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Update 01.095 - Rebalancing of systems and components, Tutorial scenario

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Aug 13, 2015.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    We have applied multiple changes regarding game-play balance. Main changes were in block and component costs, energy consumption and reactor outputs. Most of the basic blocks that you need early in the game now require only Fe, Si and Ni. More advanced blocks such as large ship blocks and weapons can additionally require Ag, Co, Mg. Moreover, the most expensive blocks will cost some U, Au and Pt.
    Additionally, a new tutorial has been added that offers instruction on how to fly a ship and use the three ship tools. You must use each ship to navigate through several chambers that demonstrate how to grind, weld and drill as well as how to stock a weld ship’s cargo and how to dock with connectors.
    Check out the latest Developers Notes where we share some info about the game’s development progress: http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/7366068/
    We would also like to know your opinion/thoughts about the new changes that we are applying to the gameplay attributes and also about the tutorials. For that reason, we have created a new sub-forum where you can post your comments and send us your feedback: http://forum.keenswh.com/forums/feedback.423142/
    Steam Discussions:
    - Balancing: http://steamcommunity.com/app/244850/discussions/11/
    - Tutorial: http://steamcommunity.com/app/244850/discussions/12/

    - rebalancing of systems and components
    - new tutorial scenario “Ship Flight & Tools”
    - added ON/OFF option as an action for button panel

    - fixed crash when loading world in edit mode
    - fixed wheel friction setting is reverted to 0 after reload
    - fixed LCD resetting when merging two ships together
    - fixed numbers in toolbar config filter triggers hotkeys
    - fixed crash when using jump drive
    - fixed jump drive is failing to jump attached grids
    - fixed client can't weld/grind when not in view of host
    - fixed small conveyor sorter has too small volume
    - fixed oxygen indicator missing in cockpit

    Balance changes
    - Batteries and Solar panels are now a good early game source of energy - be wary of darkness though!
    - Large ship thruster maximum thrust has been increased 3x
    - Power consumption has been increased 6x for all thrusters
    - Heavy armor is more expensive and tougher
    - Rounded armor component costs are more consistent with their volume
    - Power output has been increased 3x for all reactor variants
    - Increased maximum configurable friction on wheels - 100% is now 4x stronger
    - Wheel suspension-rotor torque has been changed to achieve better stability
    - Metal Grid is now an alloy made of Iron, Cobalt and Nickel
    - Gravity components now require 10 gold and 5 silver to be assembled
    - Detector components no longer require platinum to be assembled
    - Motors now only need Nickel and Iron to be assembled
    - Construction components now take 4 seconds to be assembled
    - Displays no longer require gold to be assembled
    - Computers now only require silicon and iron to be assembled
    - Jumpdrives now require Power Cells, Thruster Components and more Computers to be assembled

    EDIT 08/14/2015:
    Update 01.095.012

    - fixed crash when turret is aiming
    - fixed crash in hangar door
    - fixed thruster overload on small ships
    - fixed modded thrusters not working properly
    - fixed catwalk block being too expensive (removed metal grid component)
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  2. joemorin73 Junior Engineer

  3. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

  4. Checkmate371 Trainee Engineer

  5. Lrj52 Apprentice Engineer

    The rebalancing looks great!
  6. Gooplux6 Apprentice Engineer

  7. Fly Sniper Trainee Engineer

    Good Changes. I may just start playing right now. :D
  8. Eikester Apprentice Engineer

    is the merge/unmerge ctd fixed that happened when using MyAdvancedDoor?
  9. Aracus Senior Engineer

    Are preparations for this patch the origin of the bug which emptied my entire stock of all kinds of ores and refined metals, including ice, and surprisingly air bottles, but left all other components alone... And somehow removed EVERYTHING, even recipies from the assembler?
  10. KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Looks good, thanks :)
  11. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    Nice, love the fact that balance issues are being addressed already. :D
  12. Dax23333 Junior Engineer

    Nice balance changes, good to have some bugfixes too. I wondered why oxygen wasn't showing in my cockpit anymore. Heavy armor being tougher is very nice, as is the more powerful thrusters. I like having my large ships go faster, some current designs are going to be real speed machines now!

    4 seconds per constuction component though, wow. An improvement on 10 seconds though. :D
  13. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    Nice update, thanks!

    Small ship thursters as well?
  14. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    My body is ready!

    My body wasn't ready! Hell my Galaxy might actually fly by itself now! (need to check the damage area though)
  15. Thomas_Jefferson Apprentice Engineer

    I like the balances and bug fixes. It's also nice to see some kind of idea of the order of the next major updates! I don't like, however, the thruster modifications. 3x thrust is not worth 6x energy consumption.
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  16. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    Problem with the new Feedback Forum Section
  17. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    And (since I cant edit my previous post still)
  18. Thomas_Jefferson Apprentice Engineer

    I know you aren't a fan of mods, but why don't you make your own mod to adjust the thrusters and damage area? Doing it yourself means you have complete control, and you don't even need to publish the mod to get it to work.

    I discovered serious efficiency losses in Keen's original values. I haven't checked the new values, but I'm sure I will be adjusting my own mod to compensate.
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  19. Faziri Apprentice Engineer

    Does this make small reactors on small ships useful again? They were completely useless before since you needed way too many to power even a light ship, and they have only 1 hatch so you'd need a jumpstarter if you wanted to hook them up to the conveyor system. We've been using large reactors instead because they have 2 hatches and we only ever need one per ship.
  20. wd56 Apprentice Engineer

    So what happens to the stations and blocks that you have already created. Do the blocks gets the new values and characteristics or do they stay the same and only new items have these changes.
  21. Sadjuuk Apprentice Engineer

    All of it is great nice job !
  22. Faziri Apprentice Engineer

    And wait, small ship thrusters use even more power without more thrust? So we still need a dozen in every direction to get a flyable ship? Damn...
  23. Kalkross Trainee Engineer

    Awesome I sense the build up to planets, pumping out all the necessary features and upgrades to make it really worthy of such an update. As usual I applaude you all! I would love for you to add the ability to assign input axis' for ship flight controls so I can use my twin joystick setup for flying, I'd by the game for all my friends if you did that!
  24. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Because i'm a player of video games, not a programmer. I wouldn't know where to start and how to maintain it and have no interest in finding out either. I'd also like to point out yet again that i don't dislike mods but have a problem with them impacting the development progress negatively. I mean look at what you just said: you basically told me to finish the game myself. Why are you making Amidala sad, Tom? Tell you why: because of mods and open source during Alpha. I did try to follow a 3d modelling tutorial once but abandoned that problem when i was incapable of producing a cube.
  25. Sadjuuk Apprentice Engineer

    My ship do 0 to 100m/s in 8.5s only ! Instead of 26s before ! Oh I love it.
  26. LetTheWookieeWin Apprentice Engineer

    Nice update. Should be interesting to start a fresh game and see how the new balancing works.
  27. stewievader Trainee Engineer

    my thoughts exactly, increasing the relative thruster power consumption without changing thrust on small ships was a horrible idea, hope this is fixed next week, or someone makes a mod to fix it.
  28. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    If thrusters need 6 x the power and reactors supply 3 x the power, have they effectively doubled the power consumption of thrusters? Bloody hell, and I thought squeezing a Jumpdrive in was hard!
  29. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Oh, i like this new Thruster output. Doesn't make her dance but she's.... suggestively swaying her hips, so to speak, i don't know, the metaphor got a bit jumbled along the way.
  30. Sadjuuk Apprentice Engineer

    I just see a gyroscope weight is not anymore 18 472 kg but 12 817 kg ! A heavy armor block, 3300kg instead of 3000.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.