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UI Improvements

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Burstar, Jun 23, 2018.

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  1. Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    The current UI, while an improvement over the old, can best be described as ... functional. Here are some modifications I think would improve the Vanilla experience:

    == The Main Menu ==
    The option to choose whether to use anything under here in the game menu
    Removal of unnecessary complexity. "Your current menu selections prevent you from doing X. Sorry you have to close this out, undo all your choices by going back 2 screens, find the screen you need to undo the option, and redo it all again". Perhaps a "do you wish to change the option that is preventing you from continuing Yes/No?"

    == Main HUD/Player Interface ==
    Ability to change the colour of the HUD (crosshair, etc.)

    When piloting a grid: HUD overlay with more piloting information similar to military HUD's (bank/elevation angle, speed, altitude, gun/missile drop if you want to get crazy) central on the screen

    G-bar: ability to add custom scroll-able lists per #. Drag and drop-able maybe? Being able to put all the light armour blocks, for example, onto one button similar to the conveyor tube scrollable one.

    Persistent vanilla block G-binds for all new game starts on a particular device.

    More keybinds: (ie discard selected item)

    The ability to use function key modifiers when binding

    For any and all 'G-commands?' that 'toggle on/off', have separate toggle on and toggle off commands (ie: toggle recharge on)

    Better (graduated, or analog vs. binary) throttle control. The current on/off of engine thrust was overly frustrating when I was a beginner. Yes, there are script and/or thruster override workarounds, and the ever present "git gud" ideology, but a better UI in this regard would be welcome by many. At least a tutorial so newbies can understand how you think it should work.

    == The Interface Window ==
    A colourful / higher contrast interface. The current one is a bit drab to my eyes.

    = The Inventory Tab =
    A filter for 'Current Grid inventory' in addition to 'Current Block inventory (or whatever it is)'.

    A toggle for selecting a transfer candidate. You can double-click to send items to the top inventory of the opposite column, but being able to choose the target may be easier than trying to search filter a specific inventory to the top.

    Colourful icons.

    Auto-sorted icons by category (ore/ingots/components/tools/ammo/bottles, each alphabetized) *autostacking not included

    = The Control Panel Tab =
    A filter for main / sub grids

    Auto-numbering using 00# as default and/or

    per grid duplicate name prevention

    = The Production Tab =

    Searchable blueprints/components and/or
    Increase the category filters (Tools, Weapons, Ammo, Armour/Construction, Production, Power, Thrusters/Wheels, Seats/Control blocks, etc...)

    Implement a glaring change in the sub-window appearance when in assemble vs disassemble modes

    Increase the font size and/or improve contrast of the Required/Available numbers. They can be difficult to make out under certain conditions.

    = The Info Tab =
    The Convert to Ship/Station should have an 'are you sure?' confirmation prompt.
    The Convert to Ship option should have a 'grid is embedded in voxels check/warning' in addition to the confirmation prompt (not just descriptive text on the perils of pushing the button).

    = The Factions Tab =
    I'm not going to touch this.
    = The Comms Tab =
    I'm not going to touch this either.

    = The GPS Tab =
    The ability to select more than one gps coord to show/hide etc.

    It would be nice to set categories of a coord in the GPS list, as well as showing/hiding by category.

    That's all for now I think.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.