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Update 01.060 – Sound block, New skybox, Bugfixing #7

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    And thankfully KSH has ignored the asking and begging, because they are not Microsoft and what they are doing has to be spectacularly complex. You would know this having produced so many games of your own.


    And I urge KSH to belay that urge. For the vast majority of people that just play the game with the understanding that it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, finished, we are pleased that we are able to play it as is and are willing to weather an occasional bug since we all know they are aware of it and will fix it if they want to sell a retail version of the game.
  2. Dranzer Trainee Engineer

    Look, i think being a frustrated player/tester is a valid point and this is probably one of the best was for keen to keep pumping out weekly updates even if they do regularly break the game for some players (most notably DS servers recently).
    But to be honest that is fine, that how all the bugs get found.

    What i do not get, and never have understood is why they don't have a roll back feature for our clients and DS, i'm fairly sure that isn't a hard thing to implement and would save a lot of space on the forums filled with peoples complaints.
    Previously it has been mentioned that this would cut the amount of people playing the new patch and hamper the efforts in finding all the bugs.

    I however think that for the people who enjoy playing the game and in particular like playing it in survival (dedicated server or not) would probably not play after they discover for example they cant play on their regular server or all the effort they put in that week dissipeared (not because of pirates just because of a glitch).

    Far easier to just allow servers and clients to rollback to the previous stable hotfixed patch rather than lose 2 days over the weekend, a time when most people can play. Heck i remember a couple weeks the patch messed up servers *cough* assemblers *cough* *cough*

    in the end it isnt that big a deal, people who enjoy the game will play it regardless. they have stuck through the crap so far i think they will keep coming back :woot:,
    i know i have
  3. Dranzer Trainee Engineer

    i should add, that people will keep coming back because in the end people enjoy making stuff (SCIENCE!) and love that KEEN actually listen to the community when adding content. People will keep coming back because they are excited to see what the game will become. And to be honest, i think they have done a fairly good job making space engineers cater to a vast array of people opinions and what they want out of the game, with all their game modes there is something for everyone.
  4. JoshB Trainee Engineer

    After loading a world with absolutely no mods I can play again no problems... hopefully.
  5. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Yep, great update and like others here, I really like the new skybox, simple/plain, much better.

    Nice work Keen dev's.
  6. DivineWrath Junior Engineer

    I did some fiddling around with the most recent patch. I mainly played with the assemblers. This is what I found.

    The fix for master and coop assemblers. The coop assemblers no longer steal/reset the thing that the master assembler is currently building. They will nab their own item to work on if there is any excess in the current group. This will save a little bit of power and help things get done a little bit faster. Still, it would be helpful if the coop assemblers could start building things beyond the group that is being worked on. 9 coop assemblers should not be waiting for the master assembler to finish 1 construction component before moving on to a 100 steel plates.

    I got around to testing the changes to the disassemble feature that were made in a previous patch. A number of things, like bugs and stuff, have given me a bunch of free parts. Given the effort needed to organize all my parts so I can save energy by using up existing stock, I've opted to instead to disassemble them all and start over. In playing with the disassemble features, I've found that it now works like a reverse assembler. Instead of selecting blocks I want on my ships and the assembler queues up the required parts to build them, the assembler can use block selections and queue up the required parts and disassemble them. It will draw in the required parts automatically. Likewise, you can queue parts (like 100 computer parts), and it will nab them and start to disassemble them. However, if you run out of part to disassemble, then the system will stop much like it would if you ran out of materials to assemble stuff. For instance, if you were trying to disassemble a large ship solar panel and you ran out of steel plates, then the process will halt and will not continue to disassemble even if you had other items in the queue that you could disassemble.
  7. wd56 Apprentice Engineer

    Hi Guys

    This game is awesome!

    My game keeps crashing because of the new update, is anyone else having this issue?
  8. Xandalis Trainee Engineer

    Question: Anyone know what "Alert 3" says? I have no clue, as it sounds too garbled to my ear.
  9. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    fixed annoying obscuring control panel....oh wait
  10. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    Just to clarify a couple of points people have been making over and over again.

    1) There IS a Dedicated Server set up for the CTG to test on.

    2) The CTG members do test to the extent of the abilities possible. The dev build is typically available anywhere from the Monday as late as the Wednesday of the week it's too be released. Often times the CTG doesn't even have a complete bug fix list because they are fixing things up until the last moment possible.

