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Update 01.101 - Landing gear fix, Performance improvements, Small ship turrets

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Sep 25, 2015.

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  1. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    Debating alpha isn't where the conversation really lies. Keen is selling an emotional experience. IMO the future of the game relies on the moment a player first breaches a planet's atmosphere and touches down on his/her first planet. What will that experience be like?

    If the releases from this point until that point are like 1.101, Keen will sully that experience. If there are show-stopper bugs at that very moment. Opinions about the game will shift for the negative. So, even though it is alpha, from this point out until planets are released, it shouldn't be treated as alpha. The expectation is too great. In all fairness, it is just a game. But that game is judged exclusively in the context of the game, not in the context of the rest of peoples' lives. Keen's reputation as an emerging software developer is riding on the next few releases.

    Make no mistake, that's a tremendous amount of pressure. So it's important that Keen steps up its game as the climax to their historic release builds. If Keen announced that it was pushing the release back to the first of the year, I wouldn't blame them. There would be a few disappointed people. But when they announce planets and that update begins to load... the company is making or breaking its reputation.

    On a side-note. I think it's wonderful that we are now discussing the game in a civilized manner.
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  2. Covertkiller70 Trainee Engineer

    A.L.P.H.A (always, leaving, programs, half, assembled)
    People don't forget that you did not pay full price for this.
    They can do some testing, but they can't test it all.
    I mean, look at EA with its teams of 100 people and then look at the release of Titan Fall, Battle Field 4, SimCity.
    Flopped right on their face on launch day.
    Were talking companies with endless amounts of resources and staff and those games had more bugs than a rain forest.
    If anything, it's a good thing that people are angry, it just shows how bad they want to play this game.
    SE has come really far. How many blocks did we have when this came out? Did we even have multiplayer? Good god!
    Not to mention, if you guys think these bugs are bad, wait till we get planets.
    These bugs are fleas compared to the bird eating tarantulas we are in store for :)
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  3. Methlon Trainee Engineer

    I for one welcome the bird eating tarantulas, because it means they're still working on the game.
    If I have to wait a week between binges, so be it. It just means they're fixing problems.
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  4. Covertkiller70 Trainee Engineer

    This guy gets it! :)
  5. TheeScrub Apprentice Engineer

    I think they did put bird eating tarantulas in the game judging from that suit model that popped up before the hotfix a few weeks back ;)
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  6. Dragon0G Junior Engineer


    This will be me when planets finally hit.
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  7. Methlon Trainee Engineer


    In essence, I'll be a bit like this.
    (audio warning.)
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  8. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    There seems to be a lot of developers of all stripes that have an opinion one way or the other as to how KSH should handle updates. Not being a developer myself, or an employee for one, my observations are not seen through that lens. It appears to me that Keen uses Occam's Razor when it comes to releasing a patch. They are all working on a number of things. When something works, they release it. They create a video to show that what they have released has worked for them. It did not break their game or impact performance. The only way they can find out if it works on your machine is to give you the update. Otherwise they would be oblivious to any issues that exist, and they know they are there.

    I guess the only thing that they didn't account for (although I suspect they did) is how entitled some people can get after having not paid full price for a game that they agreed to buy after being told it was not ready for prime time and may never be. For some reason some people believe the same rules apply for early alpha release and full gold release.

    There can be no justifiable outrage. We all bought the game under the same terms and conditions. Whether or not you think the developers are handling the updates "correctly" is immaterial and irrelevant. Keen never, ever, promised a perfect playing experience. In fact, they did promise the exact opposite, and you bought the game anyway. If you are upset and want someone to blame, just look in the mirror.
  9. Mulahey4 Trainee Engineer

    After reading through loads of "important" posts debating whether KSH should or should not do this and that, I finally feel I need to add my two cents into this fruitless soup. Also, after so many very long posts I feel obliged to keep it short for the average joes so I'll be brief.
    Ready? Here it comes.

    Do not be impatient and enjoy little things in life. I love Space Engineers and I hope it will turn out just fine when the work is done. KSH is definitely trying hard. Go Marek GO!!!!
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  10. JaseRocks Trainee Engineer

    Although overall not the best update. no more exploding landing gear is cool.
    OK so my frame rate has gone down the toilet but this is the opportunity (push) to not build but instead play with the programming block.
    Find some code, take it apart. I got some basic stuff working and invented a lot of new swear words in the process.
    I'm not going to go in to the whole alpha thing but as the game is developed problems are going to pop up. They will get fixed. in the mean time try something different.
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  11. V1KING Trainee Engineer

    Switching landing gear lock crashes my game now..

    I'm working on a fairly big ship and built an elevator to get to the bridge and placed a few landing gears behind it to lock it in place since it likes to destroy itself while flying, but when I hit switch lock for the landing gears the game crashes.

