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Those random ship spawns quickly kill the sense of survival and the challenge in itself.

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Gnabbla, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. Gnabbla Trainee Engineer

    At least, those spawns can be disabled as an option but it tried it out yesterday and guess what?
    The first spawn was the "Mining Hauler", a big ship with 1.5million KG of mass. 3 times as large as my current station on which i've worked the last week rly hard. (Getting ore, reprocessing and welding all the crap to a nice structure together...well solar panels taking quite some time..)
    And I liked it. You get a sense of the game. It's a challenge. You get a feeling of possible fights in which each faction will fear the potential damage recieved on their own ships, even if they have won the fight. This makes things quite some wealthy.

    But now.. There is no sense for me to play my world anymore. All i need to do is disassembling the mining hauler and build some stuff I like. It's already there. I dont need to do anything, except waiting due to the welding and disassembling process. That's basically creative mode with a building delay.
    I should'nt have tried it out. But well...
    This is alpha testing and Iam not supposed to playing the game, right?
    Okay, iam fine with this and want to bring the game to a new level.

    Add some prerequisities to the survival mode before you can hi-jack those ships.
    If you like to do so, you should work for it, instead of just flying through the space and hi-jack those.

    1.) Lower the spawnrate, by..dunno 1000% at least. Guess this should be an event and not regualary. I guess the current spawnrate is that high due to testing purposes, so it's fine.
    2.) You should build an atenna to see those ship beacons at least.
    3.) Those ships have some tricke defenses (weapons, ...) => You shouls be prepared, shooting back, making your ship more tanky with heavy armor....

    What I want is: You should have made some progress in the game so far in which you've build already some big machinery and not in the early stage of begging and hoping for a fresh uranium source.

    Sorry, my english is more bad as well.
  2. Astrid Trainee Engineer

    You have seen the weapons on them?

    Dont worry, as soon as factions are build in, those ships will rip you apart if you get close to them.
    Which means you cannot get them without heavy losses anymore.
    Just give the dev's a little time.
  3. JustCallMeATD Trainee Engineer

    I totally agree with Astrid, the developement of a game is a slow process and they are already doing updates every week and that is really fast for games. Most of the other games just update the game every week again but these updates are only bug fixes plus minor features. Think about it like this: 3 weeks earlier they added survival which is a HUGE feature, next week they added solar panels which is another good feature, and finally the last week they added cargo ships which is actually a start for NPCs. Just give them some time and they will make it even better.
  4. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer

    "Those random ship spawns quickly kill the sense of survival and the challenge in itself"

    Really? I did try running a public server with the empty world map, survival scenario and cargo ships enabled. You'll be surprised how that forced players to co-operate, and how they panicked when they saw *no* asteroids... even with "no asteroids" in the game title.

    What didn't surprise me was the number of players who went full belt in a direction (any direction), then whined about having no fuel.
  5. tcezar Trainee Engineer

  6. Cronos988 Junior Engineer

    Yeah, it was pretty obvious from the look of things that without weapons being enabled, those things shouldn't be used for a normal survival world unless you are already really far and in danger of running out of resources. I believe that is what the devs added them for: A quick fix to make survival worlds last longer. Most people probably should not activate the option.
  7. Gheiter Apprentice Engineer

    I quite like them. And I'll like them even more once factions are enabled. But I do agree with the OP. They spawn way too often, and after a while you learn all the traps.
    I just had so many ships next to my small tiny station I decided to go on a missile launcher rampage on them.
  8. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    You DO realize you can just... ignore them?

    If you're a law-abiding citizen just building his little base, why did you feel compelled to go hijack a neutral ship?

    If you think it screws up your survival server to have huge ships spawning and flying by, then uhhh... turn them off?

    If you think they're too easy, wait a short while until the devs have turrets working, and those cargo ships will suddenly not be easy at all.

    And lastly, the cargo ships section in the savegame has some parameters to change the spawn rate. Change it if you think they're spawning too quick. At some point I could imagine a slider in the UI for this, but for now you can change it yourself if you really care that much.

    I don't get the point of the OP at all.
  9. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Just let them fly right past if you want a challenge, sheesh your in space plenty of room for everyone, just consider them space tourists, and not bother with them....Seemed kinda obvious to me, or turn them off because you can. Insert your salvage ships with SETOOLBOX and take total control of the map.....Anyhoo....
  10. Hawthorn Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah, I'm going to have to kick the pirating habit when factions are implemented. Some of the NPC ships have over eight missile-pods, I don't wanna deal with that kind of pain.
  11. Churpy Trainee Engineer

    You do realize there is a tickbox for cargo ships, right? Right? You do though, right? Seriously? Click it. /thread
  12. Entropy Trainee Engineer

    If you don't like cargo ships in survival mode, then turn them off! It's a simple solution and nobody's forcing you to play with them enabled.
  13. minionsoldier Trainee Engineer

    Some of us aren't into mining, we are space engineers not space miners. When you look at the time spent breaking a ship down then rebuilding it to what you want it is still time consuming. Personally I'm very excited about this change and am dying to see what is to come.
  14. DataSchmuck Trainee Engineer

    I have them enabled on my server, but I changed the re-spawn timer to 10x less than normal, AND I sped up their velocities by 3x. So now if you want one, you gotta be very quick when they appear, and they rarely appear.
  15. steve5041 Trainee Engineer

    I liked the cargo ships at first, I built a special small ship for latching onto them and slowing them down. I enjoyed the challenge of lining up my little ship with the big one and latching on. But after a little while it started to get silly.

