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Update 0.3.1 - Planets

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Oct 18, 2016.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Medieval Engineers is back in action with a great new update! With the introduction of a highly detailed planet, a phenomenal world map that shows a symbolic depiction of the world, a fully updated rendering engine and many optimizations. Engineering in medieval times has never been this awesome. Not to mention all the other new additions to the game, like doors, new particles, a wardrobe, land ownership, and finally the ability to play as a female engineer!
    Now it is possible to enjoy claiming territory, working together with allies to defend it from enemies, or siege and destroy other player’s castles! Go hunting for deer, fight off barbarian attacks, design your own banners, or simply enjoy the view of the world from atop your own castle. Most features of the game support modding and the Steam Workshop, which already has thousands of items available to use with the game.
    Marek's Blog post: Medieval Engineers Re-Launch - https://blog.marekrosa.org/2016/10/medieval-engineers-re-launch_18.html


    The most important parts for this release are, of course, the new features we added to the game. We list them here so you can easily see what was added over the past few months.


    Highly detailed planet with hidden surprises. There are lots of places for you to discover, nice views, and well defensible locations. In the future, we will add more resources, and other elements that make the planet more interesting.
    There is now a safe haven on the planet for you to start. This area is claimed by the Engineers Guild and cannot be claimed by players. It contains some basic structures so you can start from there, but you are free to move elsewhere.
    It is also possible to mod the planet. A modding guide will be coming soon™.

    Female Engineer
    You can now play as a female engineer! Simply build a wardrobe and switch to the female character there. In the future, we will add some way for it to remember your preferences so you don’t have to keep switching every time you join a new server.

    Improved Building
    Similar to what Space Engineers introduced a while ago, we now have animated block rotations. This will make rotating your blocks a lot more understandable.
    Building and pasting blueprints over trees will now remove the trees.

    Decay system
    Fallen castles will slowly decay from the world. This means that debris will not cause permanent server slowdowns.
    Abandoned constructions and castles will also be removed if ignored by players for too long. This also helps ensure that lively servers don’t get destroyed by abandoned junk scattered around the planet.

    Area ownership
    You can now claim areas! Claiming areas will allow you to finally protect your things from thieves, they will be unable to just go through doors and gates.
    In order to prevent players from claiming the whole world, you have to pay minor taxes to maintain your claim.
    Claimed areas have an outline while building so you can see what you own.

    Contextual GUI
    Most interactable elements in the game will now have a contextual GUI. Through this GUI you will be able to configure elements in a more user-friendly manner.

    Advanced world settings
    We moved the advanced world settings from the custom world screen into a separate screen, and tidied it up.

    World map
    Of course, a large planet to play on is one thing, but you also need a way to see what it looks like. For that purpose, we have added a world map that will show you where people have started building their castles.

    One of the ways to navigate around the world is using a compass. So we added a basic compass. It will inform you where to find your claims, the directions of the areas around you, etc.

    Fast travel
    Planets are pretty large, so knowing where other players are is not enough. You also need to be able to get to them. To that end we have introduced fast travel. Through the map you will be able to initiate fast travel to areas, which will help navigate the planet.
    The fast travel is configurable through the game, you can add cooldowns, distance limitations, and limit whether or not players can only travel to inhabited areas.

    Customizable Banners
    Heraldry was a pretty major part of the Medieval Times and so we now added heraldry to the game. Decorate your castle with your own banners, or with your faction’s banners!
    You can design your banners at the banner workstation, which you will have to build and place in the world.
    It is also possible to mod the banners, you can find the modding guide here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=766998916

    The wardrobe allows you to change your engineer’s visual appearance. Change the suit colour or character model as you please.

    Unified use and pickup keys
    In order to remove the endless confusion with “Which key do I press?” we have unified the use, interact, pickup and configure keys into one cohesive key. Simply aim at what you want to interact with and press the F key. This is of course a rebindable key.
    There are also interaction hints that will display on the screen, telling you what you can do with the object. You can disable them in the game settings screen.

