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Update 01.018 - Custom colors, Gravity generator range settings, Construction deck

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. Toinous77 Trainee Engineer

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH I was waiting for that! Now we can show our skills painter :D
  2. HZRD Trainee Engineer

    I don't think I quite understand the construction deck
  3. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    I can give this update A+ again :thumb:

    Interior wall looks awesome in color. Gravity generator is awesome now. I especially like that we can adjust different distances and strength. I can think so many new things I can do with it. Passage block is acceptable now that its not a broken ladder block :rolleyes: Renaming of blocks is great for better use of the 'k' menu. More colors in general is huge for making individual builds.

    Rear door for small cockpit was already in the game before this update, but it has already proven useful :cool:

    Thank you and keep up the good work!
  4. RoAdKiLL_Perry Trainee Engineer

    I like the new update only 1 problem. I have to come up with a new cannon design for my battleship and some ships, in workshop, that use stack able missile launchers don't work properly anymore.
  5. Szakal Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, I have to reedit my canons too ;D
  6. Metalwrench Trainee Engineer

    This is awesome guys!! The colors look great!! The passage looks great!! Keep up the good work!!:D:thumb:
  7. DJRedeye Trainee Engineer

    pls bring back ladders! I have random gatling turrets in my ships where ladders used to be now! but thanks for new update :) i like the idea of passage blocks, they will cut down on weight massively, but would it be really greedy if we had passages and ladders?
  8. Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    Yes! Renaming control panel items, sweet.
  9. Forgemasterhd Junior Engineer

    I think this is a brilliant update.
  10. Trevish Apprentice Engineer

    Naming for rotors especially is great and adjustable grav generators opens up some interesting possibilities. Now if only the ladders were restored to their former glory... What the hell, an entire stack of ladders has been replaced by large ship gattlings and the blocks around them have been deleted on my ships...

    all ladders and all blocks around them have been deleted, what the hell...
  11. Draygo Senior Engineer

    Ive had random gatling guns appear all over my save files, deleting all blocks around them took a bit of work to clean up the mess.
  12. erdrik Apprentice Engineer

    I think its funny how they clearly had the option for the full range of colors, but they ended up using the same colors we had available before.
    (in the video I mean)
    Still, awsome update. :)
  13. MotoRider42HC Apprentice Engineer

    GREAT UPDATE! Thanks!

    Now all you have to do is change Rotor to Motor.
  14. Nightingale33 Trainee Engineer

    Awesome update as always and I noticed NO bugs so far, which I find great. Great job, Devs.
    But can someone please tell me, if the light blocks have really lost weight? I cannot quite remember how my ships exactly behaved when I played the last time (2 weeks ago or something) but now my fighters and small transporters move like they were kicked in the back by a mule.
  15. mastpayne Senior Engineer

    Hear, Hear! Buy yourselves a beer! it's coming along nicely!
  16. jtgibson Trainee Engineer

    I'll be damned if that gravity generator stuff isn't so immensely useful that it's completely worth another month without survival building. =)

    Block painting is pretty neat as well, since it allows us more uniqueness among our designs, although that one's just cosmetic.

    @HZRD: It's just a bunch of landing gear pointing upwards that prevents unpowered small craft from drifting away if you run the station's console and lock the landing gear [P, as usual]. I was actually hoping it was a new block type -- rather, it's just a slightly different use of an existing block.
  17. Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    I'm happy that they got rid of rocket launchers 'ghosting' through blocks, that was nonsense. I mean why would you even bother designing that way if we all knew it would be fixed eventually? And I would like to state also that these ships that are being designed with an over abundance of weapons should also be reconsidered, there is a long way to go in balance terms and you must also consider survival requiring material for all that. Guess I'm just tired of seeing poor designs covered in weapons, yea how original.
  18. manuelnino Trainee Engineer

    The thrusters take way to much damage, they doa better job than heavy armor at protecting Commercial ships.
  19. Managarmr420 Trainee Engineer

    I'll be honest, I really am missing ladder blocks and was looking forward to this update in the hope you'd reverse your decision to remove them. I want to make it possible to travel inside my ship without jetpacks; but stairs take up a LOT of space. It wouldn't be so bad if interior floors and walls weren't 2 meters thick. I dunno, until you add the ability to mix and match block sizes or add combinations of different blocks; or even come up with floor and wall blocks that you can place in the same space and are roughly as thick as a door; could you please bring ladders back?
  20. FunkyBacon Trainee Engineer

    I noticed the same, my 50k weight fighters went down to ~15k but I am not complaining :D
  21. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    You are quite correct. Mass seems to have gone down by about half. One of my fighters that used to take eight seconds to reach max speed now does it in less than four. Like FunkyBacon, I'm not exactly complaining about this, although part of me does wonder if it makes balancing speed and mass too easy. :cool:

    Very interesting update. Liking the revised passageways, but would still like ladders back as well.
  22. Xnemth Trainee Engineer

    Like many of the changes :) Some feedback on one element follows:

    The new "passages" have some strange attachment limitations. Is there a particular reason one side is left minimally open and thus, unattachable?

    Doorways are not flush against the passage corridor, creating wasted space attempting to accomodate a connection using standard blocks. (also breaks the "look" of the passage)

    Lighting passages is problematic, as the open portion does not want to connect to anything. Spot lights have to be attached via secondary blocks, and the light they create (even at low levels) doesn't work well in corridors.

    Would there be a problem in creating a passage block that has two walls a ceiling and floor, with some kind of small, dim lamp inside that could be toggled via the command panel? Also, realigning doors, or creating a passage/doorway connector would be tremendously helpful and space saving.

    Loving the game so far :) Cheers!
  23. MrInfro Trainee Engineer

    WEll, I saw word optimization in the patch notes... but if I look everywhere I cant find it... even worse, my FPS went down after this patch... my friend who had no trouble with FPS drops now plays on.. 20 or so. WOuld it be possible to tweak each graphic setting rather than have 4 presets? It would be really great
  24. SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    Check lights, for some reason all light are turned on after update, so... when you turn them off game run normaly.
  25. MrInfro Trainee Engineer

    Really? will check this and see. Even so, we built with my crazy friend relatively medium sized station... and the game is totaly crazy from it... FPS drops on every look at it :D but well, its alpha :) other than this performance issue its great
  26. mastpayne Senior Engineer


    I have a feeling that will be offset by how much uranium gets used up when you 'put your foot into it', and how much maneuvering done once you're going.

    Occasionally my 'fuel meters' work, and I've been surprised sometimes how fast the time-to-empty drops down to minutes from hours, or even years (even though at the moment, there is no usage of the fuel).

    The last time I checked, a large reactor on one large ship was using up 2 kilos of uranium in 51 minutes...idling, and if I punched it to 100%, it instantly dropped to Zero.

    That was one instance, others, my mileage has varied, and I guess it depends on whether or not they keep the same formula. In any case, it seems to be something that could be easily balanced.
  27. Thadius Faran Trainee Engineer

    Are the passages suppose to have ladders in them??? My ladders dissappeared last update on everything even new things. The new passage block has what appears to be a missing panel as one side has it but the other dosnt
  28. Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    It would be really lovely if you could make the thrusters and ramps coloured too, That would make ship designs much better

    I hope you guys really would consider this one :)
    But great update! Love to have all the custom colours for blocks now!
  29. DemonFiren Apprentice Engineer

    That's for the suggestions forum, and has already been said.
  30. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    My bet as far as thrusters go is the models are functioning placeholders much like the old WWII landmines for the current mines now in game.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.