    The space around my station is getting crowded and these 'cargo ships' are spawning as fast as I can intercept them. But then there isn't a lot else to do in Survival right now so I went after them. After a while I thought .....

    Well, I decided not to bother bring them back at all, I now have a 5000 tonne Military Transporter(Warhead trap damage mostly repaired) sitting next to my station which is a big a ship as I'll ever need. I have already completely dismantled 3 ships for parts with a couple more in progress(thruster components are sought after due to slow platinum refining). So if if see a small enough ship to take on(ie a 72 tonne Private Sail), I load up and set off ..... I wish there was a way of just firing one missile launcher at a time as you burn through missiles pretty quick.

    Make sure you have plenty of Mg and U for your missiles :)

    I think they should be coming every 30-40mins, not every 10 mins, or at least make it adjustable in the settings, as should be the size limit of the ships.
  16. Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

    Am in a building phase after a good scrapping session, so will just ignore them until I need something.
    Am trying to get a well armed Interceptor built, for when the weapons go live....
    Still not sure how all the guns will connect to storage yet (some new conveyor parts on the way)...
    So am just leaving holes for the guns for now.
    @ op just ignore them.

    ps I also use the SE Toolbox to clear out old stuff, helps fps.
  17. Ice Forge Apprentice Engineer

    Yeh ill join the band here saying, don't really see the point of this thread as it is a toggle feature.

    Don't like em in general? - turn em off.
    Think they are too easy? - Wait until those guns fire at you.

    They are OPTIONAL for a reason, no point in coming here complaining about a feature that is not mandatory.
  18. PeterHammerman Junior Engineer

    When turrets will be functional, there will be no way to capture them as lone ranger. Only team boarding.
    1. Pass exterior turrets
    2(3). Disable hidden mines
    3(2). Pass interior turrets
    4. Hijack (Also there will be ability of hacking doors or pilot terminal?)
    5. Divide loot for team
    6. Do it with 1x realistic hardcore mode with armageddon enviroment ;)
    Any question? :)
  19. TheGrover Trainee Engineer

    +1 for this to be made available in SP
  20. Meri Trainee Engineer

    I wonder how would bombers using 'mass missiles' would do against npcs..
  21. Dequire Apprentice Engineer

    Basically, this, to everyone who complains/whines about these sorts of thing. It's an Alpha, this feature is VERY obviously in testing. If you want to suggest a way to improve it, or a possible route to take the testing stage, put it in suggestions.
  22. Meri Trainee Engineer

    I wouldn't take it as complaining. We are aware it's alpha but without player base voicing their opinions and complaints devs wouldn't really know what to improve would they?
  23. Beezilbub Apprentice Engineer

    That was my first thought too. (We are space engineers, not space miners) lol. I agree. I do mine some but I enjoy breaking a ship apart and building it into something else a lot more. And sweet lord it does take some serious time.

    As has already been mentioned, you can just turn off cargo ships and when they enable turrets, it'll be a whole new ball game. I'm actually really looking forward to that.
  24. minionsoldier Trainee Engineer

    Yeah I think a lot of the issues people have with this form of resourcing is based on the fact that mining is semi broken right now. once conveyors work and drills can empty into storage. Then the pace of mining will be a lot faster. But yeah it's alpha and really as new features are implemented it will be a alot easier to test if we don't have to build our ships from scratch.
  25. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    It's been said half a dozen times already, but once the weapons are active, the ships will be a greater challenge. I'd also like to see some kind of way to protect the ships, or by exploring find abandoned or deactivated versions crashed into asteroids.
  26. Fixer Apprentice Engineer

    I do almost no mining, as if I wanted to mine I'd play Minecraft.

    Those random ships are an enjoyable challenge to me, as I just learn where the explosives are in them and disable them (or the engines set to destroy them). I have a large batch of captured ships hidden behind an asteroid (I have meteors on) that I have been slowly recycling to build my new base and tug-ship. No mining needed.

    I will admit that I let more go than chase after, these days. I already have a ton, so I just raid the new ones for fuel and resources and then let them fly by.

    When they are able to fight back, THAT will be more interesting.
  27. TheGrover Trainee Engineer

    ideally, the final game will have two types of spawning craft in this way:

    1) cargo ships as they are now, which aren't booby trapped at all, but fight back, and have some sort of internal protection as well (turrets/AI)

    2) derelict ships, chunks of what we have now, that aren't usable in themselves, which would need either a service craft travelling out to them to repair them into service, or hauling back to a base to chop up or repair.

    watching the latter randomly drift into perilous, procedurally generated asteroids would be great... so long as there's a debris control measure to prevent the weaker computers of this community from exploding :p
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.