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Unable to move after power loss

Discussion in 'Survival' started by ValynHernalth, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. ValynHernalth Trainee Engineer

    Is anyone else having issues with not being able to move after you run out of power for your suit?

    Before you ask. Yes I have gravity on but set very low (0.10). Yes i can move without my jetpack on when I have suit power. Yes I have mods that affect my character, but only the oxygen system.
  2. acidmetal Apprentice Engineer

    If you run out of power for your suit in un-modded game, your life support will fail in the suit and you should die.
  3. ValynHernalth Trainee Engineer


    Sorry for the delay, It has been a busy week...

    I think you have missed what I was saying. It is NOT Oxygen I have issues with, it IS power.

    To better clarify:

    1. Your suit is not a powered mech that locks up when you lose power. It is an sealed enviro suit, better known as an astro suit.
    2. The power supply in your suit lets you use the tools and jetpack (pre 01.105 patch; I will have to test if this issue affects the new hydrogen jetpack when you have no power, but still have hydrogen for it.)
    3. The power supply has no affect on your life support (oxygen),in this game, and you can live until that runs out; which can take awhile if you are welding/grinding a lot and lose power while still at almost full oxygen)
    4. Now as I had said; Assuming you have a gravity field working in your favor, pulling you down to the floor of your ship/station, you should still be able to move without power; Just like when you have power and turn of the jetpack (and like a our real spacesuits). This gives you the ability to run to the medbay/cryo/cockpit/etc for power, or at least it should and did many patches ago.

    So as I said, Does ANYONE else have this issue?
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2015
  4. Psygo Trainee Engineer

    I've never been able to live without power. I assume the suit needs power to pump the oxygen through the suit.
  5. ValynHernalth Trainee Engineer

    This is odd because even in empty world if you run out of power the still live until your oxygen runs out.

    though I will admit that Keens oxygen system is a little unreal on the consumption part, way too fast. no one breaths that much oxygen in a second. not even RL astronauts
  6. Illswyn Trainee Engineer

    When I ran out of hydrogen, I was able to roll forward/back, but could not rotate sideways (left/right). I died floating next to the console. Not that I could have lived longer anyway, I had no gravity, and the only source of hydrogen was in a small ship floating slightly in front of my ship, and both were travelling 50 m/s towards an asteroid about 60 km away.
  7. Harrekin Master Engineer

    You shouldve tried it when oxygen first came out...
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  8. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Let me explain:

    1st suit you only needed power so when power ran out you died!

    2nd suit you needed power for jetpack and suit and oxygen to breath use either one up and you still die!

    3rd suit (current one) you need power for life support/lights/igniting hydrogen, oxygen to breath and hydrogen for jetpack run out of either power or oxygen your still dead unless your on a planet with your helmet off

    4th (future suit?) you'll need food as well or your probably still die?
  9. ValynHernalth Trainee Engineer

    Wow people!
    I know I made my statements very clear, but you all are not even grasping the concept. I am disappointed in this lack of understanding and common sense. Lets just pretend that people know how gravity works and know that we are not walking in robotic exoskeletons that require power to move.

    Read the POST correctly!!!

    1.) Gravity is on!
    2.) Not a Robot!
    3.) No Power, ONLY!!! (I get the part of Life support fail, but it does not matter since the issue is not moving. If I could move the power station is less than 10 meters away)

    4.) Walking on the ground!
    5.) Can not move with no power and having Gravity!!!
    6.) Why?!
    7.) Thank you for reading the post correctly.
    8.) Thank you to Keen for making the game and adding planets!
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  10. Jas Apprentice Engineer

    this is a bug, my toon can walk in earthlike planet or in a pressurized room wthout any energy, oxygen and hydrogen in the suit, in the space or when your helmet is on you die if energy is 0% but this doesnt prevent walking in a gravity field.

    hint: try to switch quicly your helmet off/on or off/on (i do always this when i start to play, it seems to sync character status with the game.)
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  11. Hymirl Trainee Engineer

    Sounds like a bug. When working on the earth planet I often let the power run out and walk back.
    Have occasionally had a bug that causes me to not use any o2/power/hydrogen.

    Flicking the helmet off/on or the jetpack seemed to make it go away.

    There is a bug that where things 'stick' in mid air instead of moving and you have wiggle them free. Maybe its similar and you're floating above the floor?

    Have you tried with slightly higher gravity? Is the astro doing the arm flailing fall or standing?
  12. REDSHEILD Junior Engineer

    If the gravity is low enough that you can roll the suit using Q and R, it's too low for the engineer to properly walk in, as it won't orient the engineer with the floor. That's probably why.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.