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Thruster Damage change's

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Captain Broadstairs, Oct 26, 2017.

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  1. Captain Broadstairs Apprentice Engineer

    Meanwhile Both Blue 2 and red 1 have hangars you can't use since you'll melt the deck. Doesn't seem like this was planned out very well does it?
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  2. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    "Hey kids, do you like building cool looking ships? Not any more!"

    It pains me that some people are defending Keen over this issue; 'sycophant' is my new favourite word...
  3. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    It pains me that some people rather do purely insults than even a simple argument.
  4. Captain Broadstairs Apprentice Engineer

    As much as I'm frustrated by the changes it is best to stray away from actually making things personal. We are here to discuss and give feedback about the game. Getting into squabbles, however much you dislike somebody or their attitude/opinion is counterproductive.

    Getting too mired in personal disputes waters down the actual meat of the matter and reduces the likeliness of clear communication actually reaching the developers.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
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  5. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Gosh all this this salt.
    Luvkily i brought unflavored fries along with my popcorn so popcorn doesnt have to soak it all up.

    It is also kinda nonsense to bash people about their playstyle here. Props for keen for enabling game that holds both playstyles.

    I neither thought minecraft would be engineering game until someone built redstone computer in it:D
  6. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    • Calm Down [Final warning]
    Non-sense; many of us have made dozens of posts explaining why the changes to thrusters damage make non sense, and argued perfectly reasonably for better solutions, yet some people blindly insist nothing is wrong with the changes regardless of plenty of evidence to the contrary. For example:


    please stare at this picture until you understand the 'simple argument', thankyou.
  7. Saberwulfy Apprentice Engineer

    I do not care too much about thruster, but if u will to remove something correct because of quality, at least give us the psycological advantage
  8. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    • Calm Down
    Wait wait...
    Let me talk like you before I do any argument

    It pains me that you make a stupid argument, and understand nothing of programming...

    There.. Now I can address you...

    Yes... Well... A square hitbox will leave you wanting no matter which angle, direction or otherwise where the fuck the hitbox is placed... You find it annoying and to be honest I found it bullshit you could place blocks that close to the nozzle in the first place. I am actually getting converted (for game balance reasons) to this new system... It makes targeting the maneuverability of a ship an actual possibility instead of it being hidden on a ship and super hard to hit.
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  9. DrVagax Administrator

    You are free to discuss the subjects at hand but again I have to interfere because people start to behave like they got seriously offended.
    Everyone is entitled about their own opinion, your own opinion is not a fact.

    Again, if someone accepts the way thrusters are handles at the moment then let them have their opinion, you are not required to give reasons as to why it is bad for example.
    If you want your voice to be heard then don't act hostile about it.
  10. Jzuken Apprentice Engineer

    So apparently something that violates newtons third law like grav drive is a good mechanic, but thrusters that only do a 1x1 block of damage is bad?
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  11. FoolishOwl Junior Engineer

    As I posted in another thread, in Xocliw's Twitch stream today, Xocliw said that the developers are aware of our concerns, and Rexxar said there will be a fix for thruster damage tomorrow.
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  12. Carrion Senior Engineer

    hate to say it but captain Broadstairs is quite correct. this is a simple stylistic issue where you are trying to hide a realistic aspect of the game. yes the designs of the thrusters are a little clunky and dont lend well to the aesthetic look that YOU want but i find the large hydrogen thrusts to be quite apt for display on mine.

    now i have never really felt the need to place them behind armour as if they dont actually exist. or cant possibly be damaged its a part of the game .

    i do , and always have since nearly day one, engineer systems that take constant building and rebuilding and even more rebuilding to improve how they function if i find an issue. THAT is engineering. Setting out with a set task and end result and developing a way to actually make it happen. THAT is engineering. some of the ships i have built i have in excess of 40 incremental variants as i polish them to the end result.

    when something changes that makes my stuff obsolete i simply work at how to over come things and alter it.

    there are a great many people who can craft quite amazing things using the blocks and block states we have but are not engineered. they are aesthetic works of art.

    now as to WHY they have done things. well back in the day there was no thrust-er damage so everyone carried on with internal thrustsers until the day keen made them destructive. Oh the moaning and the whining then. and the thrust pattern was WAIT FOR IT.................. a SQUARE SHAPE (or rectangular for the large one) Yep everything get toasted by them. so really its going back to status quo
  13. Noy Apprentice Engineer

    interesting.. but that would also imply that the square design was disliked and the cylinder replaced it.

    Additionally, while there are people who hide their thrusters completely, there are those who obscure a lot of the surface to leave only the exhaust port visible (whether for protection and/or aesthetic). This latter approach is realistic for both reasons, and is a big part of the argument as to why the changes are bad.
  14. Chaosrex Apprentice Engineer

    Sorry but having giant gapping holes that the first idiot can just crawl inside my Heavy Juggernaut ship with no problem because a ROUND exhaust, let a SQAURE flame come out, is the most fucking stupid thing i've ever seen.

    And protecting critical ship systemes is called having a brain...
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  15. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    Please look at the picture I posted- the blocks around the thruster come just as close as the blocks in the corners- we could already place blocks that close to the thruster.

    This is one of the issues surrounding the change that people just don't seem to understand or accept. Likewise, this is not a programming issue as has been stated repeatedly; changing from a 1x1 cylinder to a 3x3 rectangle causes more potential to damage blocks and increases processing requirements to calculate the damage- not to mention the whole damaging all blocks in range at once issue that makes no sense either.
  16. Captain Broadstairs Apprentice Engineer

    I do love the irony there actually. I've been putting more physics cheating Grav drives on to replace the perfectly reasonable Large embedded thrusters that had slits for the flame to pass through that were possible but are now no longer allowed.

    Not only to I expect that to put more computational stress on a server, it definitely IS an exploit but is for some reason allowed. Maybe they will fix that later but I imagine the coding for that is more difficult hence the exploit remains.

    On the plus side it also develops more thrust than thrusters anyway and I'm willing to fine tune the grav drives to prevent any off center mass thrust.
  17. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    Oh, here's the best bit- they did actually nerf gravity drives a couple years ago when they realised people were using that exploit, but we all complained like hell ( sound familiar?... ), and they undid the changes so that they worked again.

    People power ftw.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.