    Small doors
    Finally you can lock your house. Place some doors and no-one will be taking your goulash from you! They also animate more nicely now.

    Walking long distances is a drag, so we added auto-walk. Press T and enjoy the walk. Pressing forward or backward will stop the movement. This key is rebindable in the key bindings.

    Player inventory saved on the server
    Player inventory is now saved on the server, if you disconnect or crash you will no longer lose all your things!

    Improved renderer
    We have the new renderer as well, and the results show. :)

    Fixes Highlights
    There were so many minor changes and fixes we cannot possibly list them all. So here are the highlights of the most important ones:
    - unified pickup and interaction keys
    - added system that puts you back on the surface if you fall through the planet
    - added trees that drop wooden sticks, find them in the forests
    - added small stones to the world, find them near roads
    - added new particle effect for torches
    - updated loading screen, it will now show what you saw when you saved the game
    - updated character animations
    - updated barbarian animations
    - updated various GUI screens
    - F12 no longer opens the developer menu, press Alt+F12, Shift+F12 or Ctrl+F12, no need to rebind your steam bindings just for our games now!
    - tweaked barbarian AI, they no longer stop to ponder existence every now and then
    - removed Castle Siege, unfortunately it was causing too many problems
    - removed 32-bit support
    - improved plants and other objects on the ground being difficult to find
    - improved interaction on wooden gates
    - updated manipulation tool, still WIP
    - updated many texts for consistency
    - fixed being unable to turn off flying in survival if you turn off admin mode
    - fixed aiming problems while building/interacting with grids
    - fixed being able to walk up very steep slopes
    - fixed crossbow shooting and animations
    - fixed camera problems with animations
    - fixed lots of crashes.
    - fixed an issue with modded scripts being discarded (Thanks Phoenix84)
    - fixed some bugs with the workshop integration (Thanks Phoenix84)

    Performance Fixes
    Of course we also worked hard on improving the performance of the game. We did some major changes to the way the old grid system was updating, and this should lead to a much improved server simulation speed.
    Additionally, we improved the renderer performance in several scenarios, allowing us to have much denser forests than previously.
    - optimized grid updates
    - optimized draw calls
    - optimized particle updates and drawing
    - optimized parallel functionality
    - minor optimizations to destruction
    - disabled Structural integrity on distant areas
    - reduced default view distance
    - reduced default vegetation draw distance
    - fixed loading and replication priority on grids

    Multiplayer Fixes
    We also tried to improve the multiplayer experience, though the core engine part of the multiplayer is still being worked on by a separate internal team.
    - removed some excessive client state synchronization
    - fixed building sound issues
    - fixed an issue in character state synchronization
    - max players no longer limited to 16

    Wednesday update:


    - Added interaction highlight to female engineer.
    - Added interaction highlight to the easter egg. What could be there..?
    - Added a keybinding reset, since we made so many changes to the keybindings the old keybindings needed to be reset. It will only happen once.
    - Added a popup informing players when their system's memory does not meet minimum requirements. Since it may cause issues, it's best to give players a heads-up.
    - Updated the ingame help screen.
    - Updated some particles.
    - Minor fix to the parallel threads for the dedicated servers. This should lead to a minor performance improvement for dedicated servers with less than 4 cores available.
    - Tweaked building behaviour of large blocks. Cube outline should no longer disappear when unbuildable, distance checks should be better for regular blocks.
    - Tweaked deer jump distance.
    - Fixed some issues with building blocks.
    - Fixed a minor rendering issue with the banner flags.
    - Fixed resource decay set to off causing instantly decaying trees.
    - Fixed rotation of multiblocks using the wrong keys.
    - Fixed collision on the easter egg, it should be easier to walk around it now.
    - Fixed the manipulation tool not dropping the manipulated object when the engineer died.
    - Fixed the manipulation tool not resetting the manipulated object's velocity after starting manipulation.

