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Update 01.018 - Custom colors, Gravity generator range settings, Construction deck

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. DemonFiren Apprentice Engineer

    The warhead design is technically modelled after naval mines, and I'm not sure where it's gonna go. It's already been updated once.
  2. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    Anyone attempted to use the adjusted grav generators as Bi-directional lifts? Can you use the ladderless passages with this?
  3. Trevish Apprentice Engineer

    wow that light armor change, I hadn't noticed it with being irritated by the ladder ->passage conversion bug.

    I had a heavy fighter (pre heavy armor design) that dropped from 290,000kg to 90,000kg and 0-max in 17s to 6s... it was definately too heavy before but this might have been a bit too extreme.
  4. hellewellth Trainee Engineer

    i have but the player always rotates grav down causing a slight problum.
  5. darth_biomech Senior Engineer

    Can some good person from the devs tell me exactly how color is applied to armor blocks engine-wise, in the name of modding, please?
  6. vin66 Trainee Engineer

    i cant play this game after this update because i can see trough nearly all my ships.....:bawl:
  7. madafaka Trainee Engineer

    Nice update!!! Thanks guys!
  8. Nigel Trainee Engineer

    It seems that having large objects in the game no longer impacts performance as much when you are a significant distance away - I have a relatively massive spaceship (~80 million kg) that always used to drive down FPS even when several kilometers away, but now everything is fine.

    I've been waiting for that, thanks!
  9. midspace Senior Engineer

    I was having that issue before this specific update.
    Graphics performance issues have creapt in along the way.

    Perhaps its time to re-examine the graphics settings?
  10. GalaxyMeridian Apprentice Engineer

    Excellent update!

    I really appreciate the lighter weight of the light armor, which brings more versatility to the small ship designs.
    Many thanks Keen! :):thumb:
  11. Balmung Senior Engineer

    Sometimes a complete reinstall of the Game could fix problems too.
  12. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    as much as i love getting better graphics, please don't do another update making them better until the performance issues are fixed. i already had some trouble with a few things and this update has made them much worse
  13. ZdenoNemo Trainee Engineer

    ty rakety nic moc,to abych předělal komplet raketové systémy,teď všechno vybuchuje,už nejde dát rakety za sebe
  14. Virakotxa Apprentice Engineer

    That seems to be Slovenian...

    "Those missiles, it is not much to předělal complete missile systems, now everything is already exploding rockets for the data itself"

    Errmm... Can someone better that?
  15. SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    Its czech. I will not translate it word from word, but will say point of his coment:

    Rocket lauchers start explode ( when you shoot from them ) after last update and place them in line dont work anylonger.

    ZdeňoNemo piš to spiš do bugu než change logu, tam se píšou zavady ;)

    ( i did recomend him write it in bugs then change log )
  16. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    For lag issues after the patch all the reflector lights are on and also if you go into video settings, mine was set back to extreme , if you put it back to normal the FPS increases.

    Turn all lights back off.
    Change render settings back to what you had them at before patch.

    I don't think they have released any major performance tweeks yet.

    The first one will be really interesting.
  17. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    actually, i am not noticing much of a difference between having lights on or off. they seemed to have fixed that performance issue

    my render settings were still on normal, however, when i was dealing with the increased lag
  18. radam Senior Engineer

    Slovenjsko bi bilo: Te rakete so kompletno predelali, zdaj vse eksplodira v delce če postaviš rakete eno za drugo.

    Now thats Slovenian :D
  19. SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    No :rof: Slovenian is similar to czech, i dont know witch words will genuine slovak us but i would understand them. This is second translator faild :rof:
  20. ZdenoNemo Trainee Engineer

    Já si myslím že to opravily než že je to bug,protože 2 raketomety za sebou nemohou střílet jak dříve,já dělal několik raket za sebe pro velké děla takže to vypadalo efektivněji plus výstup přes vypnutý malý motor s kterým to vypadalo líp než jen díra s raketometem

    I think that it fixed than that it's a bug, because 2 rocket launchers behind can not shoot as before, I made several missiles at each other for a gun so that it looked more effectively plus the output is switched off via a small motor with which it looked better than just a hole with rocket launcher
    sry translator
  21. radam Senior Engineer

    Actually I am Slovene and I just wanted to say the basics of what he said in Slovenian. I have a very hard time understanding either czech or slovak.
  22. Kale Trainee Engineer

    Can I suggest that you add a lower quality setting for the game such as taking away particle effects shadows and such to reduce lag for low end computers
  23. SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    Sorry misstake on my part :D Slovinsko X Slovensko ( slovenia X slovakia ) :rof: + i did us slovak in sentence but write Slovenian be misstake on start of sentence.

    Soo... so slovakia is similar to czech lenguage, but slovenia is totaly diferent :rof:.
  24. Kieve Trainee Engineer

    So many good features... but that god-awful view-bob persists.
    Please guys, give me the option to turn it off, or at least tell me how! I want to play so bad, but I can't because the mere act of walking around inside a station literally nauseates me!
  25. VaporStrike Trainee Engineer

    I actually figured they would re-add the ladders, seeing as it's actually infinetly buggier trying to go through a ship with a jetpack. Apparently not though.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.