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Thoughts on personalized starter ships?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Octo, Jun 16, 2014.

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  1. Octo Trainee Engineer

    Just a little idea of mine, but what if each player could design their own starter ship (maybe in creative) that they start with whenever they start a game of survival? Of course there would obviously be restrictions on how many parts it can have. Say it's restricted by resource usage. You get enough for the basics like the cockpit, some armor and thrusters, gyro, refinery, assembler, and the reactor. Plus you get a little extra for customization. So if I wanted to I could, say, sacrifice my grav generator and a few thrusters to have a drill instead. And of course you can color it all the pretty colors you want.

    I just thought it might be a cool personal touch for the players to have. and if server worlds become linked sometime in the future, I think it would be cool to think of it as your own personal ship that you travel from sector to sector with.
  2. Shortsonfire79 Trainee Engineer

    I think that would be pretty cool! I'm not sure about the trade of this piece for that, but I do like the limit on parts you get. I think it would be cool that when you use the parts the number available would be shown next to the part, both in your hotbar and in the build inventory. Use in servers would be pretty cool too! Then we wouldn't all have to see dozens of rescue ships floating around.

  3. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    Ah so a tutorial island where your limited by what you can carry into a live server? Cool! Hosts have simulated this idea by making a server specific starter ship have resources in the cargo bay. Personally my starter ship had three thrusters, but I was called out for being to mean. :p So I gave it four.

    Something that might help server admins would be a condition that if triggered would mean an abandoned ship is safe to delete from the server.
    Out of uranium, no beacon, not docked, less than 10 parts in a ship (ie: half a ship) and let the admin clean the server of space junk.
  4. Ktp22001 Trainee Engineer

    Check out SE Toolbox in the Mod Section of the Forums, it allows for just that. I give Kudos to its creator, who has made this tool as easy to use as copying a file in windows from one folder to another. I use it on host games when I create them. I have 5 different variants I swap out depending on which server I am running. Typically it is just a small ship chasis with a cargo container filled with all the parts needed( I cut down the Yellow Starter ship and stuffed it in a crate) to start a platform with a generator, assembler, refinery, and medbay. There is another type that has a decoy block in it to ward Griefers off when constructing major projects. And yet another that has a gravity block and not enough engines to fight the pull in order to get close (again to ward off Greifers). It may one day become part of the Game, but it serves a great purpose otherwise.

  5. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    How do you change the spawn ships with setoolbox ?

    From what I understand you have to go into the game folders and change the files that way, I know no way to do that with setoolbox, enlighten us please.!
  6. rjustice2006 Trainee Engineer

    Here is my custom starter ship (Mk 6 SAM Lifeboat). It includes: Refinery, Assembler, Beacon, Ore Detector, Small Storage Container and Merge Block (World set to delete starter ships not docked) It also has two Solar Panels for emergency power. Inside the container I included a small sample of several contstruction parts.
    To replace the original starter ship, I use creative mode to build a suitable replacement or several. I currently have about 7 models I'm working on. Save the world, exit SE. Open Setools, open this save file, export the ship you created to a .sbc file.
    Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content\Data\Prefabs, make a copy of the file named RespawnShip for safe keeping. Paste in the ship file you exported and rename it to RespawnShip. Any new players entering your world will spawn in your custom ship.

  7. Peppe Trainee Engineer

    I hate a rich start. Here is what I like to start with (2 large station blocks for scale):

    I only include ore detector since the hand drill is flaky on when/if it is going to show ores.
  8. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    would LOVE to have personal starter ship....but i kind of do...just have to get off from being lazy and build a Large version of my modified default ship(s).

    nice...good to know
  9. HurricaneGirl Apprentice Engineer

    Very cool Peppe!! That's even smaller than my respawn ship! I also have a container full of supplies on mine. It certainly keeps the griefing factor down. (The decoy blocks help as well)
  10. Rosenkranz Apprentice Engineer

    I'll try to post mine tonight. It is similar to Peppe's with a few exeptions. I forgot an ore detector. I included a beacon ('Newb'). I used a minimum of light armor.

    Now, thrusters can damage stuff on their own. So I put the thruster pack on a tail boom. I also ground off all non-essential plates off the reactor, gyro, thrusters, medium cargo. Ground off the bullet-proof glass off the cockpit. The cargo container has just enough room to fit the comps for a reactor, assembler refinery and just enough light armor blocks to set them on.

    I tested this by ramming it into various stuff. Even at 104.5m/s it barely dents light armor blocks. Ramming it into a wall of glass will break the glass but it'll shred the newb ship.
  11. GotLag Senior Engineer

    This thread has several designs for starter ships:

    My favourite is the one GotLag posted although I may be a bit biased.
  12. Keterei Trainee Engineer

    Modifying your start ship with se toolbox only changes your ship in your own world? Or will it work on other servers as well?

    In any case, being able to build a custom starter ship with limitations is an awesome idea.
  13. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    I agree that there should be an option, settable by the server admin, to allow custom respawn ships. We should also have different ships for initial spawn and respawn, A limit on the resources (ingots, components, or assembled blocks) would be fair to prevent people bringing in megaships, unless that is what the server admin wants.
  14. rjustice2006 Trainee Engineer

    To allow custom respawn ships, would be to invite griefing, since a respawn has no limitations. (weight, guns, cargo, etc...) Someone could spawn into your world with a 20Mkg battleship... :(

    Now that batteries are out, I have upgraded my custom respawn ship to the Mk 8, with a fully charged battery and two solar panels. No reactor of course, I'm not that nice.
  15. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    Of course there would obviously be restrictions on how many parts it can have. Say it's restricted by resource usage. You get enough for the basics like the cockpit, some armor and thrusters, gyro, refinery, assembler, and the reactor.
    " - OP
  16. Mordakn Trainee Engineer

    A big part of the fun of SE for me has been starting off with almost nothing and building from scratch. It's such a joy to leap into the cockpit for the first time and fly off. I even kind of enjoy mining by hand at the beginning. Takes some practice and skill to do that efficiently, eg. mining into asteroids in an L shape to minimise ore lost to ricochet.

    But if - as is the case - starter ships are built into the game then being able to customise them would obviously be good. Though when you say (sensibly I think) that it should be restricted by resource usage it puts me in mind of the 3d printer thing that the developers are working on.

    Maybe rather than having "starter ships" as a game mechanic, all new players on a server could have access to one of those printers and a set pool of resources, then feed it their own blueprint for a ship.
  17. GotLag Senior Engineer

    How about a different approach?

    Players design their own starter ships or download them from the workshop or whatever, and on joining a server (or on dying later) choose what ship they (re)spawn in.
    However, the host/admin can set a maximum "price" (i.e. max allowable number and type of components used to build the ship), and any ships the player has that exceed that cost will be greyed out from the selection screen. Perhaps two price settings, one for first ship and one for later respawns. You could even have a price limit set to 0, i.e. only spawning in a suit.
  18. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    This is mine. Resources in connector and single small cargo behind it. Landing Gear set to autolock. Going to add a detector and a spotlight.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.