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Tutorials Feedback info - Tutorial 1

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Peter Why, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. Peter Why Trainee Engineer

    I only got the game running properly about ten days ago, so I can remember all the things that I had problems with. I'm going to run through the tutorials again and take notes. Do tell me if this is more than you want to hear.

    In general:

    On my first visit, I would have liked to know what “Respawn” and “You have been accepted to faction” mean ... and "Refresh" (which isn't used here).

    (I can't remember how this defaulted when I started, but the crosshairs should be on, as it's hard to work out what's going on otherwise.)

    You could prompt the player to take the instructions in numerical order. In later tutorials, it's sometimes easy to miss an instruction panel out. For example, in Tutorial 4, instruction page 3 is invisible from page 2.

    Please point out that F and G are toggles. Before I realised this, I spent a lot of time clicking on the “x” at top right to close their screens.

    On a panel of buttons, when they are highlit and their function appears on-screen, the highlight is yellow and the text label is in light blue. It can be very difficult to read. Possibly colour the text black or print it above the button to show up against a darker background?

    And on completing the tutorial: 1) is it necessary to Save, and if so, how can I restore to a saved position; 2) it might be useful to outline how to get to the next tutorial (Escape, Exit to main menu, New world, Tutorial)

    Tutorial 1:-

    1 After picking up the hydrogen and oxygen bottles, you could mention using the Inventory key to see them, to help the player get a feel for the system.
    And you could point out the left panel of the HUD, to see the oxygen, hydrogen and energy levels. This is mentioned later ... but this is the first time that oxygen levels are mentioned, so seeing how the levels are displayed is important.

    2 At the oxygen generator, you could describe how to scroll through the inventory of the generator. It took me a while in a later tutorial to realise that there were sometimes so many slots.

    3 At Instruction Panel 6, you could mention whether the attachment to the cockpit is actually a tank or a generator, to help the player spot these later on.

    4 Instruction Panel 7. After dragging the grinder to the toolbar, please do mention that pressing zero will put the grinder away again. On my first run through, I couldn't work out how to get rid of it.
    You could also mention that it's often easier to use tools in the third person.

    When I first used the grinder, and the red block outline kept jumping about whereever I looked, I thought it was a program bug, as it wasn't explained. Please explain the meaning of the red and green block outlines (and that this highlighting can be switched off with the zero).
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.