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Update 01.066 – GPS, Text panel, Mod sorting

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Jan 22, 2015.

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  1. DiFnus Trainee Engineer


    TOUGHT the same !! :) loved building beacons/antenna.. makes it very engineering
  2. Cobra Apprentice Engineer

    I agree with Dave.

    We checked the GPS mod for our survival server and came to the conclusion that since we are a hardcore survival server it would "destroy" the immersion and feel of exploration.

    Please could you at least make it so, that we have a checkbox in the settings to enable waypoints / disable them?
  3. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    wow you guys are nuts. basic navigation is essential especially in space. You're just too used to going without.
  4. Cobra Apprentice Engineer

    AutoMcD, you love to troll right??

    Let me explaing to you why I think you are a troll:
    People are able to discuss in a mature manner (besides of trolls of course). If you want your opinion to be respected and valued you also have to do the same with other people's opinion.
    Starting an argument with: "wow you guys are nuts" is definitely not a way that makes you be taken seriously by any other human being.
    If you like to play your game with GPS and waypoints, go ahead, no one is going to stop you or telling you that that way of gaming is wrong (except for other trolls of course).
    But please stop acting like idiots about the way other people like to play a game or how they enjoy it. By doing this you will only make yourself not taken seriously.
    No one is telling you that you have to play on my hardcore survival server, go find a server that suits you, there are plenty out there.
  5. McyD Apprentice Engineer


    Really? One of the first things they teach in survival classes is how to use a map and compass to find and mark your location...
  6. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    Actually I it's because I feel like you guys are the ones being rude. This is a feature we've been begging for since day one and now you guys are in here saying you don't like it. Like, can we just have some nice things please? Thanks.
  7. McyD Apprentice Engineer

    Edit: I need to read names closer.


    Nice hotfix Keen, I lost one server map to the audio bug, very glad to see it fixed. Thanks.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2015
  8. ResXaoC Trainee Engineer

    Ok. I'm using WINE and now loading any world ends with red window saying: World file is corrupted and could not be loaded.

    In log I can see only that:
    2015-01-23 22:57:09.770 - Thread:   1 ->  MyLights.LoadData() - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:09.862 - Thread:   1 ->  MyLights.LoadData() - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:09.862 - Thread:   1 ->  MyScriptManager.LoadData() - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:09.966 - Thread:   1 ->  MyScriptManager.LoadData() - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:09.966 - Thread:   1 ->  Pre-loading neutral ship spawn groups... 
    2015-01-23 22:57:09.966 - Thread:   1 ->  End pre-loading neutral ship spawn groups. 
    2015-01-23 22:57:09.967 - Thread:   1 ->  MyMissiles.LoadContent() - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.038 - Thread:   1 ->  MyMissiles.LoadContent() - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.039 - Thread:   1 ->  MyExplosions.LoadData() - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.076 - Thread:   1 ->  MyExplosions.LoadData() - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.076 - Thread:   1 ->  MySunWind.LoadData() - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.117 - Thread:   1 ->  MySunWind.LoadData() - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.117 - Thread:   1 ->  MyTransparentGeometry.LoadData - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.199 - Thread:   1 ->  Checkpoint.CameraAttachedTo: 145543058108417834 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.200 - Thread:   1 ->  CameraAttachedTo: Entity
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.204 - Thread:   1 ->  ERROR: Loading screen failed
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.205 - Thread:   1 ->  MyGuiScreenGamePlay.UnloadData - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.250 - Thread:   1 ->  MyGuiScreenGamePlay.UnloadData - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.250 - Thread:   1 ->  MyGuiScreenGamePlay.UnloadContent - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.291 - Thread:   1 ->     MyGuiScreenBase.UnloadContent - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.330 - Thread:   1 ->     MyGuiScreenBase.UnloadContent - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.588 - Thread:   1 ->  MyGuiScreenGamePlay.UnloadContent - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.588 - Thread:   1 ->  MyGuiScreenBase.UnloadContent - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.667 - Thread:   1 ->  MyGuiScreenBase.UnloadContent - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.667 - Thread:   1 ->  MySession::Unload START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.667 - Thread:   1 ->  AutoSaveInMinutes: 5 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.667 - Thread:   1 ->  MySandboxGame.IsDedicated: False 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.668 - Thread:   1 ->  MyConfig.Save() - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:10.749 - Thread:   1 ->     Path: C:\users\resx\Application Data\SpaceEngineers\SpaceEngineers.cfg 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.295 - Thread:   1 ->  MyConfig.Save() - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.295 - Thread:   1 ->  MySunWind.UnloadData - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.352 - Thread:   1 ->  MySunWind.UnloadData - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.360 - Thread:   1 ->  Unloading Procedural World Generator 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.362 - Thread:   1 ->  Network readers disposed 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.362 - Thread:   1 ->  MyDefinitionManager.LoadSounds() - START 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.393 - Thread:   1 ->     466412f0bc7b54dcb50e12609adb49d715e451df 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.398 - Thread:   1 ->     Loading Sounds 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.398 - Thread:   1 ->  MyDefinitionManager.LoadSounds() - END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.523 - Thread:   1 ->  MySession::Unload END 
    2015-01-23 22:57:13.525 - Thread:   1 ->  RunLoadingAction - END
  9. bladedpenguin Apprentice Engineer

