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Time for PVE content Keen!

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by sacksquatch, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. sacksquatch Trainee Engineer

    This game is deeply lacking in PVE. We need some danger and the current implementations are not up to snuff in my and others opinions. We need some bigger ships to fight or run from. I would love for my base to actually get attacked by more than a puny drone. I ended up making my own mod (using workshop ships) to remedy this, but the current AI makes it fall flat. I really hope that PVE and AI become the focus soon. I have some suggestions, but really anything would be welcome.

    Wolves: Scrap them
    Cyberwolves or Hounds, who cares? :p They are at best a nuisance. Replace them with a sentient race that build structures, defenses, spiritual buildings. Possibility to trade or war with them. We should be viewed as the "alien", not them.

    Sabiroids: Keep them
    I tend to like these, as they have actually scared me a few times. I would like them to become the same as above, sentient but warlike. Still hostile, but also territorial, evolved to utilize weaponry and ships.

    Pirates: Damnit we need something to fight
    It's time not only for better pirates, also physical pirates. We shouldn't be raiding empty ships IMO. Would be great to have races (even factions) to have something to shoot at in boarding. They should have better ships, corvettes, interceptors, frigates, cruisers, something engaging to fight. Give us reasons for all those guns on our ships and bases. In my mod I've witnessed some amazing firepower exchanges, had my base brought down around me. It was the most exciting thing, but most of the time the AI does boneheaded stuff, unfortunately. Collision avoidance being the main culprit, causing the AI to have seizures and panic attacks, but without it, it's just ram city.

    Cargo ships: Update them
    I like this feature, but it needs fresh meat. There are too many ships on the workshop to still be seeing these private sails.

    Argentavis: Change it
    Make it a pirate carrier that launches fighters? When I see these it induces a groan, instead of fear or excitement.

    Ground vehicles:
    Some work needs to be done with spawning, so they don't get spawned in the air. In my mod, the ones that did survive the fall, wound up turned over in a ditch somewhere. This would be a great feature if the AI and spawn mechanics were improved. Because the ones that did make it to me were often a surprise that I didn't see coming until the rockets hit hehe.

    More guns!:
    Handheld, fixed, turreted, gimballed bring them on!

    KEEN you have given me a game that I've sunk 1500 hours into. I obviously love this game. If you just add some PVE content, who the hell could compete with you?

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  2. PotatoGolem Apprentice Engineer

    I agree with the spirit of better pve, but disagree with some of your specific sugestions :)

    Spiders shouldn't be 'sentient' and build tech, they should have their own set of blocks that are web/natural materials, they should dig tunnels and line them with bio material that fowls up our drills/ takes forever to destroy (bio-polomers can be some serously tough stuff), so we have to actually go into the den and root them out! (This would be spooky as hell, limit your designs to what could fit in a spider hole, and challenge you to come up with something that isn't just a moar gunz, moar boom, type solution)

    They should also slowly build up a hive or base, collecting trees and natural material for food and construction...then that base could spawn more or bigger bugs, think a fighter variety to defend a nest once it's gotten large enough to be competition to surrounding nests ... so much awsome stuff with just a simple bug...

    Edit: stuff
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  3. sacksquatch Trainee Engineer

    I'm ok with that too. Though I think the planets should have some forms of higher life that use the same technology, possibly greater (or even spiritual) technology.

    Possibly not even every planet, as long as there are plans for more planets. It's all subjective, but we need some funs.
  4. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Sabiroid nests would probably be one lf the easier things they could do. Maybe if uranium deposits would be inside sabiroid nests ;)
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  5. Plongo Trainee Engineer

    This!! +9999. Imagine making a tunnel boring vehicle and breaking into an underground hive and seeing all different sized and types of Saberoids, this would be spooky and thrilling. This is what is needed for this game. Gives more depth, more meaning to our creations, and uses for them to.
    Add to that, imagine if there were types of meteors. Some which carried Saberoid eggs, which then could infest Earth like, mars etc and need to be taken out before they hatch etc..

    @Aragath Checkout some of these survival ideas people posted.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2017
  6. Forcedminer Senior Engineer


    I can see it now in true SE style. :D

    Drilling into the ground and hitting a cave...falling into it and dying.............in true SE style.....

    I'd love some structures to generate with the planets to make them not as bleak boring and dead.
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  7. PilotMax Apprentice Engineer

    Time for some PVP content. Servers are fairly rare and it's just impractical and dangerous.
  8. sacksquatch Trainee Engineer

    Well part of that is that MP is so buggy right now, but also that PVP is not something the majority of SE players do. Even if MP were flawless, the majority would still be on co-op or single player.

    I played Ultima Online and Darkfall, both of those were full loot on death games. Games like those are very unpopular today because people don't like to lose their stuff to other players. PVP will never be a popular playstyle in SE. Take Empyrion for example which has offline protection for your stuff when you're sleeping. PVP is still a vastly minority playstyle. They're not just losing their gear when they die, they're losing hours of work. Add in the fact that gamers today primarily gank rather than 1v1 (unlike the good ole days), and you have yourself a losing prospect. In Pirates of the Burning Sea, this phenomena was called Failboating, where you actually gimp your combat ability in favor of being as fast as you could possibly be. Which meant you were often hit 6 vs 1, and if you weren't also failboating, you were dead. You could argue bad game design, but this is an industry wide issue.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2017
  9. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    "Fun" PvP means rules... like ones defined in a custom scenario. Unless I'm much mistaken, we'll soon see workshop scenarios that define rules for a fair and balanced PvP experience (probably TDM, CTF, or assault). However, the rest of the game must be brought up to scratch before either PvP or PvE become more than a novelty in SE.
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  10. 666Savior Apprentice Engineer

    Im already pretty much finished with the TDM, just need to find some workarounds. Im making all the popular game modes with visual scripting and setting it up where people can make their own maps, place in the triggers and waypoints and then play. Pretty much like making a template.
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  11. PilotMax Apprentice Engineer

    Good idea.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.