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Update 0.6.1 - Now With Mechanical Blocks

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Deepflame, Nov 13, 2017.

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  1. Deepflame Apprentice Engineer

    ME - Update Banner - 0.6.jpg

    Hello, Engineers!
    We have been preparing another major update for you - and this one is huge! It’s full of features like a new planet with new biomes to explore, new resources to mine, new tools to build faster, and mechanical blocks to enhance crafting! You get all of that along with research quests so you can discover more advanced blocks while building and improved character animations so your engineer looks good exploring the world!

    Marek's blog post: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2017/11/medieval-engineers-mechanical-blocks.html

    Mechanical Blocks
    As the name alludes, Medieval Engineers now has Mechanical Blocks! You no longer need to mill your wheat and saw your timbers by hand. It’s possible to build machines that will do the work for you with greater speed and efficiency. You can get started with a windmill to provide power and various joints and shafts to connect things together. There is a small selection of crafting blocks available right now. Don’t worry, we are planning to continue adding new crafting blocks to expand the mechanical systems with your feedback and suggestions in mind.
    • Created the mechanical block system for large grids.
    • Added windmills.
    • Added mechanical energy transfer blocks.
    • Added mechanical milling stone with interchangable toolheads.
    • Added mechanical sawing mill with interchangable toolheads.

    Gif Mechanical_demo_Marek_s_Cut.gif
    Feature - Mech1.jpg Feature - Mech2.jpg Feature - Mech4.jpg

    New Planet
    There is a new planet for you to explore in this update of Medieval Engineers. It comes with new terrain and seven distinct biomes! Each one has a unique mix of flora and terrain to create vistas unlike anything you’ve seen before in Medieval Engineers. You can mine precious metals alongside desert mesas, build a stone lodge in the frozen arctic, and farm amongst the hazel trees in the cratered karst landscape. Take a trip across the steppe grasslands and go lumberjacking in the coniferous forests. There’s something new to discover over every mountain!
    • Added the Steppes biome: Vast plains containing all kinds of resources like wheat and flax. The steppes are a nice starting area without too much difficulties to find the resources you need. You will commonly find copper and tin here, with the occasional patch of iron ore.
    • Added the Tundra biome: A more sparse area with fewer resources, but the iron ore is more plentiful. Food is harder to find, mostly mushrooms and berries.
    • Added the Karst area: The Karst area is a very dynamic terrain, made out of limestone. The limestone has lots of sinkholes for you to accidentally wander into, there are stories that some of them may even connect to others through caves...
    • Added the Desert biome: In the Desert you will find lots of sand, sandstone and a few hardy cactii. The desert is one of the harder areas to play in, as food is not as plentiful as in the previous regions, but the vistas more than make up for it.
    • Added the Arctic biome: Large snowy plains with a few trees here and there, the Arctic is one of the hardest regions to survive in. Food is scarce and only the hardiest engineers carve their existence here.
    • Created The Seven Wonders of the World for you to find and explore.
    • Added several new ores and materials to the ground.
    Biomes - Arctic2.jpg Biomes - Karst2.jpg Biomes - RockyDesert.jpg
    Biomes - Steppe2.jpg Biomes - Tundra1.jpg

    New Resources
    The planetary changes don’t stop with just the scenery. There are additional resources carefully woven into the biomes by our elite team of designers. These include new ores such as tin, copper, silver, and gold that you can discover and mine. You can smelt new types of metal ingots to use or process into alloys. Tools and weapons varying in efficiency and durability based on the metals used to craft them. There is also a new clay material that you can use to craft items like pottery, roof tiles, furnaces, and ovens. With these resources the game finally has the depth and complexity you’ve been asking for, and we think you’ll love it.
    • Created new metals: Copper, Tin, Bronze, and Steel.
    • Added clayworking: Clay jars, rooftiles.
    • Added linseed oil: Used for mechanical blocks and alloy hardening aide.
    • Rebalanced the weights of resources.
    • Created several new crafting stations.
    • There are new tools made out of the new metals. These new tools have different durabilities, etc.
    Resources - New Ores.jpg Resources - New Ingots.jpg Resources - Clay.jpg

    New Renderer and Optimizations
    Renderer improvements in VRAGE have much more optimized GPU performance than in the past. All of the particle effects are calculated on the GPU to reduce CPU bottlenecking. Additional render options have given us greater flexibility in the graphics options. There are new extreme settings for high-end graphics cards. Low-end graphics cards will benefit from the new low settings. In testing we’ve seen between 30% and 50% increases on low settings!
    We made some changes to voxels that resulted in impressive performance. You'll get into the game faster with reduced loading times and optimized rendering. Changes from mining and voxel hands are immediate.
    For multiplayer we optimized the way data is synchronized between the server and the players, reducing the performance cost for players on the server by up to 10x!
    • Updated the renderer, we have upgraded the renderer and it is no longer CPU-bottlenecked.
    • Added finer control over the settings to better tweak the performance on your system.
    • Optimized voxel performance.
    • Optimized multiplayer netcode.
    • Fixed the candle flicker.
    • Fixed a performance issue when digging next to very large castles.
    Gif Voxel Optimizations.gif
    Renderer - LowSettingsFPS.jpg Renderer - HighestSettings.jpg

