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Tutorial: How to distract turrets indefinitely.

Discussion in 'Survival' started by ataaron, May 16, 2014.

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  1. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    If you are trying to get one of those cargo ships but they keep shooting you to pieces in the process then this will solve all your problems!

    The solution lies within the fact that turrets have no rotational target prediction.
    If you don't know what I mean then follow these steps below!

    So you want to build yourself a: Contraption Of Negating Fire Under Strong Enemy, short: C.O.N.F.U.S.E.
    All you need is:
    -A rotor.
    -A decoy. (two if you like symmetry)
    -Some armor blocks, depending on the radius of your ship.

    Step one.
    Pick your ship!
    In this case I took the default fighter but it works with every ship really.

    Step two.
    Place the rotor!
    The best place is at the front of your ship because you will need to face it towards the turret

    Step three.
    Place the armor!
    You want to expand the armor until it exceeds the radius of your ship this will ensure that no missing projectiles will hit your ship. (note that nearby front thrusters may damage the contraption)

    Step four.
    Place the decoy!
    The only important thing here is that the decoy should be placed at the furthest point away from the center of the armor placed in the last step.
    Edit: New experiments have shown that turrets with setting "shoot moving targets" will fire at the closest block (which would be the center). to counter that you should build the contraption like a horseshoe and put a decoy at both ends



    Step five.
    Activate the Rotor!
    Setting the Velocity as high as possible lowers the risk of the decoys to get hit

    Turrets are going to empty their magazines at your contraption until they run out.
    Have fun!

    [And no, this isn't considered as a bug by the devs (They received this as a bug report 2 weeks ago).
    maybe they change their mind in the future.]
  2. DofD Apprentice Engineer

    Intresting concept but i get blown away by rockets still :p
  3. PeterHammerman Junior Engineer

    I love Your idea :D
  4. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    make sure you face the turret and that your ship is not directly behind the decoys or just use more armor at step three
  5. celem Trainee Engineer

    For a less 'gamey' way of negating the turrets. Use a conveyor system and dump stone from multiple connectors. You need to be moving or grav accelerate it as connectors eject too slowly for a turret to track. Waste the ammo on stone instead, which you totally needed rid of in a manner that doesnt increase the item count so much (they blast the pebbles).
  6. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    works... until you run out of stones :)
  7. manveti Trainee Engineer

    You shouldn't be picking fights if you don't have the stones to finish them ;)
  8. Brenner Junior Engineer

    Love the OPs idea lol :D

    The "dumping stones" idea is likely more practical though.
    It doesn't even take multiple connectors in my experience, 1 is enough. Unless you use the additional connectors as a reserve in case the first one gets destroyed.
  9. Merinsan Apprentice Engineer

    I tried making a ship like this for the cargo ships.
    Lets just say I woke up in the medical room....
  10. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    thanks for telling me, I tried this and noticed something, will change the OP

    Edit: Changed step four
  11. Lexmechanic Trainee Engineer

    I've come to think of this as "Don Quixote's windmill" due to both it's form and the way it tricks turrets into attacking a harmless distraction. See here if you're not sure what I'm talking about. ;)
  12. Hawthorn Apprentice Engineer

    This is awesome. I've just been spewing rocks as decoys, but I must try this.
  13. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    ikr, enjoy as long as it stays because its pretty exploitable and might be fixed as a glitch by the devs some day
  14. Rocky Trainee Engineer

    I did this a while back. I move the decoys out a lot further to mitigate any rockets that hit the decoys. I also place the decoys behind 1 block of heavy armor so the gun shots don't destroy them.

    i also found moving the rotor behind the ship and placing landing gear in front to be much better. this way while the turrets and guns are shooting the decoys, you can land on the ship and deactivate the guns. even if they destroy your decoys, you get the ship.

    Also, placing the rotor in the rear is nice even if you want to get in and blow up the turrets with rockets. the distraction allows you to take your time in blowing them up. :)

    I've stopped doing this as I feel like its too much of an exploit that will probably be fixed.
  15. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    Placing them behind the ship does not work if you are moving and the turrets are set to fire moving targets because they will just shoot the closest moving block which is your front (same for armor in front of the decoy)

    even more than the two weeks now
  16. Rocky Trainee Engineer

    Try it...it works. They will initially target your cockpit and then as soon as your decoys come into range, they switch to the decoys. Your totally safe until they destroy the decoys as they are priority.

    I've also tried building a decoy cockpit behind a wall of armor but the turrets somehow magically always know which one I'm in! :)

    So far the best ways I've found besides sitting still and wait for the ship to arrive is to use decoys or asteroids to distract the turrets or have a very maneuverable ship with lots of armor in front of your cockpit.

    I prefer to continue to perfect a ship design that will defeat the turrets rather than use a current glitch in the game mechanics to achieve the goal. Because eventually they will patch it up and you'll have to resort to a solid ship design anyway.

    I would post a pic of my ship that I use to easily defeat current armed npcs but I'm too busy playing when I'm home. :) Basically its a cockpit with armor in front of it, engines behind it and a spinning rotor with decoys on it behind the engines. Its based on a large ship base but its still small as I'm not using very many blocks.

    You can pull up to the ships as they are shooting at your decoys behind you and pick off each turret as you want or aim for the reactors. Depending on what you want to salvage.
  17. ataaron Apprentice Engineer


    Tried the decoy on the back, works, must have changed since the last updates because this didn't work before.

    I think it's a glitch too but the devs don't seem to care about it.

    also I just saw you are new so, welcome to the forums!
  18. ViperMan Junior Engineer

    Last I read, items ejected from connectors were ejected at the same speed regardless of ship speed. Someone reported a while back that they were trying to transfer materials across two moving ships and the ships were getting shredded by the ejected components.
  19. ataaron Apprentice Engineer

    I could see this as a weapon :D
  20. silverslyder Trainee Engineer

    My method is fun but a bit time consuming. I'll make a small, fast and agile ship with lots of thrusters and just barrel roll past the ship. I still take a few hits but if you can get close enough and keep a solid roll going, the turrets cant keep up with the variable changes fast enough. I managed to take over a military transport...once. Got too close to the second and had a very spectacular crash that set off the traps.
  21. Rocky Trainee Engineer

    Thank you! I'm currently playing solo and really enjoying what the Dev's have created here. We are only limited by our imaginations which is really a rare thing in todays state of software development.

    I'm holding off on Multiplayer at the moment so when things eventually (they always do) start to feel stale, it will be the next thing to look forward to. And by then it will be fleshed out more with things to do.

    Anyway, back to the topic....currently the most solid ship design I have come up with is using a large ship hull shaped like a pencil. Engines in the back along with the cockpit encased in heavy armor.

    The pencil shape gives you 7-8 heavy armor blocks to protect the cockpit and allows you time to either pick off the turrets and pull up to the ship, or you could ram the ship...ejecting just before impact to gain entry.

    Its not fool proof but would it be any fun if it was?
  22. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    The transport has a weakness, if you don't mind denting the armor a bit, you can fire missiles into the rear corner of the ship, just inside of the thrusters, if you dent the armor in it will pop the main reactor and the ship will go dead. There are two small reactors that can repower the ship.

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.