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Update 01.067 – Voxel Hands, Terminal weapon control

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jan 29, 2015.

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  1. WereBottle Apprentice Engineer

    So now large player made turrets are viable without having to be remote controlled.... Noice!
  2. WhiteWorlB Trainee Engineer

    Great Update. New Playgrounds. Good fixes.
    Although i have to go with some others here regarding the state of rotors and pistons.

    i would like to know if there is a statement from development bout this... actually the way keen reacted to my first
    bug report(giving detailed information is key!) i can only assume they are aware of the fact and are looking for the best way to implement a fix.

    Some thoughts...
    I'm not educated in programming, but i know a bit about creative processes... like when you encounter a problem that you could fix directly
    but you know from experience that it would result in restrictions that involve future developments in your "project".
    And i doubt an keen "outsider" can actually give insight about if; fixing this problem at a preliminary state is easy as pie, or would just resolve in more work and or mediocre results. (since you don´t know whats in the devs heads) That much for my "uneducated" statement.

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  3. Darmanator Trainee Engineer

    Um. Sorry to be a prick but... can we haz AI and medieval engineers yet?
  4. Gooplux6 Apprentice Engineer

  5. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    I really hope what they have done is only the first step, and we get this in survival too!
  6. Tristavius Senior Engineer

    Or it would have needed them if loading the world in 01.067 hadn't deleted my entire station when I left the backups on a NAS, in the cupboard, 4000 miles away and won't be going back for 3 years :/
  7. Eternal Visitor Trainee Engineer

    probably will be, look at blueprints, creative first, then survival with an appropriate block and mechanic to make it fit.
  8. InfiniteDice Trainee Engineer

    Yeah but if you're planning on using a sensor to trip it the range is a horrible 50m.

    The sensor should have a variable range and have it nerfed with a high energy requirement or something.

    I assume you plan on linking the weapons to fire with the toolbar, but how accurate can you aim? Better would be to have a sensor that can detect a ship out to 800m in a narrow beam 1m wide and tall 800m long and then trip the thing to fire. Of course it wouldn't account for relative velocities and many would miss anyways.

    What we really need in an update is more dedicated server option settings. More programming and scripting freedom...

    Everything I personally want to mod isn't supported to be modded yet. We can add guns but you can't do this this this or this... So you have a bunch of cool but feature incomplete mods on the workshop.
  9. Hubris Trainee Engineer

    Why are you guys focusing on creative asteroid building? Just terrible. very few people are going to be making neat looking asteroids. Such a low demand for that kind of stuff and this is a primary focus. Your game is on procedural asteroids :confused: focus on performance and implementing more things to do with more components
  10. Leatherneck Apprentice Engineer

    First, make it a block requirement to do it in Survival.

    Second, admins can disable that block if they so chose to.

    Problem solved.
  11. Killacyte Senior Engineer

    ...A LOT of people wanted voxel hands, and I think they'll eventually be added to survival once the mechanics are in place.
  12. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Irony of this post and the chosen username.
  13. Killacyte Senior Engineer

    I noticed that as well.
  14. Floki Apprentice Engineer

  15. WardenWolf Junior Engineer

    And rotors still aren't fixed. What the hell, Keen? Just freaking seriously? Five. weeks. Five freaking weeks. And still no fix. Would you PLEASE get some sense of priority?
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  16. TakoMT Trainee Engineer

    Were you expecting a fix on the netcode? I gave up on that like months ago...

    No update on the netcode... multiplayer is getting worse... it's pretty obvious they don't want to fix it.
  17. Phuriousgeorge Trainee Engineer

    Hand job, awesome, just what I wanted! (Or voxel hands, whatever).

    Agreed though, MP needs some serious lovin. If you're working on it, at least toss us a teaser/crumb. Deny it and we'll all know to go back to StarMade.
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  18. Aldakoopa Apprentice Engineer

    Check out the link in my sig for some rotorless blast doors. The only issue is they wobble around a bit while opening and closing and cause minor damage around the doors/mechanism itself. I haven't come up with a working solution for that, yet... But, it merges to the ship once it's fully opened or closed, and can be made in a lot of different configurations to meet the space-requirements of your ship.
  19. Mr.Truffles Trainee Engineer

    Well. The weapons controll via timer and sensors is quite nice i have to admit.
    But i dont like the voxel hand thing. Same with the 5x4m-post-its they added last update (the text panel). They might have a big master plan, but if so, i dont get it.
    I just think there would be more important things to fix or add at the moment.
    No rant though, just my opinion. Still love the weekly updates
  20. WardenWolf Junior Engineer

    No, they have NO master plan. None whatsoever. There's no planning, no priorities, and their code is disorganized. Otherwise they wouldn't keep breaking stuff that's already there and not fixing it. Keen doesn't have a clue what they're doing with this game. They haven't for a LONG time. And they don't know how to code properly, either.

