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Update 0.5.2 - Sticks and Stones

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, May 16, 2017.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers! This week we're focusing hard on polishing the 0.5 update with a lot of bugfixes. We made large stones a little easier to get, the rope tool is more easy to use, the wooden door no longer requires iron, and we solved some more crashes.
    We also introduced some new elements to ModAPI and added a tag for ropes.

    - Added large stones spawning on rocky grass areas, and diggable from the rocky grass dirt.
    - Made changes to the rope tool, durability and stacksize was changed.
    - Wooden door no longer requires iron.
    - Added construction model for trap door.
    - Decreased depth of stone on grasslands.
    - Increased durability of the crossbow.

    - Fixed MP inventory duplication issue.
    - Fixed crafting queue bugs.
    - Fixed chair crafting.
    - Fixed tearable rope crafting.
    - Fixed grass voxel not having iron indication.
    - Fixed player not being able to cancel crafting.
    - Removed pickaxe right-click behavior.
    - Fixed large stockpile for logs' log rotation.
    - Fixed mod screen adding workshop mods to the active world when the user intended to use a local one instead.
    - Fixed collision shape on the large log stockpile.
    - Fixed a crash while selecting multiblocks.
    - Fixed a crash while building multiblocks.
    - Fixed a crash while digging.
    - Fixed other minor/random crashes.

    - Whitelisted Medieval.Entities.Stats.MedievalStatEffect namespace which now contains all stat logic.
    - Added Rope tag.
    - Added IMyObject to ModAPI.
    - Fixed moddability of environment definitions.
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  2. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

  3. Erebos89 ME Tester Staff

    UPDATE :pbjt:
  4. Merandix Junior Engineer

    Nice, thanks for all the hard work! Curious to see what next week will bring already :p
  5. KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Nice, thanks :D
  6. MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    Gosh, I'm so glad doors won't require iron anymore. I mean you could just build them to the point where you needed iron parts and it would work as well, but there was still this feeling of.... unfinished business.
  7. Sabo Trainee Engineer

    Everything is awesome. But i am still hoping for some sort of deep ground mining. For me it just does not feel immersive to find iron only on the ground and max 20 meters deep.
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  8. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    The stones....THANK YOU!!!!

    Big stones available without iron if you search.
  9. zeronio Apprentice Engineer

    Nice and good bugfixes :)
    Game is going in right direction!

    Just a sidenote question: As for DS Hosters will there maybe be some "World loading optimisation"?
    We are running couple of Servers on our rootserver and if we are starting/restarting a server, it uses most of the cpu (98% on Intel i7-6700k)
    which causes simspeed drops on other running worlds (also SpaceEngineers). The Bigger a world gets the longer the high peaks at cpu load are.
    When world is finished loading cpu overall usage drops to about 25-30% Maybe a limitation possible? Just asking^^
  10. kitsunelegendXx Trainee Engineer

    Does this mean we can finally craft chairs again? Cause my engineer was getting tired of always having to stand or use the dinner table to sit down. :p
  11. Harrekin Master Engineer


    But I don't think you necessarily needed the iron for doors before, did you?

    I thought it was just for reinforcement because the door is functional without any metal parts.

    And the reinforcement aspect was very useful.
  12. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    This. I would really like to see ore deep underground, possibly in richer veins.
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  13. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Who listens to community feedback? Is it you? I think it is.
    Thanks KEEN!
  14. torgo Apprentice Engineer

    In the world I spun up while waiting for my older one to work, I did find a vein of pure iron about 20 meters east of the hillside iron in
    . I hadn't noticed it in my old game, but will see if it's there now that I can get back in and mine there.
  15. Cetric Junior Engineer

    Yeah. Surface deposits are good for starters and for poor tools to work with. After exploitation in the close area, you'd be either forced to do extended trips to other parts of the world for finding veins, or you would have to go deeper into earth, where the *real thing* in terms of rich veins will be waiting for you.
    Just one thing. You would have to do a random search as you don't have the scanners of SE for finding them. I suggest the rich deep deposits would be somewhere around existing surface veins, randomly implemented in a x meter range. So it won't be too easy and luck is involved. Opens up challenges in how to use your engineering skills for building a mine. Perhaps we need risks of voxels crashing down from the ceiling of a tunnel if you don't secure by timberworks.
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  16. mathias casaer Trainee Engineer

    Great 0.5 updates. The game improved a lot on balance, gameplay & stability. The Mods DS admins are bringing getting more interesting by the day thanks to implemented features. The new action-interface and crafting mechanics are very nice to use. The online player base feels like it is growing, as a result. Thank you.
  17. whyiamhere Trainee Engineer

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  18. Vim Razz Trainee Engineer

    I like the *idea* behind starting with the shovel, but good lord, the amount of tedium involved in gathering all the iron you need to unlock your first tools was already painful. Now it's completely insane.
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  19. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    Ever played life is feudal? :woot: i promise you.... It can be worse than whats in ME atm
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  20. tmike Apprentice Engineer

    I actually end up getting good amounts of iron.
  21. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

  22. Köbi 2 Apprentice Engineer

    You can upload it now. I am ready.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.