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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Legion, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. Legion Trainee Engineer

    We need a teleporter. Simply put.
  2. kuro11 Apprentice Engineer

    You'll have to get a mod for it as I don't think teleportation is "near future" tech.
  3. Legion Trainee Engineer

    Yeea. I kind of figured as much, but hey, it would be a nice addon/mod.
  4. Zaryte Trainee Engineer

    Why do we need teleporters? We have spaceships for travel.
  5. Tenderkaj Trainee Engineer

  6. Thenerdylord Apprentice Engineer

    A teleporter would be a kill joy
  7. jmcf914 Trainee Engineer

  8. Azi Dahaka Apprentice Engineer

    Reasons? Making a statement about "we need x" is completely useless unless you have supporting points.
  9. KilroyWH78 Trainee Engineer

    teleporters dont work the way you think. it would first destroy/kill you and then rebuild you, but you would still be dead.
  10. Leonhardt Senior Engineer

    So a respawn point, then.
  11. Glargh Trainee Engineer

    the best you can hope for in the near future to come close to a teleporter is a really big cannon...
  12. Azi Dahaka Apprentice Engineer

    Actually, this devolves into a spiritual question. A true teleporter would rebuild you, like you said, but this new you would still be alive and thinking the exact same thoughts as you were. It would have the exact same memories, the exact same feelings as the original you, due to the fact that all the neural impulses and connections were saved and rebuilt. To an outside observer, it would be instant transport. However, the fact remains that you just died. What now? Is your sentience carried on, or is the new you a separate person? Has the original you gone on to whatever remains after, or are they still here? Finally, does it matter? We could not possibly know.

    Infuriating, isn't it?
  13. Gentry Senior Engineer

    Humans are organic computers.

    If you copy a computer, its exactly that - a duplicate.
  14. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    Computer games: Exploring the limits of human morals and ethics.
  15. Leonhardt Senior Engineer

    It'd be hilarious if every time you used a teleporter, it would display a message "[Player Name] Was Disassembled At The Molecular Level And Died."
  16. Gentry Senior Engineer

    The machine does not hate you, nor does it love you, but you are made out of atoms which it can use for something else.
  17. KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    But it begs the question on whether or not disintegration/diassembly means death or even yet what is life at all. If you take a part a car or computer or really any object but put it back together is it not the same object. We humans tend to forget that while as complex and high-minded as we are, we are still just a clump of atoms and that spirtuality is just a construct of our imaginations

    but other than that, no teleporters in the game, we have ships to build and travel with, take some pride in your work and take your baby on trip
  18. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    sounds like it would just want to eat me :p
  19. Deuce Trainee Engineer

    This thread made me laugh. A lot. Just because of the fact that the spirituality of a human being is being discussed in the same place as teleporters.:rof:
  20. Amancalledme Apprentice Engineer

    I have to admit, a teleporter which takes you to another designated teleporter would be handy, for example, I want to build a TARDIS at some point, and the teleporter would fix the whole "Bigger on the inside than the outside" problem.

    PS: my avatar dies and is rebuilt later on, am I supposed to care? that only happens in just about every computer game I can think of that has an avatar.
  21. Oselotti Junior Engineer

    "Dont worry, this will not hurt you. First we take a little blood sample. Then we analyse and send data to destination. Then we shoot you to head. No worries your identical copy continues your life" :) That is teleporting. Not matter how fancy that killing machine is.
  22. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    You make it look like its a big deal or something.. but
    this happens every time we move through space and/or time (for example taking normal a walk through the park)
    our old selves cease to exist and we become something different countless times on every step we take no matter how small the change is.
    so teleportation really is nothing special at all if you think about it that way.
  23. Gheiter Apprentice Engineer

    You can't rebuild an exact copy of a person from DNA. :p
    That'd be cloning. Clones have their own consciousness.
    Copies have an identical copy of your consciousness.
    DNA doesn't retain your thoughts and memories, unlike some may think.

