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United Earth Space Corps FACTION RECRUITING + Multi-Faction Roleplay Server!

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Zelyth, Nov 26, 2014.

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  1. Zelyth

    Zelyth Trainee Engineer

    Hello, KSWH Forums!

    My name is Zelyth, and I am the Supreme Chancellor for the United Earth Space Corps. The UESC has existed for over a year and we have grown with Space Engineers and it's community along with numerous other factions. Our faction has it's own dedicated server, active forums and Teamspeak server.

    We currently have 87 active members all part of 3 different branches: Military, Civilian and Government. Our Military branch is our main branch and has a very detailed and organized structure. We also hold weekly training sessions for our military branch which covers some core combat exercises and techniques to ensure that you are prepared to fight as efficiently as possible.

    Don't be deceived by the name - our civilian branch consists of miners, shipwrights, masons and architects who are all able to join Companies which are given contracts to build huge military vessels and fighters for our military. Each and every member is able to submit their SE builds and mods to our Builder's Hangar where they can receive feedback and suggestions from the rest of the faction.

    Server Concept

    Our goal has and always will be our Multi-faction Roleplay Server where more than 8 PLAYER CREATED factions and private companies can conduct diplomacy, trade and fight against each other on a grand scale with a fully functioning economy. The UESC has been recruiting factions for this server for it's entire lifetime - and every faction has been growing on their own and are all active.

    Unfortunately, technical limitations have held us apart from our goal. The sheer size of what we want to accomplish is not able to run on SE in it's current state. However, we are currently playing on a single-faction server where we are constructing a military fleet which will soon be used for events, missions and training sessions. When Space Engineers is optimized enough, we will launch our server and be able to trade and fight against each other on a massive scale.

    To learn more or join our plan, please contact [UESC] Zelyth on Steam.


    The UESC Military has a very detailed promotion tree and system. All new members will start off as a recruit and will be able to choose what kind of career they wish to pursue - PILOT, MARINE, DECK CREW, ENGINEER or GUNNER. Each occupation has it's own promotion tree which you can climb by participating in training sessions, missions and being active on the forums. Exemplary members who have shown their dedication and reached the top of their promotion ladders will be invited to become an officer. Officers are the ones who command ships and squadrons in the heat of combat, and one may eventually reach the rank of Grand Admiral of the Fleet, the highest honor of the officer chain. The UESC has adapted and modified the United States Navy rank system.


    Members of the UESC military will be taught core combat skills specialized for Zero G environments.


    Civilians are the ones who dedicate their time to build monolithic war ships and stations, such as our Capital Arcadia, and design new ships to be added to our Official Ship Lineup. Without Civilians, the UESC would not exist in-game.

    As well as the honor of having a ship accepted into our Lineup, members and non-members both may participate in our monthly construction contests here: https://www.spaceengineerswiki.com/Faction:United_Earth_Space_Corps


    The UESC Government is run by The Council, a group of members who are long-time members and have displayed their dedication throughout the UESC's lifetime. Every Council member is in charge of a specific aspect of the UESC and is responsible for making decisions that will affect that entire branch. The Second highest position possible in the UESC is the Chancellor of the Council which is the person mostly responsible for overseeing the Council's actions and is able to broaden their focus on all aspects of the faction rather than one.

    The highest Council position belongs to the Supreme Chancellor, Zelyth (me!). I am mainly responsible for organizing the entire faction and supplying it with the resources it needs to grow. I am the UESC's third Supreme Chancellor after freeadama89 and Snapplepeach, and my goal is to ensure the safety, growth and well being of the community.

    The UESC Government has a rich history and was first founded by freeadama89. We have had many CotC's which include RayeS, Snapplepeach, Zelyth (since promoted to Supreme Chancellor) and most notably Cramat, whom without the UESC would not exist today - he is responsible for laying out the groundwork for the faction and without his service, we would be nothing. He has since resigned from his position and will be remembered for years to come.

    Along with the Council, other Government positions include Ambassador, Enforcement Officer and Intelligence Officer.

    Want to Join?

    If you're interested in becoming a part of one of the largest Space Engineers factions, please click here!

    The recruitment process is quick and easy! All it takes is to meet our basic requirements, and fill out our application form!

    Any questions regarding the faction can be answered easily by contacting myself, I would be happy to help!

    You should be contacted by a UESC Council member within a week of your application being sent.

    Feel free to contact [UESC] Zelyth or Snapplepeach on Steam if you have any questions.

    We cannot wait to see you on the forums and in-game!

    UESC Supreme Chancellor
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  2. CyberFerretHD

    CyberFerretHD Trainee Engineer

    If you want we would love to house you here at Tritonos until your server is operational.
  3. soat7ch

    soat7ch Junior Engineer

    Le Bump.

    We are always looking for new members, currently at 137 on our forums and counting.
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  4. BoredArsonist

    BoredArsonist Trainee Engineer

    Hey everyone! I just joined the UESC as a simple ship builder with ambition to grow and have fun!
  5. snapplepeach

    snapplepeach Trainee Engineer

    We've recently undergone steady growth, accepting 10 new members spread across the last week.
  6. cha0tic

    cha0tic Trainee Engineer

    pretty sure i responded to you before, and never heard back from you guys.
  7. soat7ch

    soat7ch Junior Engineer

    Responded here, on steam, on our forums/website?

    Our steam group is merely used to announce things via steam-popup.n
  8. wowsuchsoda

    wowsuchsoda Trainee Engineer

  9. WOLF00

    WOLF00 Trainee Engineer

    Sounds interesting, I've just joined up.
  10. Eliasson

    Eliasson Trainee Engineer

    Hello, new recruit here! Glad to be a part of the UESC!
  11. mccoy87

    mccoy87 Trainee Engineer

    Hello everyone. UESC new shipwright here. Cant wait to start engineering with this faction!!
  12. IanSmellios

    IanSmellios Trainee Engineer

    I applied on your site...still nothing.
  13. Zelyth

    Zelyth Trainee Engineer

    I'll take a look at our database for your application, my apologies.
  14. Inferno Styx

    Inferno Styx Trainee Engineer

    gotta love this faction! Great team of people
  15. kilroy

    kilroy Trainee Engineer

    Just joined faction. Looking foward to getting started!
  16. NMEofCHAOS

    NMEofCHAOS Trainee Engineer

    Do yall support any mods on your server?
  17. Zelyth

    Zelyth Trainee Engineer

    Bump! We are always actively recruiting!
  18. ScottMajor

    ScottMajor Apprentice Engineer

    I could swear I registered an account and applied, cant seem to find my login info anywhere....
  19. fritozy101

    fritozy101 Apprentice Engineer

    Hey, shot an application your way, hope your "faction" is still active. The forum registration was bugged though.
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