    I'm late to the party, but good job keen on the GPS :)
  10. Morbophobie Apprentice Engineer

    +1 Another guy thinking the same...

    But to add a little to it - Station Beacons are now pretty useless - on ships they are still kind of useful.
    So I would suggest something: Make the GPS work like real GPS - so you need essentially 4 known positions to have a reference.
    So basically you would have to build 4 beacons to use the GPS and if someone moves one beacon or destroys one - your waypoints stop to work or point at the wrong position (if you move the beacon)
    That would make it more realistic, would add the engineering part again, but you don't need tons of beacons and still can hide something...

    So a waypoint is basically 4 numbers - each number is the distance to a point of reference. You now have to select the point of reference for the numbers (you can have a autofill if you use the same beacons all the time). So X1 is beacon A, X2 is beacon B, X3 is Beacon C and X4 is Beacon D.

    Simple as that. It obviously only works if you are within the range of the beacons.

    Another thing: Why don't you make beacons and antennas one module? A beacon is basically a antenna always broadcasting the time. (Time traveled * velocity of the singnal is the distance)
    So you would only see Antennas if they are broadcasting. Enemys only see the direction.
    Antennas are broadcasting...
    - if they are set to broadcast the time (as a beacon) - if you can read what the antenna is broadcasting you know the time at which it sent the signal and hence how far it is away. So if you own the antenna (shared with you) you know the distance and the direction.
    - if you use them to remote control a drone (the antenna on the drone also always broadcasts since it broadcasts a livestream of its cameras) - You can only see the direction.
    - if you use the antenna to relay something - or to broadcast a text chat. (only direction)

    Simple as that - Not everyone can read the content since it is encrypted but everyone can see the direction it is coming from.
    So for stealth you need to don't broadcast anything - and actually sit in the ship.

    Oh! got a little off-topic.
    But you really should update the communication system. How do you want it to be at the end? Global messages and GPS without detection of the origin - or a little more realistic? You said you want a realistic game - that's why I bother to write this text.

    EDIT: I probably better make a thread in the suggestion forum for it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2015
  11. DaveUnder Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you tommygunner70 for pointing out the GPS need in MP games, when you move away long distant from spawn point to get "safer" area. I see your point on that.
    Have not played MP myself jet in hostile environment.

    To those who like to name eachother in forum for a "trolling". Surely I will be on many things in different oppinion regarding gameplay with majority of players.
    But at same time I always leave others possibility to play the game the way they want.
    As well with GPS, I left everyone enough credit for having this nice feature implemented ingame for you.
    I know I should ignore any such "trolling" action in forums, but I just had to say it out, as I joined this community recently.

    So far I'm very impressed with the game in overall. Will be around for a while for sure.

  12. Smokki Trainee Engineer

    Thank you for the hotfix. Moving the model export from ctrl+e to ctrl+alt+e was a really nice move, thank you :)
  13. exor Trainee Engineer


    Like your idea with comm-system..
    have u already done a post in the suggestion part to support?
  14. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    I've had this issue with pretty much anything that uses SetValue.