    Also, we change our atoms multiple times during our life. It's basically the same as being disassembled, but it's just a lot slower.
    And not only that - people are being brought back to life all the time trough first aid, CPR, defibilators, etc. A teleporter would kill you, but it'd bring you back even faster.

    But I can see the moral controversy nontheless.

    But not only all that, there's the actual technical side of things. Would the technology be feasible by 2070's? Probably not.
    Even just the data limitations would come up. You'd need to store over 7 million yottabytes (An estimate I got from somewhere a long time ago) worth of data to store all the atoms in a human body. Then you'd also need to transfer it to a receiver. What if there's data loss and you end up losing half of your brain?
    1 yottabyte = 1,000,000,000,000,000 gigabytes.
  24. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    Oh don't be silly... we have all played enough Assassins creed to know this is a fact.. right ?
  25. Amancalledme Apprentice Engineer

    Assassins creed for the win!

    I must say this quickly before this turns into a semi-scientific and semi-philosophical debate.

    This is a game, you should not care if your player is killed and then reproduced on the other side, it's not like it's a real person.
  26. Valdemar |FIN| Junior Engineer

    True, but this is actually realistic game, so I do care if anyone is able to teleport around without realistic explanation.

    Server command is another story.
  27. GDFKingTigerTank Apprentice Engineer

    You're wrong. Simply put.

    If you can't be bothered to give details and make a real case, do you really expect people to take your suggestion seriously?

    But huzzah for all the interesting metaphysical spiritual discussion this thread evolved into! Amancalledme actually makes a good point - what does it matter if it's a "clone" that activates? This game is pretty obviously not one life to live anyway so if we have a gameplay mechanic that explains how "you" can come back over and over, or "warp" around the world, then that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  28. Azi Dahaka Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not saying that it would have any bearing on the game, but if a teleporter was built today, the religious people would go insane. Chaos ensues. So, if Tim got sent through the teleporter, and he died, does that mean Tim is in heaven? If so, who is the so-called "Tim" standing here? Or what if you died, but denied the soul from reincarnation? Yeah, it's an unpleasant topic.

    In my own sci-fi setting, a few military operatives use teleporters, but their existence has been hidden from the public for exactly that reason.

    Edit Note: A teleporter basically just saves, kills, and 3-D prints a human. The only reasons we can't do this today (to my knowledge) are a. the ability to manipulate protein, and b. the ability to copy neural connections and impulses. Of course, if we can fabricate a human based on a template, why do we have to kill the original? Think about it.
  29. johncage Trainee Engineer

    simple reason why teleportation will never work:

    people lack the courage to essentially kill themselves, then make a clone replica at the other end.
  30. davesoft Apprentice Engineer

    That's just the star trek model, turning you into data and moving the data etc.
    If only they'd spoken in terms of "Oh yeh we make trillions of tiny wormholes, which expand and sum in the presence of hadrons to create a guy-shaped wormhole. we kinda move the space you're in rather than you're atoms" the whole morality of treating matter as data wouldn't have come up! :p

    With any fictional science the X has to be identified quickly so that the remaining 'logical' science can be fathomed and used for something good. The Xs in startrek's case were:
    Infinite energy
    Precision Energy to matter
    Precision Matter to energy
    Force at a distance (holodesk, deflector)
    Dampen (reactive force) at a distance (holodesk, deflector, shields kinda)

    Phantasy Star Online is a very different kinda scifi (scifantasy?) but it has all the same Xs, they just don't have easy FTL somehow.

    Exactly HOW the replicator turns energy into matter isn't known to us, but the consequences have inspired so much... I bet 3d printers don't exist yet in some non-startrek alternate dimension :p

    Teleportation for people is only 'necessary' when something like an atmosphere or a cargo bay door are in your way, but shuttles and lil personal ships can do those jobs anyway.

    Teleportation for cargo... might actually make the game easier in places.
    If 2 players want to trade heavy materials, it actually makes MORE sense that Conveyors have a kinda short range teleport than an astronaut carrying 199383738Kg of gold ore to the trade :p

    tldr; no teleporter for people, its boring. teleporter for stuff... maybe, at mega energy price.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.