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Update 01.039 – Batteries, Antenna Communication, Copy/Paste into Grid, Additional World Settings

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. vasvadum Apprentice Engineer

    Incorrect about space. You have to be closer to the sun for this. I've already done the math as well and I linked it once on this page even.

    Keen wants this game to be "60 years in the future". Not 2000 years in the future. So other stars are irreverent. This is at asteroid belt range, which is abut 2-5 AU away from the sun, earth is 1AU away. We simply will not and can not have 100% efficient solar panels within 60 years. The best we can get is singlet fission and that'll boost current by 30%. Even at 100% efficient, distance from the star is the issue, and at earth range, these values are impossible. 2.5 more AU away for 3.5AU, that is a huge nope.
  2. jamie12 Trainee Engineer

    programming for buttons in control panel
    buttons can be but on blocks and programming the buttons to other stuff
    and will can setup a key to the buttons set up what you need in the control panel
    and set up to the buttons programming for the buttons in the control panel.
  3. Volfram Senior Engineer

    You want the Suggestions forum.
  4. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    sure you can move the batteries around, with merge blocks and connectors, if you use solar panels to charge the batteries you are saving 100% uranium at the cost of 20% of the energy (you get for free after you complete the solar panels) that energy you would have wasted with out batteries to store it in unless you were always using all of it for something. This is the first iteration of the batteries, they will be changed just like the connectors were, and the rotors and numerous other features that were not fully implemented when we got them
  5. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    let's not fret about the super realism, cause then we must question the realism of a nuclear reactor that is 0.5m on all sides generating 100kw of power or the likelihood of asteroids being so close together naturally with so much uranium in them... Let's just remember that all this is while realism driven, is also a game, and everything is adjusted to enhance the gameplay, SE is not a simulator after all
  6. joebopie Apprentice Engineer

    WOW a discution about batteries the updates are getting so bullshit. this game is just going to end up full of usless buggy crap with low fps.

    YAY. i realy hope the devs mannage to not be as crap as they seem atm. i supose i should have looked at what happened with miner wars before i potentialy (likely looking) wasted £15.
  7. Wizlawz Master Engineer


    well.... i am not exactly sure how to say this in the right way or even if it will be correct and i know we all hate hearing "it's an ALPHA" because we KNOW it is but:

    back in the day when i was a kid i use to go to the mall arcades and spend all my allowance just for a few second / minutes to play the arcade games..... those games paved the way for atari 2600 / commodore 64 / etc and so on.

    those arcades made alot of money, then the consoles came out and they made alot of money. until the PC came out and those games made alot of money, and then one day we had the internet and online game play and those games make alot of money.

    some online games are just to make money for research and development of other games if not all i really don't know just guessing because it's business as usual.

    and i am not tying to debunk KEEN or SE but always keep in mind that there is the possibility that this game is only a business model for the next advancement for their next game and that this game could be dropped at any time by the Devs.

    so never put your full heart into a game that way it will not be broken when that sad day comes.

    business is business and making money is what it's all about...cut-throat or not....this you know.

    so you get these little things to string you along whether it be good or bad....beings this is not a subscription game these weekly updates are perfect for word of mouth advertisement: IE:

    hey come check out SE!! the community is great! the Devs REALLY Listen! we get updates weekly!

    i know it may be hard to swallow and i am not saying that is EXACTLY the way it is but just keep in mind it is a possibility.

    i mean hell...it's what i would do if i were a Developer
  8. shuao23 Trainee Engineer

    To people who are not fond of battery manual control, I think this will be fixed later on with programmable blocks...
  9. ilus1v Trainee Engineer

    just HANGIN out for these programmable blocks now.
    Seriously over all the optimization QQ but i guess its inevitable.... suck it up princess! its an ALPHA game that goes for all aspects of the game, maybe try making some "useful" input for a change
  10. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Why do we need solar panels? Reactors work fine.
    Why do we need gyros? Keen could have allowed thrusters to be used for attitude control.
    Why do we need windows? Just leave the space open, or don't put a roof on.
    Why do we need interior lights? Just use your suit light.
    Why do we need heavy armor? Just double or triple up light armor.

    Right tool for the right job, man. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

    Thank you. I've mentioned that before myself.
    Some decisions have to be made based on gameplay reasons, not realism.

    I can't wait for those. So many possibilities. I know it's not easy for them to do though.
  11. Liath_WW Trainee Engineer

    The only real 'complaint' about batteries is that I do not understand why they can't be charged and automatically discharge on their own when a power source is not available or draw is higher than production.

    IRL, batteries both accept and transmit power without any 'switching' necessary. For instance, a car battery -- when you turn on the car it is mainly from the battery, but once the car is running, the battery is charged from the over-output from the alternator. Same thing with solar systems in use in homes.

    I'm guessing that this is due to how SE handles power transmission and such, but if possible I would like to see this worked on so that batteries can remain 'on' and both accept charge/release charge when needed without user input. Perhaps keeping the settings for manually stopping/starting batteries wouldn't be a bad idea either -- so people can keep something similar to a backup battery supply for emergencies.
  12. Draygo Senior Engineer

    Apparently liath the fix for that is coming tomorrow (speculation)
  13. Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    Possible things that could be in the update:

    - The pistons ( that we thought it would've been implanted previous week
    - Huge fixes for multiplayer and singleplayer
    - Clean up fixes, fixing several bugs and stuff

    If it's not pistons, than there could be a possibilty for programmable blocks, but I think that will take some time before they publish that since that it one of the hardest parts to do.
  14. Vgr Trainee Engineer

    Pistons, rails maybe. Fixes and a bit of optimization perhaps. I don't mind what they add, because I know that regardless I'm going to enjoy the game and I love the fact the developers listen a lot to the players, makes me happy no matter what. Keep up the good work Keen.
  15. Mortisfire Apprentice Engineer

    Can we start the F5 party yet?
  16. MSI Junior Engineer

    I already have begun.....! Hopefully their server doesn't shutdown to prevent an accidental DDOS overheat by us impatient tarts hahaha
  17. Martinineter Senior Engineer

    Already on it!
  18. Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    You can do the F5 party already, but it will take another 2 hours I guess :p
    Previous time it took them even till 7 pm, that's 3 hours from now :p

    Have fun though
  19. MSI Junior Engineer

  20. Koku Ryu Trainee Engineer

    Wow, I'm glad I don't live there. It's 10 AM now, even if they release it in 3 hours, I get all day to play with it.
  21. Sapphiro Trainee Engineer

    Even if it's released at 7pm there will be a looooooooong night to play...... :)
  22. Randomness Apprentice Engineer

    Don't forget me :)
  23. kopd Trainee Engineer

    This is exactly what RSS is for. ;)
  24. Ericius11 Apprentice Engineer

    Not to get everyone's hopes up again, but I'm pretty sure we're going to get pistons today!!
  25. Randomness Apprentice Engineer

    I would already have like 5 cases in my SP worlds where I would love to have those :D
  26. Leif_The_Head Apprentice Engineer

    Didn't realize that I am logged in here already...

    Anyway have fun playing your F5 game, I have a real life to attend for the next 5 hours, I hope Keen has the update released by then ^^
  27. Randomness Apprentice Engineer

    Cheers. If they don't release it by then, this thread will go mad once more
  28. Labir Trainee Engineer

    Steam is down.

    "An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.142c1ab8.1406216121.351dc89a".

    Maybe no update today?
  29. Auhrii Apprentice Engineer

    All aboard the hype/F5 train!
  30. Grimxxmastr Apprentice Engineer

    off to work..... next 10 hours. yay. someone F5 for me
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.