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Travel log...

Discussion in 'Survival' started by neophyte, Aug 28, 2014.

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  1. neophyte Trainee Engineer

    So I set out today on my deep space ship into the void, I've currently been travelling at 100.8 for four hours, so far I've run into some strange happenings...
    My ship is powered from solar, please note that. It isn't armed, it just has two gravity generators and a medical bay.

    Log of the first hour...
    Just after forty nine minutes I walked to my secondary control area and found one of the corridors had been damaged, badly two missing blocks and the remaining blocks had been dented heavily. No cause for this at all, there wasn't anything in that section just light armoured blocks. I didn't have meteors enabled.

    Log of the second hour...
    Screen shaking has started, not really noticeable.
    At two hours and thirty one minutes my rotor for my cargo bay snapped off, no cause.

    Log of the third hour...
    Extreme screen shaking has begun, really noticeable with tools equip.
    At three hours and seventeen minutes my lights ceased to work, no cause.
    At three hours and fifty eight minutes button panel's buttons cease to work.

    Log of the fourth hour...
    Shaking has gotten worst, all of the above is still occurring, in third-ship-person ship has started to start to flash, rendering is becoming slower.

    Just now: I have had another section of my ship get randomly damaged, no cause found as of yet.
    Just now: Speed has started to fluctuate for no apparent cause, power is steady...

    I'm still travelling at the time of writing this.
  2. Tassadar Apprentice Engineer

    Haha oh the void.
  3. Nickvr68 Junior Engineer

    You have probably left the game world, and it is freaking out. See how far you can go, until you start nocliping through terrain, ships, ect.
  4. neophyte Trainee Engineer

    I'm too scared to get out of my chair just incase that very thing happens.
  5. NTchrist Trainee Engineer

  6. Zvephra Trainee Engineer

    I almost thought this was a creepypasta
  7. aboredteen1 Junior Engineer

    creepy void stuff...is creepy

    I haven't played survival since voice update if your panels become damaged what will happen
  8. mastpayne Senior Engineer

    Welcome to the Twinkie Zone....!

    (Y'know...it's been two days.... I think he vanished. Wished we knew just how far he got....)
  9. Tiger313 Apprentice Engineer

    Be interesting to see: build an antenna, set to infinite range, add solar panels to power it, stick an antenna on your ship, go! :)
  10. AtlantisThief Apprentice Engineer

    Do me favor, do some RP stuff. This sounded like the beginning of a good sci-fi horror story (*dong dong dong*)
  11. Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

    Maybe we will get a garbled transmission soon, about how he melted into the ship...becoming one with it and turning to pure evil..:comp:
  12. kristakis Junior Engineer

    Herngineerobrine damages my ships sometimes
  13. Jacmac Apprentice Engineer

    I believe the developers said that the further away from the origin you get the worse it gets.
  14. neophyte Trainee Engineer

    An Update:

    Hour 5...
    Not often do I actually do anything on these voyages, however this time was very different; after about four hours I noticed that the antenna I had placed had just vanished, no cause found as of yet.

    Hour 6...
    Weirdly nothing so far has happened since the end of the last incident being the antenna, weird. The ship is holding course and everything is working.

    Hour 7...
    It's started to get worse, my doors(moving parts) have disappeared, blocks are getting randomly damaged more - struggling to keep the ship in once piece, bits are flying off.

    Hour 8...
    I just lost the back rotor to open my pod-bay, for whatever reason the rotor block disappeared, no cause. Something really creepy happened actually, the inner doors have reappeared but seem to randomly open and close all around the ship after I close them. No cause, I can never catch the doors opening when I'm looking at them.
  15. DarkRubberNeck Trainee Engineer

    In hour 9 I have started seeing things. Odd shadows and shapes moving around my ship. Hearing strange howling noises. I swear one time something whispered "join us" to me...... lol :D
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.