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Update 01.035 - Transmit electricity through rotors, new world settings

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Jun 19, 2014.

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  1. Kratze Apprentice Engineer

    Nice work guys.
  2. ATalkingRock Apprentice Engineer

  3. DemonFiren Apprentice Engineer

    Either a mod, a hoax or hidden content.
  4. ATalkingRock Apprentice Engineer

    Also it would be nice to be able to attach a rotor by two sides so like a foot can have two hinges for support. Just bothers my ocd
  5. Thaecor Trainee Engineer

    With some creativity, in some cases you can manage this with merge blocks. Highly depends on what you're trying to make though.
  6. ATalkingRock Apprentice Engineer

    I'm making a hangar door which opens vertically. The hinge is on the top so it basically opens like a doggie door. Everytime I attempted to use merge blocks the rotor would break
  7. DuneD Junior Engineer

    Hidden content, totally working as a seat without ship movement control.
  8. DemonFiren Apprentice Engineer

    [citation needed]
  9. AdventuringRobot Trainee Engineer

    Woop! no more respawn ship armadas!
  10. ViperMan Junior Engineer

    *blink blink*...
  11. vmrob Apprentice Engineer


    I really hope you've obsoleted my tool.
  12. Andon Senior Engineer

    Not sure if it's mentioned or if anyone noticed, but cargo containers and cockpits all appear in the Control Panel now too.
  13. swehunter2000 Trainee Engineer

    The next patch should focus on bug fixes.
    and for some other patch: The possibility to scroll click to select the block you are looking at to build with that block.
  14. Legion40k Trainee Engineer

    hrrrrm seems rotors get upset when merging them after patch =[


    no longer works =[

    on the plus side less complicated setups work beautifully without landing gear now you can effectively stabilize them to perfection
  15. DuneD Junior Engineer

    Rocket launchers are appearing in the control panel too, and you can turn them on and off. Seems every element of the ship but medical rooms are listed in the contron panel. I consider this some major change that should had have more attention.
  16. salvaribeiro Apprentice Engineer

    This update is awesome. It's a small thing that completly changes the game. It adds so many possibilities. Keep up the good work KSH. Thanks a lot.
  17. Disposadwarf Apprentice Engineer

    AWESOME. love you guys. so no vectoring thrusters (thrusters through rotor) but still awesome. that center of mass also Really helps with some designs. was really hard to figure out the hard way.
  18. Luthman2 Trainee Engineer

    Anyone else lacking sound effects since this update or the previous? I am ONLY able to hear the jetpack and thruster sound effects. Whats going on? :(
  19. cwsoots Trainee Engineer


    Rotors transferring energy and control is awesome, but without thruster control we still can't control vectoring engines from the cockpit.

    Maybe next Thursday...? Thanks for another cool update!
  20. darkrage000 Trainee Engineer

    new issues in update.

    1.) Respawn ship doesnt despawn on game save reload.

    2.) Drill sounds are no longer working right. drill starts up and sound is fine. As you move, the sound fades as you while you drill forwards, almost as if the sound is being generated where you first started drilling.

    3.) Newly built cockpits (all 3) and newly built medical repspan machines will not heal or replenish energy until reload game.
    premade/game made of the above work fine.
    run new instance of Red Crashed Ship (which generates a world fine now BTW).
    cockpit of Red ship works fine.
    die and get respawn ship and the cockpit and med bay work fine.

    Make a platform with reactor and cockpit, no energy will be replenished by cockpit (cockpit also doesnt show energy time remaining or energy use, but shows/lists reactors, cockpit, grave gen, etc just fine).
    build medical respawn machine and it does nothing.

    reload game/save they work fine

    4.) Fall damage seems to be random. Fall from 2 blocks will take a random amount of damage, or kill you outright. Doesnt seem to be any pattern here. Inventory empty all times. Fall from 3 blocks acts the same as from 2. havent tried 4 and above
  21. Raisu Trainee Engineer

    This bug was somewhat fixed in 1.035 just as an FYI.

    You're able to switch to all toolbar slots, rather than the first 4 or w/e and you're able to use items properly.

