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Update 01.075 - Airtight hangar door, New turret targeting options

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Mar 26, 2015.

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  1. MacKnight Trainee Engineer

    Ma Hangar door, YEAH!
  2. Forgemasterhd Junior Engineer

    I'm (not) commander Shepherd and this is my favorite block in the Citadel.
  3. mohs Trainee Engineer

    I don't get your problem if you need to waste oxygen on a large hangar bay, well do so, nobody said, you cannot place them on moving parts like pistons and so on, or seal a blast door with these in the end.
    I guess larger small ships are not build to be stored in a pressurized room anyway. A carrier could have a launching area (not pressurized) and a section for modifications and repairs to be pressurized (if neccessary / benefial).
  4. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Very cool new block; Zeratul/Howitz, your prayers have (sort of) been answered! Any chance we'll be able to change the height they extend to? This leaves OddxOdd numbered openings kinda out in the cold, unless we want one side of the door to recess way into the door "jamb."

    I love the noise these make when they're operating, BTW. :woot: I really need to update the Daimyo with these now.
  5. Far-Seeker Trainee Engineer

    I don't understand this fixation with huge hanger doors! From a military or even a basic structural engineering standpoint a door is a potential weak spot on a space vehicle, and optimally should be just slightly larger than what you need to go through it. Furthermore, there is no rule that mandates the rest of your hanger cannot be larger than the door. Lastly, 4 large blocks = 20 small blocks and many small ship designs have less than that on at least one side of height and width. So this shouldn't be a major limitation; unless, that is, you are trying to park a Red 1 in some gigantic supercarrier. :p
  6. Eternal Visitor Trainee Engineer

    they'll chomp through ships in their way, once they get moving they're determined to close no mater what.

  7. Sirius Trainee Engineer

    The amount of stuff I've had to contrive to work with blastdoors, pistons, rotors, and the Big Gate mod only went so far. I'm soo happy this was added.
  8. NerdimusPrime Trainee Engineer

    Well, crap. I've deleted turrets off of every ship and station on our server, and it didn't help. I wonder if I need to turn off cargo ships, because they have turrets too.

    Thanks for checking!
  9. Guardian Trainee Engineer

    Even better would be if it was possible to place the blocks for a closed door, and have them smartly connect together (like Armour blocks) and produce a single door.
    A Hangar door could then even be made of several parts,

    So if you place blocks
    You get a door which opened from the Y towards Z, no-matter the length.

    It might even be possible to extend it to allow rotating doors. so long as you always build the door in it's closed position.
  10. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!!!! :)

    Oh, and someone mentioned a larger version that is 2x1 when fully opened. That would be great solution for larger ships versus the problems of stacking.
  11. xzosimusx Junior Engineer

    Yeah, your design is just dumb. Not trying to be mean or anything, but if you simply rotate the doors to open vertically rather than horizontally you will have the SAME exact door size.
  12. Tajin Apprentice Engineer

    In your case you could simply mount the doors at the bottom and top instead of on the sides, that way you can cover the whole area.

    Anyway I'm sure modders will soon provide us with larger variants of these doors.
    Furthermore, this block-variant can also be used to mod a small crew-door that can only be opened via terminal, which in my eyes would be incredibly useful for airlocks.

    Hell, that kind of block could even be used for very stable elevators.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2015
  13. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    Honestly for me I intend to replace the current man door with them because I think it's a pain to fit through.

    edit: I also REALLY love the idea of using them to protect/hide things. It was too impractical to do with pistons, this makes it easy.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2015
  14. Shabazza Junior Engineer

    I love those doors. :thumb:
    They should have larger or configurable extend length tough. But great as a first solution for pressurized hangars.
    Didn't expect that.
  15. MiChAeLoKGB Junior Engineer

    Another one who does not read :) I already did that, go and read this topic again.

    Anyway, my point is, you need almost 3 times more doors than you would need with a larger version. Well, not really, but I count for doors blocking 4 blocks, as pistons did on my old doors. Well, forgot I ever told that. You just need 16 doors for 8 blocks wide opening, as I have 12 blocks wide doors, I need 24 doors.