    Trying to set several different properties of a light at the same time, in one script, always ends up only applying the last SetValue call only and ignoring the rest.
  15. xephyr1 Trainee Engineer

    Dont get me wrong, I appreciate the weekly updates. But these past 2 updates are pathetic, when notable coders like tyrsis and fingersniffer, who I might add code for there real jobs, say that these new updates are quite pathetic when it really takes roughly a day to code a text block and gps system. They offered you guys help on how to actually fix rotors and pistons but your response was a ban. stretching the alpha stage by releasing content that takes a day to code for a weekly update is shameful And an insult to our intelligence. As you can finally see, people are becoming fed up with these contentless updates. You guys angered most of your fanbase with the announcement of ME, stop releasing these types of updates. And release something meaningful or nothing at all.

    And to the sheeple, open your eyes. Rotors and pistons were solved by tyrsis but instead of ksh listening, they ignore him.
  16. pardusian141 Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks devs for this update. The galactic positioning system will be very useful indeed! I was thinking about finding a mod in the workshop for it.

    After having some problems with my screen recorder not working I was finally able to get an update video done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enFlo50-5Z0
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2015
  17. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    I have no idea who those are, never heard of them.

    Really? I see many people supporting ME, including me. But sure, there are a few that hate pretty much everything KSH do but still play their game(s).

    Personally, I prefer it the way it is right now. Smaller updates each week to cover work on something big. It keeps people interested in the game, while KSH get to work on bigger features (like endless worlds, seeded asteroids, etc) without people nagging them about it. At least we DO get fixes in these updates, which to me is more important at the moment.

    They don't have to do these updates, but I can tell you, if they didn't, SE wouldn't be as popular as it is right now (and still gaining as such).

    It doesn't really matter what KSH do, updates or not, people will complain about everything and anything they can.

    I have no idea who he is.
  18. xephyr1 Trainee Engineer

    If you dont know who those people are, then you havent been here long enough or keen has deleted those threads.
    BTW This is my secondary account anyway.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2015
  19. Textor Junior Engineer

    He is a modder, and is known for making the SEServerExtender mod and is conveniently not banned.
  20. xephyr1 Trainee Engineer

    Of course Tyrsis isnt banned, but him and finger work together and finger WAS banned. Keen couldnt ban Tyrsis because of the immense outrage it would cause by banning the person who made and is still working on SESE. The only mod that makes Dedicated servers actually playable.

    But here is the kicker.....WHY havent keen adopted HIS mods that make the game very playable like fixing desync, WHY havent they asked to use the code that tyrsis made to make landing gear actually work? HMMM? WHY oh god WHY did they refuse help on an actual fix for the rotors and pistons? Ask yourself that.

    finger HIMSELF even posted the code for fixing rotors and pistons on a thread, and wanna know the response keen had?

    They banned him.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2015
  21. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    Try this option: While grinding/welding, hit K or I, let go of the mouse button, then exit the menu. Wala, auto-welding/grinding that continues until you reload the game or hit the mouse button again. Works while in ships too, but will shut off if you exit said ships cockpit.
  22. Textor Junior Engineer

    Honestly, I think I'd rather hear this sort of thing from Tyrsis himself, since we already had somebody stirring the pot last night involving him. I am not a mod or admin, I do not know the circumstances in which Finger was banned. Based on the amount of people out here that seem to violate the forum rules but aren't banned, I suspect it is a bit more than finger "embarrassing" Keen. Causation and correlation aren't the same thing. He may have been banned after posting that code, but that doesn't mean it caused his ban. I would need to see the "why" before I make a judgement on that sort of thing.
  23. Morbophobie Apprentice Engineer

    I was going to post something but then I saw this:http://forums.keenswh.com/post/navgps-is-very-nice-perhaps-make-it-an-installable-block-7266096?pid=1285933808#post1285933808 So I think I shouldn't post another thread.
  24. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    I think the banning was more in line of EULA and copyright violation.

    1) Reverse engineering code without authors permission
    2) Modifying said code without authors permission
    3) Publicly posting said modified code without authors permission
    4) Compiling said modified code into executable form and publicly posting without authors permission.