    Crash fixes:
    - Fixed a crash on the server when too many players are harvesting plants at the same time. Added some logging information, if you see something suspicious in the server console let us know!
    - Fixed another crash with harvesting plants.
    - Fixed a crash in the banner system.
    - Fixed a crash in the claim block and respawn system.
    - Fixed some crashes in the definitions manager, some mods were accidentally causing some crashes.
    - Fixed a crash in the math library.
    - Fixed a crash with fracture pieces.
    - Fixed a crash writing to the log when the game was shutting down.
    - Fixed a crash in the manipulation tool.
    - Fixed a crash with the doors.
    - Fixed a crash when objects that need a material have no material definition.
    - Fixed a crash in the ingame voice chat system.
    - Fixed a crash when crafting the max producable amount.
    - Fixed a crash in research definitions, some mods were causing crashes.
    - Fixed a crash in the fast travel system.
    - Fixed a crash on the map.
    - Fixed a crash when players started placing blocks.
    - Fixed a crash when a button icon was being converted and produced a bad result.

    Thursday update:

    - Stones now directly go to your inventory while mining. This should reduce the performance issues on dedicated servers.
    - Each time you start a new world the easter egg will be in a different location.
    - All trees now correctly spawn logs when cut.
    - Increased number of stones in the forest.
    - Added a frame around the wooden plank door, this should make it easier to build and deconstruct.
    - Added maximum floating objects to world settings.
    - Removed dev/stable branch code from ME, your mods should be without the development tag now.
    - Fixed an issue when rendering on embedded hardware, like Intel HD 4000 chipsets.
    - Fixed some minor issues with the female engineer animations.
    - Fixed lootbags attempting sub-orbital flights.
    - Fixed various issues with the compass.
    - Fixed door schematic icon.
    - Fixed highlights on doors.

    Crash fixes:
    - Fixed a crash when building a multiblock inbetween two different grids and they were slightly out of alignment.
    - Fixed a crash that could happen when the server goes down while the client is interacting with a wardrobe.
    - Disabled grid navmeshes to fix several AI navigation crashes. New pathfinding is being worked on.
    - Fixed a crash when AI is spawning after the renderer crashed and is busy trying to recover.
    - Added additional logging to logs to help us find and solve future crashes more easily.
    - Fixed a crash that could occur when pasting grids.
    - Fixed a crash when swapping items in inventories.
    - Fixed a crash when playing with foliage disabled.
    - Fixed several other minor crashes.

    Friday Update:

    - Added mining particle.
    - Removed F12 tip.
    - Temporarily set contested time to 6 seconds to circumvent a bug.
    - Fixed issue where trees on a DS could be moving unpredictably after being cut and falling onto another tree.
    - Fixed access permissions in the safe area.
    - Fixed a bug in area ownership groups.
    - Fixed some minor thing in the logs.

    Crash fixes:
    - Fixed a crash that could occur on world load.
    - Fixed a crash when building.
    - Fixed a crash in the environment items. (Mushrooms, berries, herbs, etc)
    - Fixed a crash in the multiplayer code.
    - Fixed a crash in the renderer.
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  2. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

  3. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Long time coming!

    The work you have done is fantastic!
  4. Sanfard

    Sanfard Apprentice Engineer

  5. beelzerob

    beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    Nice...And I had just stopped by to see how it was going! Congrats you all and I look forward to the path from here.
  6. Masked Death

    Masked Death Apprentice Engineer

  7. Thermonuklear

    Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Woo, bloody wicked awesome!
  8. Speshal_Snowman

    Speshal_Snowman Apprentice Engineer

  9. tharkus

    tharkus Junior Engineer

    wow cool, now its tyme to test these new features :)
  10. Coggernaut

    Coggernaut Trainee Engineer



    Now to spend hundreds of hours fixing my mods...
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  11. TokiZR

    TokiZR Developer Staff

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  12. Commander Rotal

    Commander Rotal Master Engineer


    @Deepflame Is she done or will she get some passes like Treebeard did for SE? (Also: SE-FemGineer when?)
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2016
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  13. jetstream01

    jetstream01 Apprentice Engineer

    FINALLY! Congrats KSH on the rerelease. I know a lot of people have really wanted this game to take off, and I believe that day is finally here. Can't wait to get home from work and try it out.
  14. Hakon102