    Research Overhaul
    The quest system has been whipped into shape by including starting conditions, failure conditions, multiple prerequisite conditions, location finding, and control over what is unlocked for you to build with. All of these have been put to use in the new research system that allows you to unlock knowledge by completing quests in the game. It is a more immersive approach that allows for a natural progression during gameplay and adds a little adventure into your engineer’s progression.
    • Introduced research trees, you can focus on military engineering, civilian engineering and economic engineering. Spread the load with your friends, or learn everything; it's all up to you!
    • Reworked the quest system to provide hours of fun progressing through the tech trees.
    • Share the knowledge with your friends through schematics, they are now easier to craft but you must master the research yourself first...
    Research Quests.jpg

    Animation Upgrade
    We spent some time working on aesthetic improvements and quality-of-life improvements for characters. These changes should improve the general game experience, especially during early gameplay when you are running around with only the engineer trying to survive. Some of these changes include more complex and polished animations, using tools as weapons (back by popular demand), and first-person camera movement improvements. Other things, like character behavior when trying to climb a hill that is too steep and better particle effects for walking and running, have been polished.
    • Upgraded the animations.
    • Enabled tools usable as weapons again.
    • Improved camera movement.
    • Improved flying in creative.
    • Added footstep particle effects.
    Gif Animations - walkrun_small.gif Gif Animations - jump_small.gif Character Performance.jpg

    Search Screen Overhaul
    The old toolbar configuration screen, colloquially known as the g-screen, has been redesigned and put into the book. It now supports more advanced searching patterns, you can create custom search categories, and it helps you figure out where to unlock what!
    • Redesigned toolbar configuration screen.

    Modding Changes
    There are some great changes for modders including definition merging and definition inclusion. Definition merging makes it possible to modify or append part of a definition without changing the whole definition. This means smaller mods with less conflicts. Definition inclusion allows you to copy one definition into another. This works much like inheritance in programming and it’s not only useful on its own for modders but it’s a giant leap toward supporting mod libraries. There is a guide on how these work on the Medieval Engineers Wiki.

    Character data is now saved on the character itself. Entity components that save on the character now persist between sessions, even in multiplayer. Finally, now that the old MyCharacter class is gone, characters are created by combining entity components. This makes characters much more flexible to work with for both modders and Keen programmers.
    As can be expected for when we do changes to the game at this scale, you can expect that most mods will not be compatible with 0.6. Be kind to your modders and wait patiently whilst they work to make their mods compatible with 0.6!
    All mods uploaded with 0.6 builds will have the 0.6 version tag tagged on them, this way you can easily identify which mods are ready and which are yet to be updated.

    For a more comprehensive list of changes, look here: https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/0-6-modding-changes.7398242/

    Non-programming modding info:
    • Added definition merging and appending. For more info, check the forum thread above.
    • Renamed most of the blocks and items to follow a more consistent naming convention.
    • Fixed audio modding.
    • Removed support for the old definitions. They must now all be in the new definition format.
    • Removed CraftingComponent, replaced with CraftingComponentQueued.

    Programming modding info:
    • Deleted MyCharacter class, characters are now MyEntity instances with components.
    • Vector3 no longer implicitly casts from Vector3D, now follows C# explicit cast standard.

    As always; we are leaving the previous version, 0.5.23, as a historical branch that will be available forever. This will be your fail-safe way to play older saves that aren’t compatible with 0.6 or to update those that are.

    Medieval Engineers is still in development.
    Everything in the game is subject to change.

    Random Keen tea facts for those who are still reading this changelog:
    Tea facts that happened over the course of the development of 0.6:
    • Tim went through 15 tea boxes.
    • Greg finished half of his crazy big tea box.
    • Michal bought 6 boxes of tea for Tim.
    • Joel stole at least half a box of tea from random people. Scavenger!
    • Czech Republic supermarkets mostly stopped selling English Breakfast tea.
    • Lukas forgot to drink his tea, twice!
    • Chuck went through two boxes of tea in two weeks while working on PR
    Medieval Engineers
    Crash Fixes:

    - Fixed crashes related to quests.
    - Fixed crash typing in chat in offline mode.
    - Fixed crash when picking up an item at the same time as someone else.
    - Fixed crash when clicking the abandon quest button too often.
    - Fixed crash when multiplayer did not send buildings to clients correctly.
    - Fixed crash with crafting.
    - Fixed crash with building roofs.