    Finger may have gotten off lucky with only a banning, and not a copyright violation.

    That being said, however, we were never told the reasoning behind the banning, or what caused that reasoning.

    Egosoft did something similar to a Russian coding group that did that with one of their games. And Egosoft is also in Germany.
  25. ViperG Trainee Engineer

    Lol what? someone posted a spaceengineers.exe that was reverse engineered ? That takes some mad skill when you're dealing with 3d positions in assembly.

    hmm looks like it might be trivial with .net c sharp...

  26. Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    I have a question was KEEN themself banning this guy or a moderator because those are two completely different situations, if the mod banned him it could be for breaking some rule or something, if a developer banned him could be copyright or something like Don was saying.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2015
  27. Devlah Trainee Engineer

    Wow, really? Naysaying on the GPS? Too easy? Too cheaty? We have GPS in real life. Before that?
    There was this thing called a Sextant. I don't expect the people who are complaining to have the slightest clue what that is, so here, let me help you:

    The setting for Space Engineers is also supposed to be something like 75 years or more in the future? We have things like Google glass, smartphones with a suite of sensors that can tell how far you have moved in a given direction even without the GPS turned on. The thought that people going out into deep space wouldn't go as prepared as possible is ridiculous. If ancient seafaring navigators can tell where they are using the stars at night, I'm fairly certain a futuristic astronaut with a sophisticated life-support and flight system built into their suit will have some means of telling where they are in space.

    I'm not against having the option to turn it off. I just think your reasoning is horribly flawed.
  28. leewells2000 Apprentice Engineer

    The variable is not the issue, the issue is drama added in the physics engine. When there is a collision in this game, the game's mechanics is set to give the two objects energy as they collide. When anything in this game designed to hold another ship entity in place "locks" to that entity a collision is registered and rightfully so. But this also opens up the physics engine to its dramatic problem of adding energy so you see this energy build up and the gear/rotor/piston/connector fighting to hold the entity in place. If the physics engine did what real life does and causes energy loss through collisions by the disruption of heat through the elasticity of malleable metals, the variable issue would get fixed as well as after a few moments, the two objects would succumb to a resting state and physics calculations would no longer be necessary.
    @Drui - there has been more than 72 posts in the bug reports about this very issue. I have posted once and even explained exactly what the issue appears to be and how to fix it with some temporary steps the team could take to alleviate the issue until it can be fixed. Like 71 other posts my post was replied to with "we are looking into this and expect to address it in the future". Again, like 71 other posts. So do please forgive me if I possess no hope for the bug report forums.

    You did actually read what you posted, right? One guy cracked Keen's code. One guy fixed Keen's code. One guy tried to offer this code back to Keen. One guy got banned for being ignored and posting it for others to use to fix the game they bought. And that's wrong? It has taken Keen's entire team over a year now to try and fix the piston/rotor/gear/connector issue and it is still not fixed, this one guy fixed it over night by himself, tried to GIVE the fix to Keen, and later resorted to giving it away to those who actually bought the game.
    The EULA covers unlawful copying of the game. In another words, everyone can copy the game and make backups. And everyone can use said backups if they own the game. The only thing he did against the EULA is fixed their software. Surely a justified ban.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2015
  29. bobmin357 Apprentice Engineer

    Has anyone verified the ship spawn/despawn issue? I still seeing ships out past 200km and hundreds of floating objects (mostly ore). I cleaned out over 300 floating ores from my save file about 2-3 hours ago.

    FYI, this is in single player survival mode.
  30. mega_newblar Trainee Engineer

    I had no idea about this stuff until these posts. I searched around for a long time to find a good server, none of them were. Long story short I play on Fingers server now and not only has it been playable throughout these gimped patches but it's quite possibly the best running SE server I've ever been on.

    If they really did ban him for fixing their code, and I'm not saying they did, then that was ill done because it leads to the Streisand effect.

    I'm just curious if you have a source for the 72 bug reports? You sound very adamant, that worries me because I volunteered in this thread:


    And if what you say is factual then I no longer have any interest in participating.
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