    The only problem iv run into at this time with the toolbar is that you must manually switch using the 0-9 keys to the slot prior to right clicking the item. It will not go to the first empty slot if one is available like it used to. Though, this is a very...unbelievably minor error.

    So far, the server i play on runs better on the 1.032 / 1.034 netcode (1.033 attempted to introduce new netcode which was reverted in 1.034)
  22. SilentSymphony Apprentice Engineer

    Guess my mergers aren't getting fixed for a while then, guess im forced to mod my client just to build
  23. yaktam Trainee Engineer


    Very nice update with power through rotors :)

    Have some trouble with these rotor orders and numers in the list
    when im making some fair fun rides with lots of rotors and spinning carts :crazy:

    they all bit messed up now and doesnt help im color blind :(
  24. jtgibson Trainee Engineer

    Keensoft post a netcode update which they think would improve things, but it turns out to be unstable, so they remove it again with a very clear promise that they're continuing to work on it. However, it takes Keensoft more than one week, so the next week (now) they release some incremental content just to keep things interesting. In response to this, people go absolutely ballistic, screaming about how the lack of functional netcode is a capital sin.

    Honestly, it boggles the mind just thinking about it.
  25. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    Nice, I will have to see if I can exploit this new behavior on my auto aligning solar array project to reduce the overall cost.

  26. Buzzed Bear Apprentice Engineer


    I was thinking the same thing. I am greatly amused by the fact that some people here actually think they have a RIGHT TO DEMAND what should and should not be. It's down right hilarious.

    I am grateful for the update. Thank you. I appreciate the weekly increments, rather than waiting a month or more for a larger update.
  27. MegaMiner Junior Engineer


    LEGO's were one of my favorite toys, as I bet is the case with every other real world engineer.
  28. Virakotxa Apprentice Engineer

    Awesome update!

    Any chance rotors could be made copy-pastable? Since they are now part of the ship, and all...
  29. ablativepotato Trainee Engineer

    Can't control weapons nor tools (welder, grinder, drill) *through keybinds* on the other side of the rotor, either. So it seems like it *only* connects *electrically* without control signals. Oh well, no twirling weapons of death for me, yet... nor at least S-Foil-like arrangements ala X-Wing, B-Wing, or hide-yo-cyber-weed-space-police (Rock 'n' Raptor) fighters. That's okay; knowing me, I'll just chaingun-saw circular rings (along with critical components) off my ship due to my tendency to misplace these things. :p

    I, too, was hoping for vector thrust, but it kind of doesn't seem like it would work according to their original design intention that requires the orientation of the cockpit to determine which keybind maps to which thruster. (I saw it in one of their past update videos.) It still looks like rotors still consider connected objects on either side to be separate ships. Under those design specifications, I imagine figuring out such an implementation would NOT be trivial.

    ...and yup, landing gears on the other side of rotors aren't triggered by the keybind, either. I guess my hopes for grappling claws will have to wait, too. But wait, they *did* implement auto-lock AND breaking force. Hmmm...

    I enjoy the spike of excitement I get from reading the weekly news during a lull in my work day. While nice, I realize these weekly updates are actually not huge, but *that's okay* because that also means they're not too extreme such that I can imagine bigger updates still receiving some bandwidth in the background. I imagine overhauling netcode, implementing something major like faction discrimination/capacity management, cross-rotor/multi-ship-copy-and-paste, etc., might take significantly longer--perhaps even several months--because they touch central infrastructure. But I think KSH's past genius will continue to shine through once they do manage to roll something out. Players are even picking up that these minor releases inch their way closer to something bigger, which I find amazing. Complainers are simply succumbing to the addiction of getting spoon-fed every week. (It's strong; I feel the pull, too.) This just reminds me of an old skit back in scouting: "patience, jackass, patience" (http://usscouts.org/stories/j_jack.asp).
  30. Laurent Darabi Apprentice Engineer

    I was waiting for this rotor update for a month ! and the center of mass indicator now allow me to build warp engines easily ! thank you for this update and see you in space ! :thumb:
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.