    EDIT: After doing some testing it only crashes when I try to switch lock on landing gear to hold a piston in place, anything else an it works fine.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2015
  12. LetTheWookieeWin Apprentice Engineer

    Server admins paid/pay full price for their Keen approved game servers. The mistake I see from Keen was releasing the DS files for commercial use.

    Oh yes! I know what you’re going to say...it was pressure from players. While I know that's where you like to put your blame, ultimately it was Keens decision to release the DS and basically leave it untouched for a year.
    That was a mistake. Argue all you want, you will never change my mind about that.

    “There can be no justifiable outrage.“

    Humans are not known for their logic when emotions run high. It’s hard for people to not get mad when hours/days/weeks of effort are all gone because of an obvious bug that could have been caught with very little QA.

    I am not justifying their “outrage” just letting you know that not expecting emotions to run high is irrational and childish…I say those two words to describe your comments instead of calling you a troll or fanboy as it seems those words are deemed name calling while the use of “childish”, “irrational” and "entitled" seem to be the acceptable vocabulary around here.

    Do I expect more game breaking bugs? Yup you bet. Do I expect people to just take it? Nope…I live in the real world where I know over 1 million copies were not sold to testers, but to consumers. The small daily groups you see here on the forums are the testers, not Joe average who pop in to vent now and again. The attitude of "we heard it before and are tired of hearing it" just blows my mind while people smugly write their comments about people being “childish”, “irrational” and "entitled".

    I would bet if your favorite game mode was unplayable for weeks at a time you would change your tune, however you seem to think you are entitled to speak for everyone, while playing a different game type.

    See how easy it is to throw around those 3 words folks like to use around here so much? And if you have to use those words so much…maybe there is some truth to what people are bitching about? I mean…every week here you are saying the same three words to people...I will bet the folks who make a big stink about this post will have large amounts of prior posts with those keywords in it (even some not from me!)

    Talk about EA all you want. When you sell over 1 million copies it’s a game changer. Pun intended….

    Lastly…I am glad they finally did some work for DS servers and expect things to get better, but I do expect to see more releases like this one. We are the testers and the QA team. Can some of this be avoided? Sure can. Will it? Nope.

    Talk to you all again next week. I know you can't wait ;)
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  13. Ac!D Trainee Engineer

    didn't anybody notice, that motor suspensions/wheels are too weak since the update? it seems the torque has nearly been set to zero.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2015
  14. Pontiac Apprentice Engineer

    And I really do hope that game changer is that EA either smartens up and starts to emulate the communications Keen (and other Indie developers) provides us, or, goes under. I see no evidence of the first option, so.... (It isn't really the developers fault, its the honchos that make the money making decisions and who don't understand the community they sell to in the least.)

    I've lost complete faith in EA as a company as a whole, 100%, never purchasing anything from them again. I don't even LOOK at their software. I may have been part of that 1 million user base when SC2013 came out, hell, I pre-purchased the whole kit-and-kaboodle and slapped down almost $100 because I loved the series. I had the original Sim City back in the 386SX-16 days. When SC2013 came out, mandatory online play, crap city sizes, traffic logic issues causing massive failures, bad routing of supplies, RCI indexes not working properly, lazy sims not working in the same building day to day causing havoc on any kind of strategy to build a city, and the list goes on, the game and the developers become a joke. All hype, buggy game, on a FULLY RELEASED FINAL GAME. With a team of hundreds of developers, and resources of a company that is older than most of the young pups in this forum, and with years to develop and put their QA dept on testing this game, I expected more for $100. Not to mention they start giving away the "Nissan Leaf" in-game, so that opened my eyes to the fact other manufacturers starting throwing their money at EA. Which means they were 'double-dipping' to sell me crap software. I suppose it is their right to do such things, I don't question that, but I do question the ethics.

    I purchased Battlefield 2142, massive lag (Excellent FPS on my rig back then), cheaters galore, no reaction from EA on fixing it when I played. Zero, nadda, exactly nothing. That was also a $60 game. I think I've still got the sticker on that box.

    The LACK of communication EA gives when it comes to their games is at the forefront of the best of the best. When I was playing SC2013, not a single developer EVER came into the forum and said "Hey, we're working on that..." or "It is doing that because....". It was always PR B.S. saying "Hey, well, you know.. SQUIRREL!" or absolutely nothing at all.

    Unlike EA, Keen has always been upfront with what they're providing us -- Broken software. Steam has "Alpha" and "Pre-release" and "May contain game breaking bugs" plastered all OVER the page for this game. If you want to be an idiot and put your money into broken software, then so be it. I'm part of that group of idiots, and I don't regret it for a second. Keen is taking in PLAYER designed objects and incorporating them into the game. Keen (probably with permission) takes stuff off the steam workshop and ADVERTISES it for other players in their video updates.