    Did they fix rotors that have been broken for five weeks? No. Did they finish the sign blocks that they released half-done? No. Did they add anything of any real value to the game as it currently exists? Also no. They're simply throwing sh*t at the wall to see what sticks, and banging randomly on their keyboards and breaking what's already there.

    What do you get if you let a few dozen monkeys bang randomly on a keyboard? Evidently, Space Engineers.
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  21. Obsidian_eclipse Apprentice Engineer

    Now I can create rude rudely shaped golden asteroids! Yayy..

    Seriously though, this is pretty good for creating scenarios and bases.
  22. Ulfsark Master Engineer

    WardenWolf, if your such the expert, why don't you fix the rotors? Oh, what's that? You don't know diddly squat about programming, or development?
  23. pardusian141 Apprentice Engineer

    So I started work on my update video and when I went to edit the asteroid I could delete but not add to it.

    Edit: Its able to paste material in but just not onto the asteroid directly it seems. Made a cavern by deleting material and I didn't seem to be able to add material inside that spot but I could outside of the asteroid.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 29, 2015
  24. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Um, do you remember when they announced exploration and said you can submit ships and stations but you should avoid using pistons and rotors? Do you remember that? Why do you suppose they said that? Wasn't it something about maybe they are redesigning pistons and rotors? Could that be a possible answer? That maybe they understand that the current models don't work so well and they need to do better and they are trying do do exactly that, but in the meantime they have other things that are ok to release now so why make us wait?

    Every week we get something and the babies whine and cry because it's not what they wanted. They come on here and say what they want is an easy fix and KSH is just lazy. KSH put out a major update on Christmas and New Year's. That doesn't sound lazy to me.

    I know this is the internet and it will never stop, but really why does anyone think anyone gives a fj*@%g f+*# if you stop playing this godawful game you paid ten bucks or less for. Really. No one cares. Not even KSH. All you are doing is letting the entire planet know just how immature you really are. I guess we should thank you for that.

    Grow Up.
  25. lewismalone Trainee Engineer

    I have this bug and also the one where the landing gear just turn lock off when you save and reload a game later. I get around this by not using the landing gear on small ships and use a station landing gear or mag lock mod to hold my ships in place. I also get around the piston and rotor bug by not using them on ships. Its a pain but not a game breaker like some people say it is.
  26. viracom Trainee Engineer

    ugh did anyone that whine about voxel hands actually watch that video?? what you can add is limited by asteroid bounds so no giant asteroids for you... sorry. Well yeah if people will go around and add/remove things to procedural asteroids it might possibly be a problem after Nth*10^x asteroid but it's seriously a lot of work and for it to burden your server someone actually have to be in that sector, so to crash your server it would probably take a lot of wok and a large organized group of cyber terrorists, but still nothing you couldn't do today by blindly mining around any asteroid you can find.
  27. pardusian141 Apprentice Engineer

    Chill out guys. This game is still early access alpha. ALPHA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Its not meant to be a final released full product! Alpha implies that THERE ARE BUGS and that the game is still being built. When I purchased space engineers a year ago, I wasn't paying to get a perfect game. I was paying to support a development team because I liked the game concepts that they were showing and I wanted to play it. I've gotten over 1500 hours logged on my steam for this game alone. I'm satisfied with the product I paid for. Quit whining about things that are not getting fixed. You are NOT THE ONE doing the coding. They are aware of the problems and they have suggested that they are reworking rotors and pistons because they asked not to include those in exploration submissions.
  28. Polenicus Apprentice Engineer

    Looks like player-made turrets are back on the menu, boys!
  29. paradineai Apprentice Engineer

    can we get the hand drills set up so they add the ore to our personal cargo while drilling so we can gather more ore faster and possibly get ladders brought back as a new block.
  30. rexxar Senior Engineer

    What about the assembler teaming issue? Setting them to 'share with all' is an ugly workaround, and I'm willing to bet that it's a simple bug that would take just a few hours to track down.

    To everyone bitching about pistons and rotors: get over yourselves. Those kinds of things are non-trivial, and it does seem like KSH is planning a complete redesign of them which again, is not a trivial task. In their current form, they work well enough for simple things like operating blast doors (usually) and aligning solar panels. You know they have limitations, and yet you push the boundaries and then piss and moan and make personal attacks on the developers when your ship blows up.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if you're going to complain about the updates, then you go build a physics engine from scratch and learn to debug its issues. Frankly, it's remarkably impressive that they manage to update every week, especially implementing new features every time. KSH are absolutely kicking ass developing SE, so you need to sit your ass down and shut your mouth, because you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

    For the record: I develop embedded firmware; I know from personal experience how terrible the debugging process can be, having spent days chasing individual problems. I can't even imagine debugging a physics engine, but I have at least some sense of how massively complicated such a system can be.

    KSH, you guys are awesome, keep up the good work :thumb:
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.