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The State of SE: My Thoughts

Discussion in 'General' started by iN5URG3NT, Feb 20, 2017.

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  1. JD.Horx Senior Engineer

    Attention, correct.
    I hope the message is clear.
  2. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    They've never commented in the thread. But I would bet a few important people have been following it.

    I'm relieved that Keen took a look at their strategy and decided to change it. So I think it's a thumb's up as far as their level of commitment to the game. They wouldn't try something new if they were just slow-motioning it into the grave.

    My only concern is that we received a roadmap from Marek about a year or so ago. After the roadmap was delivered, there was no communication as to if that map had changed or portions of it dropped. Yes, things changed. But communication of at least what features wouldn't be developed or what milestones wouldn't be reached in the roadmap would have been helpful as well.

    As far as future leadership and training for devs in Space Engineers, I would love to see Deep Flame take a higher position and oversee hiring/promoting of leadership positions in both ME and SE. People that meet his expectations and standards would be great to have on-board. If he can take a floundering ME and drive interest in it again, then he must have some leadership skills that could serve ALL of Keen's entertainment products. A great producer or a product manager that can look at all of the features of SE and put them into a framework that makes them a coherent package rather than a collection of features would get the game going in the right direction IMHO.

    On a side-note... after the graphics team cleans up the hud. I would have them research some of the mod'ed armor block shapes and find out what's popular (like 3:1 slopes for example) and consider putting them in the game as well. I don't think that would be too heavy on the game and offer players more aesthetic possibilities in the mean time. It would be a great pacifier as players would feel that they have some new possibilities, spend time revising ships, and come up with new designs. If they feel contented, fulfilled, and/or stimulated, that buys more time to work on bugs before they get restless again. Patchmas was a great balancer in the early days as they deflected attention away from problems. As long as no new functionality has to be inserted into the game, then give 'em bread and circuses in the mean time.
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  3. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    3:1 slopes not as important to me as filling in all the missing corner arrangements for the ines we have. Throwing in another angle just compounds the issue..
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  4. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    The difference he has made to ME is immense. He brought it direction.

    Before it was just a flimsy castle building sim with no point to it. You could build a castle....but then what do you do with it? Sounds familiar to SE players really. You build a ship, and then what?

    What he has done gives people a REASON to play ME. He gave it clear direction, he has a clear passion for the game that comes across, and every step it took was heading in a direction that made sense. Clarity of purpose, clarity of direction and clear progress towards that end. SE gets an update and people ask why they did that and not something else, why x,y or z bug isn't fixed, and what the hell is going on.
  5. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    I absolutely acknowledge that. Which is why he should be overseeing both projects via two product managers/producers that he hand selects in my opinion.
  6. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    While i agree on the priority i DO believe that there is enough use for 3 block slopes to justify them in Vanilla. Not necessarily in the same amount of detailling as the 2 block slopes really should have had from the start (and still don't). Shit, give me a Halfblock and let me approximate a 3 block ramp with what i already have...

    Also, you used the C-word, that's a newspapering.
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  7. WhiteWeasel Senior Engineer

    And that is why I was salty enough to make an info-graphic about SE lighting.
  8. The Churrosaur Junior Engineer

    Welp, merge blocks are broken again
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  9. Harrekin Master Engineer

    I'd confirm this but my game won't load any worlds.

    CTD everytime.
  10. damoran Junior Engineer

    lol, welp we're off to a great start! :whatever:

    On a positive note, at least they seem to finally see the fire and are thinking about putting it out. Fingers crossed...
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  11. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    True, but they still haven't figured out the whole idea of "test it before you put it out" thing... unless this last release was the end of the old way rather than the beginning of the new way.
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  12. Veritas Apprentice Engineer

    "Water puts out fires right?"
    "Yes but that's an electrical fire, sir."
    "Gimme that bucket."
    "That's not deionized, sir."
    "Sir, I did warn you..."
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  13. Potter Apprentice Engineer

    It does seem like this thread (and others like it) got their attention.
  14. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    There is no such thing any more as an "Electrical Fire". Fires are classified by their fuel source and electricity is an ignition source not a fuel source. It would be like calling a fire a "match fire"...

    ...ok I will shut up now... :D
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  15. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    1. Where do we go in the forums to discuss performance? This recent update appears to have caused my FPS and UPS to plummet.

    2. Do any of the debug menus etc. in the game tell me which part(s) are causing the performance hit?
  16. Veritas Apprentice Engineer

    Hey, but the fire extinguishers at work still use the ABC(D) rating system so that's the analogy I went with, especially since my job has the potential to see all of them.
  17. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    keen: we fixed that one bug you've all hated
    fans: we've found more newer bugs from that one bug you fixed. :p

    im not being salty i just want to humorusly post that.

    also wheels at one point worked fine...
    then they sank into the ground at speed [FIXED]
    now they jerk around uncontrollably needing a gyroscope locked in override for control.
    and break really slowly. :p
  18. PyreStarite Junior Engineer

    I would like for them to rework morphing armor so they change to match the blocks around them. Or at least in a better, more useful way.
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  19. Tobyz28 Apprentice Engineer

    Agree with the Op. Just going to say things the way i see them:
    • Things went sideways since 2014 when Keen announced medieval engineers (cash grab) and split the development team/effort across two products. (called this out out 3 years ago)
    • Things got continually worse after that with how fixes for the game were prioritised and approached - Planets before netcode & uber physics bugs?
    • And since the start, many bugs that were flagged as fixed were never really fixed or only partially fixed (Search for patch notes on landing gear or rotors for example), think there be some internal struggles going on between Devs & QA ;)
    I stopped modding because my mods kept breaking with patches. I stopped playing because things kept on breaking. Yes it was alpha, but the recent patches really are still addressing the same issues from 2-3 years ago (or they're still not addressed and new features have been added since).
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.