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Unconstructed light armor blocks

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Squrkk, Apr 6, 2014.

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  1. Squrkk Trainee Engineer

    Please excuse my post if this has been discussed before.

    What are the differences between an unconstructed and fully constructed light block?

    I'm assuming that an unconstructed block is more fragile, but is fine as a normal structural element of a ship.
  2. Morrigi Apprentice Engineer

    It works fine if it's not intended to take any damage whatsoever. They also don't deform like finished blocks do, they just.. break.
  3. xwhitemousex Apprentice Engineer

    You can use them as connection points where there will be no real strain or risk of damage. For instance, in the hangar bays we built we place light armor blocks up by the ceiling, spanning across the whole hangar bay, then attach spotlights to the blocks afterwards. No need to waste steel plates and time welding them into solid blocks.

    Plus, the open girder look is kind of fitting as a support for spotlights anyways.

    However, if you are using the unconstructed blocks as connection points be aware of where you use them. If you use 1 unconstructed block at a corner and then expand a whole platform attached to it... then remember that IF that one unconstructed block breaks, then your whole platform is disconnected from the rest of the base/ship and it is impossible to re-connect it. Once it has split off it becomes a separate entity which can't share blocks with other entities (ships/bases).

    So in terms of structural integrity, make sure you have enough and strong enough connection points so you don't run the risk of breaking off half your ship due to weak connections... :D

    Edit: I haven't tested the strenght of unwelded light armor blocks, but I did forget to weld the rotor shaft itself once.. and when I added blocks to the rotor it violently exploded and the whole arm broke off. So unwelded parts seem to be much weaker (based off that experience) than fully welded ones.

    Might have to do some crash-testing against unwelded blocks and compare with welded ones... for science :)
  4. FatalPapercut Senior Engineer

    This is only true for big and small ships. Stations were updated to be locked to a grid, so even if you accidentally remove a connecting station block, you can still reattach everything together.
  5. Andon Senior Engineer

    I have had them deform. They don't visibly change but their collider does. I'll see if I can replicate it when I get home
  6. Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

    I use them, like Whitemouse, when I just need a gantry, they look cooler unwelded as well as saving time.
    Just weld if its part of structural integrity.
  7. Squrkk Trainee Engineer

    Thanks everybody for the answers!! I'll be using less plate from now on :)
  8. Conradian Moderator

    I like to use them as gantry and such, but have found some bugs with them in this unwelded form.

    For example there seems to be some issues whereby the collision meshes shift and rotate and cause create issues with moving over them. Fine if you're not near them, but I used them as rails for a lift on my base, and eventually had to weld them into complete blocks when they started causing the lift to crash.
  9. Poomanchu Trainee Engineer

    I can add, though, that per a recent post by Marek, there are performance issues with unwelded blocks. They use more polygons than the fully-formed versions, thus take more computations and can potentially slow your system's performance down if there are enough of them.
  10. THE_VB Junior Engineer

    You monster.

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.