    Hakon102 Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah , very nice
  15. kitsunelegendXx

    kitsunelegendXx Trainee Engineer


    The female engineer doesn't have a beard!? What is this!? I thought all engineers had beards! =O

    My world has been turned upside down... =C
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  16. Speshal_Snowman

    Speshal_Snowman Apprentice Engineer

  17. OMoo

    OMoo Trainee Engineer

    Planets are here!
    - for the second time! Way to go!
  18. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    Very Nice! I cant wait to try it out when I get home :)
  19. JuStX2

    JuStX2 Apprentice Engineer

    Well there's a female Vanilla engineer in ME, maybe there's hope for this game yet :p; any word on Stock Females in SE?
  20. Sarekh

    Sarekh Senior Engineer

    uhuuuuu, nicest work, folks, I praise you all!
  21. asialsky

    asialsky Trainee Engineer

    It isn't in the list.
    Why isn't "We fixed targetting objects" IN THE LIST!?

    Seriously, though. If it's not fixed when I update, I quit.
    Otherwise, nice update.
  22. eldarstorm

    eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    Nice work!
  23. Silen

    Silen Apprentice Engineer

    Only complaint I have so far is that there's no official server. I think you should host at least one official servers with a couple admins, since today I played on a random server and there was a bug which didn't allow me to build, fact is the host didn't really help to fix it with creative. And then the game crashed, which put an end to my playthrough.
  24. BloodThunder

    BloodThunder Trainee Engineer

  25. effe

    effe Apprentice Engineer


    These New maps looks great. Congratulations!

    Building looks to be more intuitive too, need to practice a bit more to find out. I am still wondering. After rotating a block in all directions is there a simple key to reset it to the original axis?

    About the rest some first comments on glitches and so.

    1/Shortcut to edit voxel tools and change settings no longer works? Was it K or CTRL H or something?

    2/ Limit of usable wood blocks still crashes the game with instant return on windows desktop. Bug reported 3 months ago. Here
    I still have it while trying at an old map. I won't be surprised that this applies to the new map as well. Can't see a reason to limitate the number of wood blocks in used.

    3/ Old flags and heraldic: no longer works at old map, textures disappeared. At new ones it seems its buggy with only one color now

    4/ Voxel mod : wheat / water. various texture glitches. Mod developpers contacted at steam. Am sure they ll fix it.

    5/ Game speed and frame rate. Running AMD Radeon R9 390 8 gig ram. I need to say i still find it slow and i don't seem to notice any decent frame rate improvment at the moment. I am set to 1920 HD and all the rest is medium except shadow set at low. I got from 8 to 10 frames per second. Looking at the comments below from peeps running the same card though i take it that this problem might be local.

    Thanks again for the update! It's good to see things are moving.

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  26. captainbinary

    captainbinary Trainee Engineer

    Effe i have an R9 390 and have around 40fps on average. It must be something else bottlenecking your system.

    Really liking this update, pretty solid so far. Keep up the great work guys!
  27. PhoenixTheSage

    PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    There is something seriously wrong with your 390 if you are only getting 8-10fps. I get well over 60fps with my 390x.
    If you are building something utterly ridiculous in size, well, there is your problem.
  28. effe

    effe Apprentice Engineer

    "There is something seriously wrong with your 390 if you are only getting 8-10fps. I get well over 60fps with my 390x.
    If you are building something utterly ridiculous in size, well, there is your problem."

    Hi Guys
    Thanks for ur feedback about the R9 390, much appreciated. That gives me some hope for local improvments at least.

    About building size, nope i got that even at empty map. In fly mod for example it still goes very slow. What displays setting are u using if i may ask? Just PM.
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  29. doncdxx

    doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    Looking forward to that and hopefully the same scenario scripting as SE is getting.
  30. Mr Engineer

    Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Hype Train has now arrived at Medieval Engineers Station. Please take all personal items with you before leaving the Train". Truely an amazing job, all those tireless long hours working at Computers and now it pays off. Thanks Keen!
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