Sections Ripptide's CW & EE Continued Armor Thrusters Armor Ramps Industrial Thruster Large Ship Railguns Kolt - Command Console Pack Titan Engine Big Gate No Turret Lasers
    If you have any mod suggestions that will benefit the server or have little to no impact on server stability feel free to inform me and I will most likely put it in.
    Once Block Enforcement is working again and it's turned on anyone who is breaking any of the block limitation rules will have those blocks automatically removed and it will remove random blocks and may cause ships or stations to split. I will not help you recover lost goods.
    DYNAMIC TURRET MANAGEMENT- The server controls all turrets in the game, you will not be able to turn them off or on. What this means is that all turrets will behave normally however when no one is around them within a 10km range the server will shut them off. THEY WILL TURN ON AND DEFEND AS NORMAL So do not be worried. This extremely improves server stability.
    One again I would like to announce that the main purpose of this server is to host weekly team vs team space battles so if you are SERIOUSLY interested and can make it to the matches on weekends please let me know!
  2. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

    60+ pop in the group!
  3. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

  4. Daemn Trainee Engineer

    server running great. come play joine a faction or make one. wage war or make peace lets have some fun :)
  5. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

    Need more active players for the afternoon hours.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.