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Unable to save world

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by Heartfire, May 17, 2020.

  1. Heartfire Trainee Engineer

    Recently, I've had the very unfortunate experience of suffering from a non-recoverable BSOD and I was forced to reinstall Windows.

    All went well and everything is working fine..... Except for Space Engineers.
    I can create new worlds and they will intially be saved, but that's it.
    I cannot edit the world settings, edit mods, rename it or alter it in any way from when it was first created, it also will not save progress.

    It constantly shows the; "Unable to save the world, it already exists". Renaming the world also spews out the same error.
    I can temporarily fix it by renaming the world manually in both the Sandbox file and the actual folder, and this will work for a single use and then the problem re-appears all over again.

    Kinds regards.
  2. Calaban Junior Engineer

    I had a recent windows reinstall myself. And I resigned myself to the fact all the before-for savegames files and worlds were gone. Poof. Only stuff I uploaded to steam workshop still existed.

    "Unable to save" may be telling you the files/folder are set to read-only...?

    Hope that helps
  3. Dogen Trainee Engineer

    Sounds like a permissions error.Try this at your own risk, but should be fine

    1. Quit Space Engineers
    2. In the File Explorer, go to C:\Users\bob\AppData\Roaming\
    3. Rename the SpaceEngineers directory to 'SpaceEngineers.old'
    4. Start Space Engineers, click through to the title screen. A new SpaceEngineers folder with proper permissions is created.
    5. Quit Space Engineers
    6. In the File Explorer, copy everything INSIDE of the 'SpaceEngineers.old' folder into the 'SpaceEngineers' folder. Overwrite everything.
    Be very sure about step 6 - if you do it backwards you lose everything. Maybe make a copy of that directory first just in case.

    If that doesn't work, google how to change permissions on a folder and all its contents.
  4. Heartfire Trainee Engineer

    Appreciate the tip, but that unfortunately did not work.
    The issue persists even with SE making that folder itself.