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The Harran Empire - FIRST Asian themed RP Faction

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by immex5, Jan 26, 2015.

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  1. immex5 Trainee Engineer

    The Harran Empire

    The Harran Empire is role playing faction open to all players with an interest in Roleplay who wish to join.

    This is a oriental/asian fantasy style faction.


    The Harran Empire is an empire consisting of many small villages and towns with a few powerful city states governing them. It is a rather feudal Empire. While it is a single unified empire there are still feudal disputes and occasional wars between cities.


    The Ghans

    The Ghan are the rulers of the 5 capital cities. Ghan acts as a suffix. Their full title is made up of their cities' name as the preffix and Ghan as the suffix. (ex. Hirakel's ruler is the Hiraghan, and Riakel's ruler is the Riaghan.)
    These rulers act as kings, with near limitless power and authority over their city and the surrounding towns and villages. Each Ghan has to agree on borders with the others, and this causes many disputes between them and occasional wars. How one becomes a Ghan varies. Sometimes it is through popularity, wealth, sometimes the Ghan is an accomplished warlord. The Ghan is typically picked by the popular majority, though some have been dynastic. While it happens dynasties are not very liked among the Harran people.

    The Shirighan

    The Shirighan is recognized emperor of Harron. Despite this fact he does not hold a great deal of power. He has his own unified imperial army (Known as The Red Band)
    The Shirighan acts as the supreme commander in times of war, and also handles capital crimes such as murder or treason. The Shirighan has no city of his own, yet has a throne in all cities but Hirakel and rules where he is needed. However he cannot contradict the laws of the cities Ghan. The Shirighan holds the right to make decrees that apply in all cities and override all other laws but this is very rarely ever done.

    The Priesthood

    The Priesthood resides in the city of Hirakel. They set the laws for the observance and worship of the gods. While the priest hold no great authority over the other rulers, their laws are abided by and respected by the Ghan's and the Shirighan. The peasants and commoners obey out of fear of the Hirakai. Like nearly all citizens of Hirakel. The priest are not allowed to leave the city walls. One that does is banished from the inner temples and all sacred places.

    The Hirakai

    The Hirakai are the religious police and zealot warriors. They enforce all religious laws and practices. They are given supreme authority over commoners and act as judge jury and executioner when they believe herecy is being committed. It is not a shocking site to see a Hirakai behead someone in public. The Hirakai tend to be very corrupt, and have even been used once in time of famine by the Riaghan to execute peasants in mass to reduce population and the need for food. They are highly disliked but respected out of fear. The Hirakai are the only Hiraken allowed to leave the city of Hirakel. A city typically has 1-3 Hirakai regularly stationed there. They are fed and clothed by tributes donated to the temples and by the Ghans on religious holidays.

    The Ministry

    Ministers are sort of managers and advisers to the Ghan in their own specialty. Ministers are appointed by the Ghan himself. Their authority extends as far as the Ghan desires.


    The Kai

    The Kai are the soldiers of a city. (ex. Riakel's army is the Riakai) and they make up the main fighting force of the Empire. The Kai typically stay within their city and the surrounding lands. The Kai can be temporarily pledged to the Shirighan in times of war.


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    The Red Band

    The Emperors main fighting force. They are made up of volunteers (typically those who are poor and desperately need work) but are also made up of slaves given to the emperor as a gift. They are the most ruthless fighting force. They are given practically no rules to what they are allowed to do and will often rape women, kill children, steal loot for themselves, and commit countless despicable acts during war. The Red Band are not well respected and are regarded by common folk as legalized bandits. They have been known to steal from villages and loot the country side. This causes some tension between the Ghan and the Shirighan.

    The Shinai

    An elite order of assassins. Little is known of the Shinai, and a Shinai is never allowed to reveal himself as a Shinai to anyone but his own cities Ghan and the Shirighan. A Shinai could be anyone from a peasant to a wealthy noble.

    Religion and Values


    The people of Harron worship ancient beings they call the Primordial Gods. They also worship lesser gods they call the Primeval Gods, but Primeval Gods are treated more like saints in Catholicism. Worship of the Primeval Gods is entirely voluntary and only typically done when one is seeking help or good fortune in a matter. While there are many Primordial Gods and hundreds or Primeval Gods, the one they hold in highest regard is Ryunos; a seven headed serpent. The Harrans are seafaring people and they believe Ryunos is the god of winds and tides. As their empire's fortune came from trade by sea, they blame this success on good fortune from the god Ryunos. The City of Hirakel's citadel is one giant temple to Ryunos.

    Policy on foreigners

    The Empire is extremely xenophobic. Kurikel is the only city that allows foreigners to roam freely. Foreigners are strictly not allowed in any city without invitation of the Ghan. A foreigner is never allowed in a temple unless he converts and his conversion is approved by the head priest.



    Seen as the capital of Harron by many, Riakel is one of the largest cities. Riakel typically attracts the wealthy such as merchants, nobles, and accomplished warlords. Riakel also has a reputation as being the bully. Over the centuries it has acquired many villages that were quite definitely not within Riakel's borders. Thus its borders have expanded and it is regarded as the official capital.


    The religious capital of Harron. Hirakel is the only city that is not self sufficient that relies on donations and contributions of other cities. As such it also acts as the largest temple in all of Harron. It's citizens act as priest, and it has no organized military, only a religious police known as the Hirakai. It is also the north-most city in Harron


    Probably the largest city in the empire and seen as the unofficial capital. Kurikel is a true melting pot of different classes of society. It is a coastal city and acts as the main trade port for the empire as all the other cities are inland. Kurikel is probably the single most important city as if it falls than all the cities are cut off from imports. Kurikel also has the 2nd largest army.


    The border city and seen as the military capital. Takakel is usually the Shirighan's favorite city. Takakel has the largest military in the empire.

    Open Positions
    (By city)



    Riaghan - Kira

    Ambassador -

    High Priest(ess) -

    Hirakai -
    Hirakai -
    Hirakai -

    Minister of Defence -

    Minister of War -

    Minister of Agricultor -

    Minister of Commerce -


    Khouhedrin -

    Touhessian -

    Khesshin -

    Gurren - brennanmck

    Riakai -

    Alliances and Enemies



    To join simply post a reply with your desired position.
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  2. Martinineter Senior Engineer

    Aaah, this what you were talking about. Can we consider you a (trading) ally? We can protect you in times of great need.
  3. immex5 Trainee Engineer

    I believe we can agree on a trade pact and non aggression treaty for the time being.
  4. Dylantriskel Apprentice Engineer

    Greetings, in the name of the Brotherhood of the Golden Cross I want to communicate our desire of conviviality.

    In a future, The Brotherhood may need business partners and allies, so although it´s soon for speak about that, we want to voice our good intentions with you.

    Kind regards.
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  5. immex5 Trainee Engineer

    We express our intent to pursue future trade and peace negotiations.
  6. Axlw Trainee Engineer

    I would like to extend the hand of trade between our two great nations, so that we may prosper in wealth and culture.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.