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Update 01.026 - Conveyor, Connector, Collector

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer


    I have tried it with a connector on the refinery, dumping into a collector, connected to an assembler, and that works fine... albeit rather long-winded.
  2. entspeak Senior Engineer

    This way, you can have a large hauler with detachable storage. You mine and when it's full, just go get another storage container. Once they're all full, you can take them to a multiple refinery setup and dump them in like a tanker truck.
  3. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer

    That really is an awesome creation. Well done. :)
  4. madafaka Trainee Engineer

    Yesssssssssssssss! Great, great, great update!!!

    Thanks devs!
  5. entspeak Senior Engineer

    Yeah. I think there's a bug with the assembler. I even tried to recreate the default setup that actually works with when the Lone Survivor world is created new. It also doesn't work.

    Must be a bug with placing new refineries and assemblers or something.
  6. ViperMan Junior Engineer

    Have you tried it with an actual conveyor block instead of this tube piece?

    I mean I'm just guessing - I've been sitting here reading all these posts from work, chewing a hole in my desk waiting until I can get home and play with these!
  7. nilloc93 Trainee Engineer

    The good
    we can mode stuff a distance without carrying it, me likey dis gud berry much.
    This will allow for industrial production deeper inside of star bases and ships without hassle.
    the tubes look A LOT better than a bunch of connected blocks, a very good concept.
    Collectors will allow for remote offloading assuming there is a gravity field.

    Now keep in mind, I'm happy with this update despite having more negative to say on it. Its easy to sum up good things.

    The bad
    the whole CONCEPT of how the conveyors work had best be a WIP.
    The connectors should simply bridge the gap between a cargo hatch (the side of a cargo container) to a conveyor tube. not have this connector to collector to connector to collector crap, that's 4 items to be built when only 2 were really needed, having the items spawn and then get sucked up again also seems needlessly cpu intensive and i'd hate to see a major production operation underway using a conveyor system like it is now. The collector block should have a twin "ejector(name in progress?)" block to make items appear outside of the system so that remote offloading is still possible.

    having typed all that out I'm going to make a suggestions thread.
  8. SUPERNERD101 Trainee Engineer


    Amazing update, by the way!
  9. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Its a great update once again, well done Dev's.
  10. transistor77777 Apprentice Engineer

  11. Stoner Apprentice Engineer

    So, with the addition of conveyors, collectors, and tubes, my life is complete. i can die a happy man.
  12. jtgibson Trainee Engineer

    He clearly understands that the system is work in progress. I rather think he's inflamed about the fact that conveyor tubes don't auto-join and that you need conveyors mixed with tubes instead of straight tube networks -- if I'm reading it correctly. It's hard to decipher since he's using the "connector" in place of "conveyor", I think.

    I originally thought the same thing would happen, that conveyors would auto-join into tube networks, but I have to say the current implementation is not at all noisome to me.

    Either that, or he didn't misuse the word "connectors" and is referring to connectors not being able to transfer directly into a cargo box, in which case he clearly missed Mamakos' line "in future update could be used to connect two ships/stations and transfer items". If so, he's annoyed for no good reason, since the current implementation is the more complex part of the feature, leaving the boring stuff for later. =)
  13. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer

    Yup. I've tried the conveyor block too, with still the same results.

    Another glaring bug...


    That gets the ingots from the refinery to the assembler, but the assembler still shows constuctable items as having insufficient ingots available... regardless of the ingots being shown in the assemblers inventory.

    That's definitely a bug.
  14. entspeak Senior Engineer

    It's not necessary to have the complicated setup I created with a storage container/collector docked to a ship with a connector. That's what you'd need to do if you want detachable storage.

    If you want to use attached storage, you simply use the conveyors and conveyor tubes. An conveyor system for moving items around the inside of a ship has no need of connectors or collectors. The collector and connector are only needed to get ore in from an exterior source (meaning from another ship, or if you are manually picking ore up in space) or to transfer from ship to ship/station.

    The connector is the twin "ejector" version of the collector block.
  15. Stigg_001 Trainee Engineer

    A big thanks to the team for yet another great update. ;)
  16. Dan2D3D Moderator

    Check my new drill guys.

  17. Letrange Trainee Engineer

    Yay, my carpal tunnel swelling might go down a bit with this update (I play in Realistic).

    Some notes:

    As others have observed I've noticed some issues with the assembler and connected inventories. Assembling seems to be working (I need to test it more) but currently my main issue is actually DIS-assembly. Weirdness I've noticed:

    When you specify a disassembly order you need the object in the assembler (it would be rather nice to be able to use the left part menu to specify disassembly orders instead of having to put part of the order in the assembler and hitting shift-that item to ask for 100 dis-assemblies (for example).

    My main reason for wanting to do this is to compress resources from a chop-shop operation. You get parts from cutting apart captured crafts. But things like Solar Panels and Medical Parts take up much more room than their equivalent resources.