    Research Fixes:
    - Fixed the Economic Advanced Mechanics quest not working.
    - Fixed crop production research quest not completing in multiplayer.
    - Fixed research quests not accepting palmtree logs.
    - Fixed furnace requiring clay instead of dirt.

    General Fixes:
    - Fixed a highlighting bug with grids.
    - Fixed Kiln fire particle.
    - Fixed a plank exploit.
    - Fixed chair crafting bug, 5 chairs per second had to be 1 chair per 5 seconds..
    - Fixed crosshair hard to see in the desert.
    - Fixed crafting bug with sawmill toolheads, they are now in the smithy and require metal.
    - Fixed collision shape of sawmill toolheads.
    - Added description to ancestral torch.
    - Increased palm tree hitpoints.
    - Improved clay abundance.
    - Tweaked cactus distribution.
    - Tweaked ore respawn rates.
    - Tweaked tree chopping animation so that first and third person perspectives match.
    - Removed studded club from crafting table, now only in smithy like the other weapons.

    Medieval Engineers 0.6.1.DC5B2B
    - Fixed client crash when switching between multiblocks.
    - Fixed server crash when players with lots of active quests join a server.
    - Added action hint to palm tree.
    Crash Fixes:

    - Fixed a crash that would happen when a quest definition is changed so that it instantly completes when a world loads.
    - Fixed a crash while building.
    - Fixed a crash when picking something up that disappeared at the same time as the pick-up.
    - Fixed a crash when an ally would disconnect from the server while you are spying on them on the map.
    - Fixed a crash where server logic was accidentally performed on clients as well.
    - Fixed a crash when modders tried to make changes to the animations incorrectly.
    - Fixed a crash caused by catchblocks trying to clean themselves up after being deleted.
    - Fixed a crash where the rope tool was not deactivating correctly.
    - Fixed a crash attaching ropes to blocks that were being damaged.
    - Fixed a crash when compound blocks were removed while building.
    - Fixed a crash caused by multiblocks.
    - Fixed a crash when saving the planet.
    - Fixed a crash preventing player data not being saved correctly.
    - Fixed a crash when placing a block with incorrectly defined additional models.

    General Fixes:
    - Fixed bronze sword crafting recipe.
    - Fixed deer plaque crafting recipe.
    - Fixed smooth millstone toolhead crafting recipe.
    - Fixed missing skull crafting recipe.
    - Fixed windmill blade crafting recipe outputting 5 blades per second instead of 1 blade per 5 seconds.
    - Fixed missing LODs for several models.
    - Fixed the log spam for dedicated servers.
    - Tweaked desert flax growing times.
    - Updated several research quest descriptions that could be confusing.
    - Increased gristmill milling efficiency.

    Medieval Engineers 0.6.1.F1BF98
    Crash fixes:
    - Fixed a crash when there are duplicate items in the respawn screen.
    - Fixed a crash when you complete a quest while the questlog is open without a quest selected.
    - Fixed a crash when building while a block is being removed at the same time.
    - Fixed a crash when a player disconnects but the server still had input queued.
    - Fixed a crash when a player died, which was handled by a parallel thread instead of the main thread.
    - Fixed a crash when you would quit a game.

    General fixes:
    - Updated quest descriptions for some military quests.
    - Fixed steel plow being crafted in smithy instead of forge.
    - Fixed iron colouring on stone and limestone.
    - Fixed localization text and button handling for the "You have been banned" popup.
    - Fixed missing palisade block, and tweaked their costs.
    - Tweaked surface ore deposits.
    - Added "Tutorial" to tutorial quest names to indicate that they are tutorials.
    - Increased stone output for mining with a pickaxe, and made voxel material output consistent.
    - Tweaked map piece descriptions.
    - Increased torch burning time from 1 to 30 minutes.
    - Disabled the structural integrity debug text by default.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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  2. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

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  3. yokse Trainee Engineer

    yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! optimitzed mutilpayer netcode!!!
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  4. Thales M. Senior Engineer

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  5. Forcedminer Senior Engineer


    every single other game in development at the moment. take this down. this is an important delightful feature. that everyone can enjoy at some point.
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  6. kitsunelegendXx Trainee Engineer

    *dances in happy*
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  7. Silen Apprentice Engineer

    Trying out the new update. It looks fantastic so far! Thank you so much for keeping this game updated! Now back to the game! :)
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  8. BloodThunder Trainee Engineer


    I can't wait to get home and check out the new update!
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  9. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    looks absolutely phenomenal, thanks KEEN!
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  10. Jananton Trainee Engineer

    That's an amazing new package you've feasted us on guys, so much new to see and so much new to do.

