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Tutorial Mission 4: Loop of death

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Arturo Cofresi, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Arturo Cofresi Trainee Engineer

    So I was enjoying the new tutorial, whatever it is called, its freaking awesome, until I died in episode 4 trying to get the tank into the enemy base(sorry about the SPOILERS). Anyway, I happily rammed my way thru the gate after blasting a few chunks off with my awesome tank(thanks for the real cool looking shit btw.) Then down the ramp some blocks pop up or something, car barriers? (you guys thought of everything dang!) Like I was saying, I was happily blasting thru the stuff in my path until then, my tank had some compromised integrity, and the cockpit hit the thing in the way and well... I died, and so began the ENDLESS LOOP OF DEATH:

    So this is maybe not a bug, but rather a feature problem? But to me its a bug if I cant do anything other than going to the task manager and killing the process. I died, went to the reload screen, and as I respawn in the tunnel, I die again, only to go to the load screen and have to endure a few minutes of reload screen and then reload and die instantly, I try to hit the cancel button for the "mod download" only to have it not work. I wanted to end it after like 15 minutes of endless death and me being alarmed at the rate the heat in my system was mounting. Unfortunately there is no real error, and no log that I can see because when I killed SE, it also froze my PC, so nothing was saved when it rebooted?

    Anywho, bottom line, the thing needs some sort of option to let the player decide whether they want to spawn or not, because I am fairly certain the car kept squashing me on respawn and I was respawning right under it! Bad stuff, but hey, maybe if I had not gone gun ho down the tunnel...

    Thanks for the awesome story, really loved it, need to go back and redo the entire thing and take another shot at that last mission.

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.