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Update 01.018 - Custom colors, Gravity generator range settings, Construction deck

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. George.Mamakos Apprentice Engineer

    Update 01.018.021 has been released. You can now create custom colors for blocks, change the gravity generator’s range settings and rename most of the objects that are available on the Control Panel (gyroscope, refinery, etc.).
    We have also synchronized the ship systems in multiplayer and added a construction deck (magnetic deck) on the platform when starting a new game (world).

    - create custom colors for blocks (default by P key, SHIFT+P is color picker)
    - configurable range of gravity generator
    - multiplayer synchronization of ship systems - Lights, spotlight, motors, landing gears and the other functional blocks that can be used on ships are now synchronized
    - rename most of the objects that are available on the Control Panel (gyroscope, refinery, etc.)
    - added a construction deck (magnetic deck) on the platform when starting a new game (world)
    - added a second (back) entrance to small ship cockpit
    - renamed thrusts to thrusters
    - renamed reflector light to spotlight
    - added passage block (replaces the ladder block)

    - minor performance optimizations
    - fixed slowdown on some systems caused by timer frequency
    - fixed explosion lags
    - fixed explosion particle effect
    - fixed projectile damage dealt to heavy armor (now it's more durable)
    - fixed physical shape of drill
    - fixed missiles ghosting through ship which launched it
    - fixed mirroring of some blocks
    - reduced memory usage when building blocks

    Update 01.018.023
    - fixed issue when using CTRL+X on object which is controlled by another player
    - fixed crash when copy/pasting station
  2. pan89 Trainee Engineer

    finally i can change colours...
  3. Grinsomx Trainee Engineer

    nice and extensive list, thank you for this one.
    this really expands the scope of the game.
  4. Jakejud Apprentice Engineer

    Jake Happy
  5. Binary25 Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for this update :)
  6. DiBBz Apprentice Engineer

    no way this is AWESOME :) thx
  7. J4xon Trainee Engineer

    Antoher great Update . Awsome ! :thumb:
  8. Khell3770 Trainee Engineer

    I'm very happy to see the Gravity Generator field adjustments most of all, I always hated that the artificial gravity expanded outside of my ship. This also looks like it could work well for mass drivers as well. Thanks devs
  9. FunkyBacon Trainee Engineer

    I had noticed the backdoor entrance on the small cockpit some time ago already :D But I guess bringing it to public knowledge is a good thing :)

    Looking great though! Keep it up :D
  10. Linard Trainee Engineer

    Now we only need to ability to group stuff in the control panel to disable all gyros at once for example. =)
  11. Guest

    Mmm, Space Engineers. Tastes like awesome.
  12. vorlon Trainee Engineer

    I have only one complaint: why is the unit of acceleration G instead of meters per second^2, which would be consistent with the other SI-units used in the game? Please fix. :nono:
  13. FunkyBacon Trainee Engineer

    Looking at my "Bastion" asteroid base I noticed the last 2 patches did not treat it well. The ladders got removed and sometimes I find a random Large Autocannon(Large ship gatling) in the middle of my base, which I am 100% certain was not there before it.
    It is not everytime an ladder was removed, but it is in several locations in my base.

    I fixed it by hand, but anyone else noticed this? I found them almost directly next to my previous elevator's locations and this caused them to remove parts of my base which was a pain to redo :/ (Luckily I do everything in symmetry so rebuilding was simply looking at the other side of the building and I knew how it was before)

    Edit: Meant ladder not escalator ~BrainFart~
  14. Wammbo Trainee Engineer

    A realy solid update like every time! thx
    But i have a question: why was the ladder block removed!? Waht exacley do error for ladders? Will it be impossible to implement them again couse of the engine or is the ladder cost to mutch Performance?

    @ FunkyBacon
    Did you Played the multiplayer? Because my Friend got some same thinks happend like you. He restartet the game and everything was fine again. Looks like his Problem ocures after some period of time.
  15. Turmanar Trainee Engineer

    More customization of existing blocks is a good sight. Personally i would like to see block grouping and some sort of macros generator.