    Here's where the weirdness happens. So say I move a couple of solar panels into the output inventory of the assembler. Then I ask for disassembly of 100 solar panels. The system will not go fetch solar panels from the connected inventory. Instead it will go get the resources to make more NEW solar panels from the connected inventory. Then say you put 20 (1000 l of solar panels) into your assembler. Weirdly it will send back a portion and seem to want to balance the input and output inventories so that they add up to 1000 l.... o.O;

    Don't know if there's a better place to post this but hey something to look into as part of the WIP.

    Don't get me wrong. Not complaining. I realize it's a WIP. Just pointing it out in case the devs read this topic.
  18. Davewave Trainee Engineer

    Anyone know if you can connect cargo to weapons so that you Gatling guns can get a constant ammo supply?

    Anyone know if drills are connected by this new conveyor system so that drilled Ore can be sent straight to cargo container?

  19. Alpha372 Trainee Engineer

    haven't tested weapons yet ....but i have a mining ship with 4 drills and a medium container connected.....

    YES the medium container is used to store ore!

    and YES you can connect a "Connector" to it to drop off the ore into the "collector" of your bigger Industry ship or station .....where it will be automatically refined ....(if a refinery is connected via conveyors/conveyor tubes to the collector.)

    Assemblers work for me ...they just pull directly out of the refinery ...if connected
  20. Dan2D3D Moderator

    Yes for Drill to conveyor to container and empty with connector. but for weapons I don't no I will test it.
  21. vinnieboJ Trainee Engineer

    lookin awesome indeed! but i have an issue i would like to adress. when i build a large ship and hit an certain number of blocks i get some kind of red lining portruding from the blocks at corners and such. and i am talking about a big large ship, more then 70 blocks long and about 15 to 20 blocks wide and height. and at least 2 blocks of heavy armour as an outer shell. any ideas about why that happens and are there more players that have this issue?
  22. Fidel Battista Apprentice Engineer

    yes, gattlings get filled automatically :rof:
  23. marek_rosa Developer Staff


    it's the same music we had in Miner Wars 2081. The sound track is still available to purchase on our web site: http://www.minerwars.com/Store/Index.aspx

    Should be available on iTunes as well. Or as part of MW2081 purchase.

  24. Jan5366x Trainee Engineer

    The Logic is very nice ... its auto manage a lot .. like bring uran into reactors .. "split it to all reactors" etc etc ... it works all great :)
  25. erdrik Apprentice Engineer

    Just a shot in the dark question, but do you have more than one assembler on that platform?
  26. AdventuringRobot Trainee Engineer

  27. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer

    On that platform, I did.

    I've just done a quick test, and having more than one assembler causes the ingots to show in the inventory, but not register in the contruction items list. Once I'd removed the original assembler and refinery (the map was "Platform", fwiw), the assembler worked as expected.

    However, that was only with the connector/collector setup. If I reverted the assembler back to a more direct connection (conveyor tube or block), the bug was there again.

    Thanks for the prod in the right direction, "erdrik". :)
  28. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer

    I know I've been vocal in this thread, regarding assembler and refinery issues, but I've just rigged my base up with a conveyor system, and it's bloody brilliant. I just park my miner over a collector block, and open the connector... the conveyors do the rest... from mining ship to refinery, effectively.

    Many thanks, dev team. This is a very welcome update. :)
  29. KarlGrim Trainee Engineer

    So I'm hoping I'm not alone in this or someone knows what to do but.

    Right after this patch, I can't load my main save nor the backup of the save that I had kept for emergencies like this.
    It just stays loading infinitely and goes nowhere ... doesn't crash or freeze just loads infinitely and I have to ctrl-alt-del to close the game.

    I tried loading some of my other saves and they work just fine. So I'm suspicious that it has something to do with the conveyors and the like because the worlds that wont load have refineries/conveyors in them.
    The ones that load, do not.

    All of them are in creative mode.

    Any help? Advice? What am I doing wrong? Would be a shame to lose my 5 months of construction like this. Hoping a hotfix might magically fix it ... but for now, yeah.
    Would removing the said items from the gameworld via text-editing work? Is that even possible, if so, how would I do that.
    Any help at all would be grand.

    P.s. ... I feel kinda odd, because I love this game so much yet my first post on the forums has to be reporting an issue. I'll balance this out by saying this game has been amazingly fun ever since I bought it on Steam the day it was put up there. In all that time I've only had one single crash until this point now with my current issue. Keep up the amazing work.
  30. erdrik Apprentice Engineer

    Oh! Actually thats becuase the production panel lists all assemblers on the ship.
    There should be a pulldown selection on the upper left side of the UI where you can select which assembler your dealing with.

    ;) It caught me too when I first tried multiple assemblers.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.