    Hopefully now ya'll will understand that the CTG does try to catch as many bugs and test as many fixes and new features as possible.
  11. Dequire Apprentice Engineer

    The mass of bugfixes are a really good idea, but do you guys have any idea as to when we'll get back to the normal updates with big content?
  12. wd56 Apprentice Engineer

    I have the same issue on multiplayer
  13. Shadoweye Trainee Engineer

    After this update... my main world crash on start [its Loading world ... and before save load.... hole game crash [i send a report useind the tool that show after crash]
    I lost 2 save like that.... 2 latest on which i had more then 60 h of survival ;/
  14. Kuu Lightwing Senior Engineer

    It seems like the next update would be a really big one...
  15. leewells2000 Apprentice Engineer

    We are early access players -- not alpha testers. If we were alpha testers everyone here would be a lot happier as we would be expecting a check from the developers for testing their software and braving through their bugs. We would also be 'expected' (usually by commission and quota as I used to be an alpha tester) to find bugs and not just play the game. What you're suggesting is that Keen Software are dirt-bags using a form of slave labor where the laborers must pay to work for the employer.
    See above.
    You can already through steam using the beta's checkbox under the game properties as you can with many other EA games. But I am curious to your reasoning. Are you still under some delusion that you are a paid tester? Do you not remember paying them? You know what the difference between early access and Pre-Ordering is? One you have to wait for the content to complete. The other you get to play as soon as you order regardless of content completeness. That is the ONLY difference

    This is not true. A bug that took 5 minutes to put into a game takes just as long to take back out. We call this blaming and reverting a revision. If a version is so ate up that it is "unplayable", generally the responsible thing is to remove that version (yes downgrade everyone), and stay on bug-fixing, optimization, and documentation (of the source code), until you are confident that another "unplayable" episode is more than months down the road.

    For what I originally came here for...

    Dedicated servers are now loading asteroids properly since the last patch, but those of us copying and pasting blueprints of our creations in survival from the last version to give our players a little since of persistence in the world are unable to do so. Other players are also claiming they cannot place blocks at all. As in another words, in multi-player this game is a giant snow globe, because you can't do anything but watch the new asteroids.
  16. leewells2000 Apprentice Engineer

    And hopefully it is followed by a really big optimization run. As it stands, the community I run with gamers with high-end gaming rigs all play this game in the ballpark of 0.2 - 0.4 simulation speeds. It also slows down with each patch. .5-.6 is barely playable, we haven't had any fun at all over the past week playing at .2 - .4. If this game looses the interest of high-end gamers, being they are a very particular crew, they likely won't ever be back to support the game. In short, if you make them feel like they have been abandoned, they will abandon you for something they don't feel so abandoned on. We've all been abused by many of developers over the years in that aspect and have a certain intuition when developers become resentful of their "elite" gamers.
    TL;DR - The higher end your system is, the slower this game runs.
    A FX 8150 black edition overclocked to 5.0 Ghz, 16 Gb 2800Mhz ram, SSD in raid striping format (you can't get faster hdd performance) with a crosshair v formula Mainboard and 3 GTX 780 (EVGA SuperClocked and corsair as1200 psu). Again, TL;DR this system gets over 60 frames per second, but a time dilation of only 0.18 in our multi-player map with a few pistons and large ships. Anyone with anything but a fossilized intel chip gets a perfect 1.00 simulation speed. Even some of the higher end Intel chips (the new i7 8 core) gets the same performance as my AMD. This means players and PCs shoot 20% faster than I do, they move and accelerate 20% faster than I do.
  17. Cobra Apprentice Engineer

    Nice specs you got there.

    Me myself am getting only 20FPS too in my base (see signature for my specs). And we don't have a lot of stuff laying around in the base.
    I am able to run BF4 @ultra and 1200p with 80-100FPS. I don't see how SE should only get 20 from it.

    I have read in the forums, that poeple have noticed that when creating a new world they have far less performance issues. Maybe I will have to setup my world new and copy the stuff over from the old save and check if it gets any faster

    Also we have checked if the lights have any influence on the FPS. We turned the reactor off and with it all lights went off. Still only 20FPS...
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 12, 2014
  18. Kobura Trainee Engineer

    This is amazing both in potential and capacity for understanding through the effort in your report.

