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Update 0.3.8 - Bugfixes, Rope Tool improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Dec 6, 2016.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello Engineers! This week is a scheduled bugfix update - as usual expect more features in future updates. We improved the rope tool - and similar improvements will come for other tools in the near future. We also fixed various bugs with chests in Multiplayer; you should now be able to re-order items again and it should take care of production issues too.
    We also have more info about the Farming update - you can look forward to several new resources added to the game. For example, flax will be used to craft linen and rope, and in the future, linseed oil for the mechanical blocks. You will be able to find plants in the wild to get you started with farming.

    - Projectiles can now be picked up by pressing F instead of holding down F. Since attaching/detaching the rope is now done through the rope tool we made picking up projectiles more consistent with picking up other objects.
    - Fixed various synchronization issues with inventories. Chests and crafting inventories should no longer desync so often. Please continue to report cases where the inventories are misbehaving.
    - Updated the rope tool, it is now required in both creative and survival and will attach and detach ropes using the left and right mouse button.
    - Fixed a bug with pasting a grid that would sometimes not cause the grid to appear and flood the map with grid symbols.
    - Fixed cut-and-paste getting stuck, you can now continue cutting grids after the first one.
    - Fixed the hand crank contextual menu, it's now nice and wide and the tooltip is correct.
    - Fixed the hand crank rotation speed not starting slowly and speeding back up.
    - Fixed the pick-up indicator getting stuck when you die while picking something up.
    - Fixed being unable to re-order items in inventories while playing multiplayer.
    - Fixed the localization on the configuration screen for the rope hook.
    - Fixed being able to build multiple claimblocks in survival.

    Community Spotlights
    - Terra Avium by MeowCaptain: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=811435632
    - Balustrade by Uohcnam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779024975
    - Companions: Hunting Dog by Coggernaut: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=805774345
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  2. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

  3. Thermonuklear

    Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Mechanical blocks, eh...

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  4. Leadfootslim

    Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Good progress all around! Curious how these synch bug fixes interact with / may be overriden by the new SE netcode.
  5. tharkus

    tharkus Junior Engineer

    Awesome update :)
  6. Deepflame

    Deepflame Apprentice Engineer

    Not at all. The netcode changes do not affect gamelogic errors, which is what is causing the inventory issues. For example, in the case of where you were dragging items around to re-order them the server was moving items with different indices around from the client, instantly desyncing it. It was a simple typo, easily made, but it caused a lot of chaos.
  7. oleando

    oleando Apprentice Engineer

    400 Kpa
  8. Speshal_Snowman

    Speshal_Snowman Apprentice Engineer

  9. effe

    effe Apprentice Engineer

    All cool things; i like this user's friendly way to bring some more clear features and ergonomy (refering to the rope thing) Awesome creations and mods also coming along the way + These videos get better and better honestly. Feel like playing again and do some great castles replicas in this new environment. Thanks to the team for the good work and Congrats!

    Sorry me again! Is it me or the voxel tools to flatten ground and soil is behaving heratically on axis constraints? Like it looks like it doesnt follow any longer a line but a sort of strange curve making it unusable. :p Also on G screen when picking a voxel tool, it looks the OK button at the dialog box on the right doesn't work and the only way to go back is the escape key?
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  10. kitsunelegendXx

    kitsunelegendXx Trainee Engineer

    Oh man oh man oh man, I am beyond excited about farming! Such a simple thing but can completely change the way I play survival mode! =D

    Hopefully after the xmas rush at my work I'll be able to spend more time on the game. Met some great people on the server I was playing on right after the planets release! ^-^

    Keep up the fantastic work guys! Maybe someday soon this game will be bigger and better than minecraft, if it isn't already! =D
  11. Leadfootslim

    Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Oh, that's great to know! Glad to get timely feedback. :)
  12. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    That universal mechanized agriculture device which can plow fields as well harvest crops is impressive. However, I wonder why should one person (the engineer-knight-landlord-you) need so much food coming in thereby? His needs can be met by picking up manually isolated food sources, so with such machinery he will only stockpile huge quantities of harvested plants and neglect the variety offered by picking up stuff in the forest.
    How can we regulate this?
    (1) maybe one-sided nutrition should get a malus. Like when you only consume pumpkins from your cultivated field. Your hunger should get quenched in lower portions over time when you always eat the same product. Represents lack of certain nutrition components (vitamins etc). You exhaust yourself faster during work when your body is fed not wholesomely.
    (2) stored food has to detoriate over time, just like in reality. Or the preparation will include a preserving technique, like putting meat into salt (asks for another 'ore' type in mining) or building deep earth caverns functioning like refrigerators (once we have seasons in ME, you may bring snow and ice to such cavern for providing the cooling for the rest of the year).
    Mechanized agriculture in the style of this plowing-sowing-harvesting machine makes sense when we have a number of characters in the realm which need food, so your supply in food may later in the game development determine how many NPCs you can maintain (feed) in your settlements. So I suggest to link the number of people to food supply in stock.
  13. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    I like that... we need minions....
  14. Manchou

    Manchou Apprentice Engineer

    @Deepflame : Thanks you a lot for your review of my mod! I'm so haapy !! :D And yes, it's [uo][k][nam] the reverse of manchou, an old pseudo ! :p I've no much time to play and modding this time but i follow development of the game, be sure!!
  15. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    Gib update plz, im bored...
  16. Thermonuklear

    Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

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