    One problem with tham is here tho. One side of the doors will HAVE to be only 4 blocks in size. You can't create doors that have 6x6 opening or 6x10 opening. Well, I hope modders can do something.

    I did that :) Just read whole topic.

    And nope, you can't use it for lifts, you are not allowed to playe anything where the doors are expanding or anything on them. For that you have pistons. if they allow us to do that, those doors would have same bugs as pistonds do.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2015
  16. Baddazs Trainee Engineer

    I find it sort of annoying that they only work in one dimension for symmetry at a time.
  17. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    I don't want to be that guy, but I'll be that guy :

    Ok, airtight hangar door are a nice addition.

    But WTF do they hope we would do with only a 6 wide window at max??

    It was the same with Pistons : 2 blocks when retracted, and max 7 blocks when deployed. Mostly too short.

    Everything they make IS TOO SHORT !
  18. Far-Seeker Trainee Engineer

    You are right, they would be great for larger corridors within a ship, as well as enabling construction of true airtight bulkheads!:) Although personally I don't have enough problems with person-sized doors to completely replace them on my designs, especially with some door mods available from the workshop. ;) In any case I believe these are far from a useless addition to the game.
  19. Drayax Trainee Engineer

    Right so I'm trying to place the doors on the back end of my ship, is anyone else having issues with them destroying light armour blocks underneath them?
  20. Bistro187 Trainee Engineer

    This is great!!! Now all we need is some decent retractable landing gear (I know u can use pistons... BLAH) & I will Never Complain again!
  21. Echillion Senior Engineer

    I like the idea of this update whether it screws anything else up is another matter? gonna try the hangar doors out later :)
  22. Braethias Apprentice Engineer

    Still no fix for small ship large thrusters melting?
  23. YesWeCant Trainee Engineer

    Now THAT is an awesome block to use.

    The possibilities of its use are impressive to say the least.

    • Hangar blast doors which are easy to build and won't fall apart upon sudden acceleration
    • Emergency lockdown doors by hooking them up to a sensor set to trigger if an enemy player is nearby.
    • Cover for retractable weaponry. You are carrying a highly explosive payload to be delivered upon an enemy vessel? Now you can easily make something to hide it within your ship until you reach your destination. Same goes for turrets, now you can conceal them within your ship till you need them.
    • Traps of all kinds (triggered by sensor blocks) such as those that involve getting crushed by those doors or getting trapped in a hallway with no cover and turrets start popping up...
    • Cover for retractable ship systems such as antennas
    These are just a few of the possible applications of this block. Also, the modding community won't idle by, they will surely release different variants of this block, such as longer ones which allow for bigger hangar blast doors.
  24. Galaxian Apprentice Engineer

    It'll be nice when weapons don't take a mallet to sim speed, but its pretty hard to beta test an alpha.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2015
  25. Legion40k Trainee Engineer

    not gonna lie, this is an amazing update. look at the size of the hangar doors you can make!!! 10x4 is fantastic =] good job! also modders can always make bigger versions than this

  26. voxerday Trainee Engineer

    Great update ! those airtight hangar doors are awesome !

    Just one thing, maybe make them toogleable open/close when put in a group (hangar doors with doors).

    p.s. Thanks for fixing easy start 2 !
    Thanks !:)
  27. LostElement Apprentice Engineer

    This is VERY cool. I love the airtight hanger! Good update as always keen!
  28. Snackbars Trainee Engineer

    Why wouldn't you just place the hangar door blocks on the ceiling and floor (Behind the coloured slopes) instead of the sides in such a ridiculous fashion..?
  29. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    The last carrier style ship I built the hangar was only 3 blocks tall in the first place.
    Not terribly spacious but worked fine for my small ships. I was considering going to 4 in my next version but really don't feel the need for more than that.

    Same small ship pictured in a 4 block tall space:

    This seems reasonable to me.
  30. MiChAeLoKGB Junior Engineer

    Snackbars: You really registered just to say that? If yes, then plase, read whole topic, I ALREADY DID THAT ;)

    AutoMcd: Yeah, the thing is, if you ahve 3 blocks, one of them will be taken by doors base, so you get entrance only 2 blocks big. Those doors hate entrances that have odd number of blocks.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2015
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.