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The Kingdom of Rijn

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Samael, Mar 10, 2015.

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  1. Samael Trainee Engineer

    Greetings, fellow engineers and builders.

    We like to introduce you with the Kingdom of Rijn:

    "Ages ago, when our ancestors still lived as tribes, the foundation for our kingdom was laid. Under the wise leadership of a strong bloodline they settled near a river.
    What started as a small settlement grew soon into a small town, and after years of growth a member of that same old bloodline started building a castle.
    And when the castle was finished, the town had become a city, and the people started to call the founder a King and named the lands he protected the Kingdom of Rijn.
    At first only a small sphere of influence, which governed the west bank of the river,
    The expanding kingdom sent his banners across the Rijn and thus were founded the border-counties on the eastern bank.
    Through the years the people of Rijn thrived and developed in all their facets. Its constructors combined art and architecture to create structures of serene beauty,
    While its engineers became well known through the lands for their fearsome Rabbuchets and other machines of war.
    Mighty feasts are held in the halls of the highborn and cosy village taverns alike, while virtuous knights and sturdy men-at-arms contend with their adversaries on tourney fields
    And the borders of the realm."

    We joined forces to build mighty structures, give a hint of life to our villages and cities and to ponder about how mechanical stuff could be done or how to improve it.
    Doing so with style and an inherent sense of beauty.
    And we are looking for others that value these goals. If you like to add your map to a greater context without being restricted, like sharing your beautiful creations with others
    And building stuff together while having fun, contact us. The kingdom needs crafty engineers and extravagant architects!
    You can find the kingdoms steamgroup here.

    So far the Kingdom of Rijn consists of the following domains:

    The centre of power, the seat of the King himself:
    "On an elevated plateau surrounded by a valley lays the Citadel of the kingdom, the proud of the nation, founded by the first King of these lands.
    After years of development the settlement grew to the size it has today. Wars has raged at the walls, but they held, and still stand as fierce as a lion and strong as a mountain.
    From this very place, the King rules his lands, accompanied by his Councillors, his Nobles and his Engineers, to make from this world, a better place."

    - Link to Ed Frost's workshop

    The border county of Dreienthal, the bulwark in the east:
    "Over the ridge that guards the eastern banks of the river, deeper into the wild lands lays the domain of the Margrave of Dreienthal. Together with his staunch vassals, the barons of Hochtann and Hochdorf,
    His duty is not only to tame the fertile lands but also to guard the very fringe of the kingdom itself.
    Tasks that all three noblemen are more than able to. None of them is a stranger to armed conflict and their people are crafty and hardworking pioneers.
    Despite being a rural domain far away from the citadel of the king, Dreienthal is quickly turning into a strong bulwark of civilisation, and the shield of the kingdom in the east."

    - Link to Samael's workshop
    - Forums post with pictures: here!

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  2. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    woohoo, my name is there before said something... i call that service

    List of members:
    - Commander-in-space ED (aka Ed Frost)
    - Samael
    - Carthagus (not a forum member)
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  3. Martinineter Senior Engineer

    As spiritual leader of the physics inquisition, I would like to ask you to help us seek out heretics and keep your faction clean of those pityless rejecters of Newton! Just report any behavior that seems 'off' (floating castles, contraptions moving out of itself or any other phenomenon that does not obey the laws of physics). We wish nothing more from you and your land will stay clean of the low-standart Newton defying heretics!
  4. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    we already have an inquisitor inside.. Me... Commander in space ed aka Ed Frost.
    but ofcourse we will help with the search
  5. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    Nobody interested, thats quite sad ;(
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.