    Thanks, I'll sure be busy with this for some time to come. :D


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  11. vozze Trainee Engineer

    Amazing update! I think ME surpassed SE in certain fields now.
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  12. Fragstore Trainee Engineer

    Very, very good job! Thanks for the update! Looks awesome!!!
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  13. Cetric Junior Engineer

    The loooooong silence and tea addiction pays off now. New impulse for game addiction about to follow instantly.... :)
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  14. Sanfard Apprentice Engineer

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  15. TopHatTim Trainee Engineer

    Marvellous work chaps.
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  16. MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    AAAAAAAAH! Why do I have to wait until Friday to get home?? *suffers emotional breakdown*
  17. Speshal_Snowman Apprentice Engineer

    This is a great update!!!! I love how this game is turning out!
  18. Tilio Trainee Engineer

    I found an easter egg bois !!!!

    I found a Space Engineer skeleton in an ice cave (with a welder on him named {Ancestral Torch} )

    Also how do i upload a screenshot {F4} on this page???
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  19. Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    Maximum woop.
  20. jemccro Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not sure why they wouldn't have an above ground visual indicator for clay. I keep digging holes in random spots. At first I was filling them in but now I just save before digging and then reload when I don't find any over, and over, and over....What the definition of insanity again?
  21. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Been away from the game for a while, my jaw dropped when I saw this update. Gonna do some wagon road trippin' to explore the new map with a friend this weekend if I can swing it.
  22. Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    Welp There go my plans for walking fortress. The existing timber physics blocks don't work or connect with the new windmill blocks.


    The Axel block on the bottom is not turning with the rest of the system.

    Also, How high end is, high end for graphics cards, since I am getting some stuttering when rendering new areas on my 1080. on Maximum graphics settings.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  23. LeonserGT Apprentice Engineer

    Which kind of surface voxel you were digging? Right now I revisited clay spreading and fixed some inconsistencies for it's spreading which may cause confustion, but you still will not find it under rocky grass, or under stone or snow. In deserts there are few patches of clay 'marked' with darker sand spots on the surface. It's depth varies from 1 to 4 m, btw.
  24. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Well .... lots to like in this new release.

    Sure it's a bit buggy, and I have had a few sudden dumps out of servers, but on the whole, considering how much has been changed, it's no wonder.

    I like the fact that the added complexity of additional ores ( gold, copper & tin ) has not made the upgrade path more grindy, as you can progress using other ingots to build what you need. Just as well...as iron is a lot harder to find now. I have yet to see a single iron ore vein in game yet! Plenty of copper and tin....so I am strictly in the bronze age.

    The book as a focus took a bit of getting used to in terms of the building parts being on 3 pages, but the quest system and other info is a lot better now. It guides you through what you can do and what you can choose, and for a beginner, it should be pretty helpful. It looks more natural too, having the book rather than a simple menu screen. Nice feel to it.

    Not got around to the mechanised parts or wonder hunting yet, as for me that is less important that the actual gameplay.

    So far, though, I have not found:

    pumpkins, iron ore, cabbages or flax

    I DID find:

    copper, tin, and plenty of roots and shrooms.
    --- Automerge ---
    oh and I found clay very time I dug under grassy ground
  25. Cetric Junior Engineer

    Use one of those free picture host sites on the internet and let them provide you with a link to the picture you uploaded on them, for placing that link here (insert into line "image URL" which opens when you click on the picture symbol of this text box).
    --- Automerge ---
    And that is where it is supposed to be when we want to connect realism with game mechanics. Putting clay under frozen ground or desert would be ridiculous as it is a resource which comes with the presence of water, near creeks and lakes. So speaking in game biomes, (fat) grassy ground should be the most prospective for finding clay. Hope the developers had that on their mind, too, for accuracy.
    In its mixed form with sand and silt, creating loam, it is a fertile farming land indication as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loam
  26. Dale Huntington Trainee Engineer

    This is amazing work and I can't wait to get into it! I'm volunteering to send you guys a case of tea! Where should I send it and what kind would you like? (I'm in the USA so let me know what I can get you!) Thank you so very much for your efforts! This has supplanted Rising World as my all time favorite game and this update just makes it even better!
  27. jemccro Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for your reply, I did find some after trying multiple terrain types excluding the ones you listed since I wouldn't think it would be there IRL. It seems to be mainly in the grasslands as another user pointed out. Thanks again and great work on this game :)
  28. Silen Apprentice Engineer

    Just a thing: Palm tree logs apparently don't count as "Log" in Master's Tools research quest.
  29. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    As I'm from the U.S. I am wondering what kind of tea you're offering. Is this like a case of iced tea or a case of tea bags?
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  30. LeonserGT Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks, just a small mistake, just fixed that (after your report), I hope it'll go into hotfix :p
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