    Post of the year material. Thank you!!
  19. VideoGarver Trainee Engineer

    This IS the testing process. Everyone seems to be forgetting that we're seeing behind the veil here. Back in the day we wouldn't have heard about this game for another few years, even.

    It's ridiculous and disrespectful to opt into an early access process and then complain about it. They are making an amazing game. Let them work, for God sake.
  20. Titus Veridius Trainee Engineer

    I empathize with the plight of people who enjoy this game and find the current gameplay frustrating at best. I no longer play survival (after playing it too much, for several months), waiting for the effort/frustration/ragequit/fun equation to change. Being a reasonable person, I am able to make changes to my habits that jive with the fact that is an alpha game and temper that frustration, barely.

    However, at the top of my complaint list is not that the game gets optimized for people with expensive rigs. That bullet point is somewhere at the bottom near "Assembler operation linked to my office chair's centrally located vibrator". The way you talk about abuse and throw in the word "elite" even if it's in quotation marks for purposes of half-joking makes you sound like a brat (forum telling me I can't say c**t)

    As "elite" gamers should be aware, you occupy a hardware percentile with a very narrow band at the end of the "not getting laid, spent money on computer" bell curve, of probably a similar % to people who are trying to run the game with an E-machine and integrated graphics. In every alpha game, optimizing the game to run even equally as good as the average i5/$100 gpu user is and should be of the same equally low priority as the very low end.

    If you and your kin feel abandoned in every game you play its probably because you are sinking money into the equivalent of a sports car, of which you will never get an equivalent level of road performance out of, nor get your money back when you sell it, complaining about your plight as speeding tickets pile up.

    Maybe you are feeling abandoned because you've intentionally put yourself into a smaller demographic that will logically not get serviced first. You obviously recognize that you have done this, because you appear to be an intelligent person. So I don't understand how you typed out your plight of the repressed "elite" gamers appeal and didn't immediately delete it.
  21. joemorin73 Junior Engineer

    Latest update is out. (.22) Does it address the DS issues with the asteroids?
  22. druppi Apprentice Engineer

    and what is with:

    - fixed crash when welding/grinding ?
  23. xphoenixxx Junior Engineer

    Did you also fix the "grinding a block causes the game to lock playing a grinding sound loop" bug?
    Check steam bug forum for space engineers for various reports and scenarios
  24. joemorin73 Junior Engineer

    I've marked a new issue in the forum. No player can connect to my server now.
  25. xelcho Trainee Engineer

    I want to post a shout out to Keen developers etc. We, a group of real licensed engineers :), have been playing for only a few days before the anti-asteroid update and love the game. We want to send our kudos out to you for fixing that bug the same day, very cool, and a first that we have seen.

  26. rogeriocamorim Apprentice Engineer

    ... fix 1 think broke 2000 more...
    Will not update yet.
    Did the players update the game?
  27. Bear McGruff Trainee Engineer

    Did this hotfix address the issue where the game freezes when you are grinding down a ship for parts?
  28. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    Midspace has informed us that the SE Toolbox is on it's last legs. Mainly because Keen keeps changing things that make keeping SET up to date difficult.

    This last patch has put the kibosh on using SET to edit asteroids, as they have a new VX2 version she can't decode.

    We may be soon losing our ability to edit the games any more.
  29. rogeriocamorim Apprentice Engineer

    And what is the relevance of this subject on this part of the forum?

    DS update, and more tham 1 player can connect, so the problem report by joemorin73 not happening with me;
  30. remuz Trainee Engineer

    Hi, tried to search this thread, but no help.
    Basically: i bought the game v058. In that version : when i started the new game (survival), there was plenty of resources around : had no problems finding uranium, cobalt, platinum etc. from the first big asteroid i approached.
    After 060 update: nothing. Basically: even the big asteroids are made up basically from stone and iron ore, nothing else. Every game i start goes as follows : i search every big and little asteroid inside out for uranium. Nothing. 50 minutes later: ship runs out of fuel, i die. Rinse, repeat. There are few asteroids that have third type of mineral (like gold, magnesium, cobalt but thats it) but no Uranium. Basically : only way to get fuel is to raid some armed summoned ship and steal its uranium... Move that as a successrate around... 0%.
    Deleted the game, reinstalled through steam, but no help. Am i missing some settings or slider somewhere to adjust resource level?
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.