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Update 01.039 – Batteries, Antenna Communication, Copy/Paste into Grid, Additional World Settings

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Battery block and new power cell component have been added into the game. Communication relay makes now possible for signal to travel through multiple friendly Antennas; enemy signals that reach one antenna are relayed to all friendly players within your antenna network.You can merge ships while pasting in creative mode and we also added client-side saving and permanent death as a world options.

    Note: We are still working on new player communication system, it should be added in the future updates

    - battery block for small and large grids
    - solar panels are now little cheaper and much more efficient
    - communications relay (signal can travel through multiple antennas; you can receive a signal from any distance, broadcasting can be limited by player or by power of the antenna)
    - small ship antenna has now max. range of 5000 m
    - copy-paste into existing ships
    - new world setting: enable/disable client-side saving
    - new world setting: permanent death can be turned off (client still owns his stuff after respawning in the rescue ship)
    - pressing 'K' can be now used for looting character
    - added antenna to prefab ships

    - improved network performance when removing larger amount of blocks at once
    - fixed crash when creating faction
    - fixed crash when leaving faction
    - fixed mission join request icon
    - fixed turret attacking its own ship
    - fixed issues with respawn
    - fixed turrets fire at ships in junk yard
    - fixed inventory listing as same for all containers
    - fixed 1x1 wheel falls off after loading a save
    - fixed antenna/beacons too power hungry
    - fixed passenger seat alignment
    - fixed death loops when spawning in tight places
    - fixed no 3rd person view for rescue ship
    - fixed player tag not showing properly when joining dedicated server
    - fixed ownership not remembered by dedicated server after logout
    - fixed memory leaks when app was minimized
    - fixed spectator mode when loading workshop world
    - fixed spotlight symmetry

    EDIT 07/18/2014:

    Update 01.039.011
    - fixed terminal crash
    - fixed crash when joining game
    - fixed crash in assembler
    - fixed crash when building
    - fixed crash in character when shooting and when unloading scene
    - fixed issue when character in spawn ship could not control ship
  2. Xocliw Public Relations Staff

    Mmmm yummy look at this update....


    This is going to make a lot of people happy....(yes the rabbit and the update ;)).
  3. BiggLou55 Apprentice Engineer

  4. Mortisfire Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you, Keen overlords.
  5. Randomness Apprentice Engineer

  6. xMoneyShadow Apprentice Engineer

    optimization pls
  7. Kryjeck Apprentice Engineer

  8. Odious T Apprentice Engineer

    <3 this update. The energy consumption meter for the new antennae system was essential and i can't wait to get in and mess around with the new batteries :D
    Thanks, Keen.
  9. Octavious Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for all your hard work Keen!
  10. Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    So pistons are going to be next week?

    Oh well, nice update indeed :)
  11. THE_VB Junior Engineer

    what about cargo ships' invulnerability?
    Is it fixed?
  12. Ramsey86 Trainee Engineer


    (And netcode)

    Batteries look pretty cool
  13. Balmung Senior Engineer

    Nice Update, now I need to modify a lot of my small Ships. ^^
  14. Ravenal Apprentice Engineer

    I think I ship my suit. Damn it...
  15. transistor77777 Apprentice Engineer

    I thought there would be pistons, but this is still a great update as always!
  16. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    I guess we've been piston whipped.

    Copypasting on ships sounds good. It'll make equipping my projects with Escape Pods sooo much easier in the future. All that welding to fix accidental bumps...
  17. David Eastwick Trainee Engineer

    some interesting mechanics, i can see that when the game goes fully multiplayer (beyond the kind of deathmatch we have now) it should be very cool, having detection stalites orbiting the planets near you to help make up a detection grid etc :)
  18. Arc Trainee Engineer

    any chance to get commands from cockpit through rotors ? (i mean, wheels, thrusters and so on)
  19. L333z Trainee Engineer


    I agree, it's fantastic how much the developers are listening to gamers adding loads of new features every week but over and over again loads of people need optimisation. The extra features are useless if the game lags too much to play.

    I'm sure the reason is it's quite complicated to sort out and that takes time but I can wait. If you're working on it already let us know please
  20. Bandeen Trainee Engineer

    Batteries... chuffing awesomeness!!!!! :D Also like the idea of an enemy detection grid, much coolness!

    Great work folks cant wait too see what designs this can use!

    Keep it up :)
  21. gazeebo Apprentice Engineer

    Pretty cool thing about the antennas.
  22. Technomage Trainee Engineer

    Can we get some new weapons next? How about new netcode? Please enough with the low hanging fruit updates or gimmick of the week.
    Batteries, steerable wheels and all are cool but the past four updates have not been very interesting. I'm sure I'll get some Fark You replies for this but hey my group and I like to build stuff and fight. The netcode makes that hard to do and the lack of new weapons uninteresting. The gattling turrets on my ships still shoot my missiles down and on servers can't seem to hit the broadside of a barn.
  23. John_Adams Apprentice Engineer

    Great update!
    I've been preparing for batteries all week long :cool:
  24. AtlantisThief Apprentice Engineer

    When enemy broadcast range is very low, player won't notice the enemy until he is very close. :confused:
  25. Bandeen Trainee Engineer

    They said optimization is in the works, but its a huge update and isnt like they alter a few lines of code and boom its sorted, alot of it will need reworked.

    Untill such a time that optimization comes out, I like new blocks and tit-bits :)
  26. Don Leo Trainee Engineer

    Hoping this is fixed o.o
  27. Ericius11 Apprentice Engineer

    I'd hardly call batteries a "low-hanging fruit." They're going to have a major [positive] impact on how I design my ships. And it sounds like pistons might be next week. Come on... give credit where credit is due. This is a great addition to the game as far as I'm concerned.
  28. roguelycan Apprentice Engineer

    Damn, was looking forward to the pistons but looks like they got bumped. Would have been a double whammy because batteries and pistons were 2 crucial parts to upgrade my new weapon systems I have been building this week. Batteries will fix my ammo problem since shells longer needed a reactor to power the AMB but pistons were going to allow me to really condense my current design down in size. Oh well, still a good update.

    In case anyones curious heres my 2 designs

    http://imgur.com/a/63pkz Broadside rocket launcher
    http://imgur.com/a/MdyiM Broadside rapid fire cannon
  29. extraammo Senior Engineer

    I'm disappointed that batteries don't have a way to auto recharge. If I can't use it for a buffer, it is no good as a passive backup measure or for better power system design. If batteries stay manually controlled then we should have some super capacitors as well. Of course we could mimic super capacitors with scripting but that is way down the road.
    Not saying batteries are useless right now but I was hoping to make a lot of designs that relied on passive charging and discharging.
  30. laminblake Trainee Engineer

    No more Client side saving.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.