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Uncontrollable spinning after locking connectors

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by HydrallUrakan, Oct 25, 2015.

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  1. HydrallUrakan Trainee Engineer


    Description from video: I can reproduce this 100% of the time from this save. I have two almost identical small ships attached to my large ship - one is attached by only landing gear with an unlocked connector, while the other is attached by both landing gear and a locked connector. Upon locking the first ship's connector, nothing appears to happen... But the second I get out of the cockpit, my entire ship goes hurtling off into space!

    This is... Less than ideal, obviously. I want the 'locked-in' nature of landing gear, but I also want to be able to transfer components. Is there no way to combine the two?

    EDIT: I went to test it in a new world, and it kept happening - but from what I can tell, it only happens if you lock landing gear and then lock the connector. If you lock the connector and then lock the gears, the ship doesn't go spinning off! At least there's a workaround.
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  2. Delta99 Trainee Engineer

    I had something very similar but I wasn't even connected to connector.
  3. druppi Apprentice Engineer

    I had that with a toll connected via a Mergblock and two Connectors on each side.
  4. KidChaos Trainee Engineer

    I have that happen with landing gears as soon i have some crafts locked in my carrier hangar. The range of action is from slow Drift up to gigantic spin with no chance to end it unless I either unlock all crafts inside my carrier which results in hevy damaging on everything, or end the game use SEToolbox and reset all speeds, reload the game and unlock all crafts then. As long all crafts are unlocked i have no spin/drift at all tested 8 hours playing yesterday made all the ships follow me with remote control, but that cant be the real world i mean for what having a carrier which cant carry anything because the physics engine screws me over? (same for pistons and rotors i not even dare to place one of those nasty blocks on my ships, even if I have nice ideas to improve functionality) So now i can't have landing gears Connectors aswell *sighs*.
  5. Adabar Trainee Engineer

    I am having this exact same issue. I'm currently stuck on my save trying to figure out what causes it without destroying everything. I have a large ship (former quick start platform converted) and two more ships connected to it. One is a small "large ship" connected by landing gear... The other is a standard sized "small ship" that I am trying to connect to the connector dock. I first noticed an issue with me dying while docking.. That must've been the whole station flying away from me rapidly so as to impact and cause death... So far I have tried any combination of turning power on the ship on / off, checking and tinkering inertial dampeners on both the station and the ship, and every single time I lock the connectors, something insane happens. I rode it out a couple of times via re-loading, until the station slowed down.. I then disconnected the ship and reconnect, and the problem persists. It must have something to do with the landing-gear locked ship, because it didn't happen before that, and that is a similar problem to OP.

    **EDIT** RESOLUTION: for me, the problem is definitely have a landing-gear locked ship and using the connector afterwards. I must unlock the landing-gear ship (ship 2 w/ large ship), then use the connector (ship 1 w/ large ship), then re-lock the landing-gear ship (ship 2 w/ large ship), to successfully undock my connector locked ship (ship 1) to go anywhere without said uncontrollable spinning.

    **FINAL EDIT** TEMP FIX: I replaced the landing gear in ship 2 with a connector and added another to the large ship that acts as my station. Both ship 1 and 2 can now dock with the station-ship in any order with no issue. The problem was isolated to the landing-gear for me.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
  6. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    When you lock multiple landing gear to a ship, things get a little haywire with the physics sometimes.
  7. BrainWeasel Trainee Engineer

    I also have the problem, except in my case it's the large ship that owns the landing gear, and the small ships park on top of them.
  8. Laekoth Trainee Engineer

    We run into this problem all the time on our server. It's extremely annoying. Most recently it's been happening when we have connectors locked between two merged ships.
  9. AndrewHester Trainee Engineer

    I have this problem when using large ships with landing gears, I've been building ground structures in space and try to move them. It only usually happens when I make a jump with the jump drive and then later in planetary gravity. :/
  10. Phand Master Engineer


    I think that colleague of mine just reproduced it. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thank you for report.
  11. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    I know the dev as spoken, but I've had it happen when I try to copy my new carrier. The first carrier's fine, but the copy spins like crazy!
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.