    PS: Another excellent step in developing game, good job.
  16. Wammbo Trainee Engineer

    @ FunkyBacon
    I have the same buck like you i got a new turret (gartling large block) random placed near by my old ladders!
  17. Baleur Trainee Engineer

    fixed missiles ghosting through ship which launched it

    Does this mean we can no longer "stack" missile launchers in front of eachother? DAMN! MY BELOVED CHEATS! :D
  18. busshanta Trainee Engineer

    This update is awesome, but me and some buddys where playing with Miningships and so on .

    It would be very helpfull to implement a itemtrasfer from player to player.

    Or that the Player can see what his buddy dropped on the ground and see what is inside the machines.
    And that other players are able to mine on a server and can see the ore of other player.

    So Keen Software House if you can make this possible, maybe just that player can see things in a storage container of a other player , that would be so wunderfull.

    Greetigs Busshanta
  19. ataxdude Trainee Engineer

    cool! ill try out recording a reveiw and send it in!
  20. Ondrej.Petrzilka Developer

    Hi, we're working on inventory synchronization, so you'll see what's inside machines.
    Also dropping items and synchronization of dropped items is in progress.
  21. Virakotxa Apprentice Engineer

    Awesome! Great job. Agreed macros are needed now... I dare say, more than anything else right now, to unlock the true engineering potential of the game.
  22. Kosnark Trainee Engineer

    Normally I don't try and pester Devs about features, but.... PLEASE please give us nameplates in multiplayer. As someone who hosts a sever often and tries to actively moderate it and keep out greifers and rule breakers It is tedious and difficult to do without name tags over players. I spend more time hitting F3 and solving logic puzzles for "who dun it" than I do actually enjoying playing with people.
  23. Ondrej.Petrzilka Developer

    It's quite simple and can help a lot of players. I've added it to official task list, it will be available in next update probably.
  24. Captain Lackwit Trainee Engineer

    I'm really trying to like passage blocks. They're spiffy looking and that's cool.
    But I really can't love them, because they can't be lit. May I suggest, "Dynamic" blocks, as well? Such as, if you place a passage block on the other side of one, like... How do I phrase this?
    Say you have an I shaped hallway. But you want it to be T, without breaks in the flooring or stuff like that. You place the block sideways, and pre placement, it looks like there will be a wall. Post placement, there is no wall, but another version of it has been spawned, thus, "Dynamic" hallways. This way passage blocks can be used for good, clean hallways at any cardinal direction angle, with using only one block. Lest ye desire to let us place those extra types manually, which would also be nice.
    Just tossing that idea out there... And perhaps, allow them to be lit?
  25. Valdemar |FIN| Junior Engineer

    One question: weren't the passage blocks and small ship back exits already implemented in the last patch?
  26. Balmung Senior Engineer

    Really nice Update!

    Yeah, I think creating Groups and Drag&Drop Elements to it that works like Groups and Layers on Photoshop (could also disable the complete Group with one Click) would be the best Solution for this.
  27. Raelsmar Trainee Engineer

    I just checked this in game, and sadly, this is the case. Makes for hilarious effects but you now can only place one missile launcher per barrel, unless you want a sort of self destruct feature.
  28. mctroyd Trainee Engineer


    Thanks devs for an awesome update to an awesome game! This is the most polished alpha I've seen. Really loving the general flexibility this game affords, however incomplete it may yet be. I've logged almost as much time in this game over the last two weeks as I have at work. :p

    While I wouldn't say I'm "missing" the ladder block, I did notice their sudden absence (and, in select circumstances, replacement with a Gatling gun). Would like to +1 a ladder block replacement... maybe an actual ship's ladder-style? Smaller than the 2x1x1 stairs, at least...

    Also, +1 to grouping objects (lights, thrusters, etc.) on the terminal. Maybe a drop-down list with component type over the existing list?

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: Grammar is hard.
  29. shadow250 Apprentice Engineer


    i am curious as to how close manual mode is to the top of your task list. sorry to be nosy but this is what ive been waiting for since day 1.

    also someone forgot the "a" in Saturation on the color picker
  30. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    Conveyers is my only hope, alast they would really only be of use in manual mode thats not out. For now Ill just have to be giddy about all my small ships turning hotrod orange :D
    Im very much into the mechanical thing side of things and look forward to working with logistics and see how this intership transport system works. If it works like I think it does a magnetic docking block that can be used to trasfer resorces from ship to ship and ship to station would be amazing.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.