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Survival mode tips and tricks guide :) - By CommanderHerpDerp <Mod> (From Steam forums)

Discussion in 'Survival' started by CommanderHerpDerp, Mar 14, 2014.

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  1. ghpstage Apprentice Engineer

    Its actually not too difficult to snag their bigger cousin the commercial freighter with neither a ship nor 3m/s cheesing. There is a sizeable blind spot from the guns in the lower side dead centre due to the gatling turret being mounted above (relative to the ship) and slightly behind a connector.

    So if you approach from the centre and move down without travelling so far as to move below the ship and into the firing arc of the side turrets you can get to the connector below that turret and turn them all off.
    Finding which axis the up/down one is is easy, its centre lies along the gap between the solar panels, however working out which way is 'down' isn't as easy.
  2. GotLag Senior Engineer

    Let's say you want to grind down a large block that has some goodies you want, but first you have to get a bunch of steel/interior plates out of the way, and you don't have a container to put them in. Grind until your inventory is full, then build a temporary/sacrificial block that uses a lot of the component you want to temporarily store. Grind until your inventory is full, use the components you want, then weld the unwanted bits into the temporary structure.

    For example, in the old Crashed Red Ship scenario (new one takes all the fun out by giving you storage, refineries and assemblers) I needed the tubes/motors from one of the large reactors. Instead of dumping the components I didn't want, I started building a new reactor next to the old one. Grind grind grind until your inventory is full of plates and/or reactor components, then weld them into the new reactor. As soon as you scavenge a motor or large tube or computer that you want, go and weld it into the container/refinery that you're building.

    Basically, use unfinished blocks as containers for components.
  3. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    One important tip, that most people don't realize is there.

    If you have an assembler, and a lot of spare parts stored, consider dis-assembling them. Reason? The ingots use less space than an assembled part. This is especially true if you do Realistic mode on the Assembler.

    This means you can have more on hand material, ready to MAKE parts, without having to run out of space and build a new container to stash it into. It also means you don't have to stare at your parts inventory to figure out what you need to make an item, as selecting it in the production window will automatically make the Assembler create all the parts for it.
  4. suicidalporcupine Trainee Engineer

    every time i join the same server, i have download the game all over again. but there's an option to save. i saved before but is that mean i will end up playing offline if i load the save game?
  5. Cronos988 Junior Engineer

    Uhm, yes. Or perhaps you will open a new server. You certainly will not be joining a server by loading a savegame.
  6. russo_bolado Junior Engineer

    This works fine for most of the components, except Construction Components, mostly because they take ages to be done
  7. NathanTheSpaceSurvivor Apprentice Engineer

    Another tip: Always keep an Antenna on all of your structures for remote control. I don't want my solar panels to get hit by meteors when I'm out on a mining trip
  8. t00thPIK Trainee Engineer

    Very handy tips for beginners, cheers.
  9. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Half weld items can save our life and make it easier.

    If you need to ID a set of thrusters on your new ship that already has 24 on it. Half grind or half weld them up go in to your control panel of the ship and look for the red unfinished thruster and rename them. This also works with all other parts. It's really handy when setting up timers and sensors.

    Don't want to get killed by gravity generator when it turns one half weld it and go in to the control panel and change it's settings be for it's done. It'll keep it's setting once it's finished and once your in a nice safe place you can change them back to what you wanted them to be.
  10. Zourin Apprentice Engineer

    Absolutely. Always keep at least a thousand or more of the damn things laying around or you'll be waiting about as many hours for them later.

    Also, never break down thruster components or generator components. They may 'take up space', but you'll just be needing them again later on and then the regrets start.
  11. stuckinbermuda Trainee Engineer

    Choose the first starter ship in the list.
    Turn off gravity.
    Grind out door and start building a large drill on back off ship on refinery hatch.
    Grind down collector and connector as needed to finish drill.
    Grind down and move flight seat and reposition inside facing refinery door.
    Enjoy fast mining using third person view from the start.

    When able, add in two conveyor tubes between drill and refinery for deeper drilling, slap an arc furnace somewhere for good measure.

    Move gravity generator from horizontal to vertical so it keeps the ore away from the ship while drilling.
    Repaint the yellow ship in win.
  12. Warmace Trainee Engineer

    I understand everything but this, do the little nugget bumps cause damage?

    And does the drill need armor blocks for structure or will it be fine attached to a junction?
  13. Zourin Apprentice Engineer

    It should be fine. Conveyors are sturdy structurally as everything else.

    I've normally gone with a basket over the collector and gravity mining, although there's some merit to going for a straight mining drill.

    As for Reactor/Thruster components, I wouldn't start "large" construction projects like that without a full deck of enslaved assemblers for the job, and a healthy stockpile of platinum and silver. Nine sub-assemblers can cut production times to almost a fifth of what it would take for a single assembler alone. For a large reactor, admittedly, that's still an hour. Probably better off building a fighter and pirating a passerby.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 22, 2015
  14. Cy83r Apprentice Engineer

    When using strip mining designs, always- always always always- keep your draft into the asteroid as shallow as possible, especially on single-layer stripping setups.

    I had to rebuild a large ore detector and reassemble my cockpit because my trench went a little too deep and some errant bits of asteroid were forced into my lightly armored command deck because even disembodied asteroid chunks act like stations.

    That and check your desire to make erratic attitude adjustments, I lost a few conveyors, tubes, and one drill on that same incident because I wasn't paying attention.
  15. ongoingfuture Trainee Engineer

    hi im new at this posting thing and just clicked report a bug, i dont even thing this is the right section to be placing it, but here goes anyway. my name is ongoingfuture and i really enjoed playing space engeeners but as soon as i recieved the new ore update i have been unable to mine anything, ive crouchhed, left and right click mouse re-loaded game, uninstalled to reinstall even validated the game befor even playing it, i get the mining actions but the object i try to mine seems to be inpregnable, i thought it might just be spawn erea so i travelled and same thing no matter where i go or try.

    any ideas guys of how to resolve this, at this point im willing to try anything thanks in advance for any assist
  16. Monkworks Trainee Engineer

    for my success, its to do with a slow and steady build up along with hoarding. Just making sure I always have a few hundred K of each type of ore and ingots on hand is big and a lot of work, also creating that small construction factory for basic ships and parts your going to make over and over helps but a challenge to pull off in survival mode...automation and few quality of life mods will help like. LCD scripts, speed increase mod are nice to have.

    but stuff happens, so be prepared to boot into creative mode to fix those "out of your control" situations...
    --- Automerge ---
    this did happen to me for a little once but i rebooted the game and it went away.create a new game go into creative and save as a survival and try to mine... if you can do it there something wrong with your save.. what mod are you using?

    also, I notice in my survival game i have some fake ore locations. In this case i have a few ice near my base, but there's no ice there, even though the detector point it out. when i mine it nothing happens. I just moved on to another location and it work. I just checked again and those fake ore location do still exist and i do not get anything from those nodes..

    work around to just find another location to mine, must be a bug
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  17. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @Monkworks that post you replied to was from 2015...... and was the only post the person made so I doubt it will ever help them. :)
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