    I'm ENTITLED to bitch about EA because I forked over my hard earned money on what feels like ad-ware ladened limited use shareware with heavy restrictions with FULL expectations of a solid game as in the past. I've seen so many YouTube videos of glitches, out-right-game-breaking bugs on so many of their "fully released games" that I'm surprised they aren't dead yet.

    I'm NOT entitled to bitch about broken software I put $20 into. Since I put that $20 into their coffers for a life time of game play, I'm ENTITLED to say "Hey, I find this part of game play pretty broken" with full decency, and get a response from someone who works directly on the code that makes SE so great. I KNEW I was buying something broken, and something I couldn't play for a short period of time, but the fact that a dev said "Yep, thank, we see it." its hella lot better than SQUIRREL!
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  15. Cassius Faux Apprentice Engineer

    Noticed a tiny bit of a bother, the game seems to crash upon exiting a world. Hopefully a hotfix or tomorrows patch shall fix.

    One other thing, I don't know how to explain it too well. But, I have a ship I am making, uses a large drop down hangar door with two pistons.
    It wobbled a bit so I put on some large landing gear on the interior, to secure it in place. However the most peculiar thing happens.
    Its as if when detaching the gear lock, and lowering the platform, it creates a copy of the ship, that is invisible. As in, say you wanted to walk off the side of the platform. You wouldn't be able to, as you'd run into an invisible wall conforming to the shape of the interior of the ship itself. I am not sure if anyone else has encountered it, or if I broke the game with this ship.
  16. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    Is it just my browser, or did Keen forget to remove one of the Pins last week? :)
  17. Covertkiller70 Trainee Engineer

    Your right, I have changed my tune. I'll admit, recently I have not been playing as zealously as I have like a year ago. I think what I've learned from this (especially after the remote control update) is that because the game is constantly changing bugs are going to happen and some projects are just going to be put on hold. I have a few buddies that are not playing till planets come out and some that are waiting for the release! But it does not always have to be a bad thing. Some players see it as a challenge where they find ways to work around the problem, some get frustrated and wait a week to see if it gets better. Also, entitled to speak for everyone.... I think I'll go with no. But playing a different game type, i'll go with yes. If survival is broken, you bet your bottom I'll be in creative (or vice versa).

    True, player pressure was a factor and you are right that keen pulled the trigger. Though, you didn't have to buy a DS. The first few guinea pigs buy it, say it sucks and then let you know the water is not safe. Just like buying game from EA :) wait for the release, wait a week, see what reviewers say then buy away (or not)!
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  18. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    I think this will be the biggest thread with the F5 bombardment of tomorrow. Currently biggest one is update 1.100 thread.
  19. mrdavidbrown Trainee Engineer

    There's a lot of dummy spitting over the amazing work that keen has done. Let's not forget: we were first drawn in by the amazing possibility to build the destroy our creations. They made pressurized oxygen (not totally simulated but close enough). They put in a warp drive (because why not). They made it so we could mod, program and edit everything in the game by releasing THEIR source code. KeenSWH have tried to appeal to the majority of gamers whims and wants and still people rant (like this rant) about things not working in the early stage of this ambitious game. That being said: the planet update will add to another milestone in this game (buggy or not) and we as a hungry community will keep demanding more and more because the devs actually care about their product and deliver. Give them a break for a few bugs in alpha! They have earned it.
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  20. anybodysguess Apprentice Engineer

    If planets are not released tomorrow I hope the release a playable teaser world.

    Planets seem done enough that they could release a quick start world that has a single small planet, if performance is the issue, for us to play on, maybe a barren one if oxygen and whatnot isn't done yet.
    That would make the wait for full release of procedural planets not a problem.
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  21. Triodo Trainee Engineer

    I was thinking just that.
  22. Methlon Trainee Engineer

    I paid 20 some bucks for Space Engineers knowing it was an early release game.
    I've LONG since had well past 20 dollars worth of fun.
    I'll continue to have well past 20 dollars worth of fun.
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  23. drfinestone Trainee Engineer

    Nice update, but PLEASE, no more contant with massiv bugs. Test your update, and than release it.
    A new netcode have priority, than planets and later another stuff.
    You have a lot of programming engineers and manpower, please use the community.
  24. PsicoPato Senior Engineer

    Well i am almost sure that it is not worth the time or the trouble that it may cause.

    I will explain bether when i get to my computer, typing from a smartphone is a crap.
  25. BrainWeasel Trainee Engineer

    Hmm. I think the new landing gear functionality needs tweaking still. A pirate left a drone near my base, so I took a fighter out, shot out its weapons and engines, and prepared to tow it back to base for salvage... when my gear locked onto it, its autopilot took over my fighter and I couldn't move until I drilled into it and disabled the Remote Block...
  26. Silvak Apprentice Engineer

    I plan to bring the F5re tomorrow, I'm eager to see the bugfixes and performance improvements they make and I'm hoping another planet teaser.
  27. Odious T Apprentice Engineer

    Things i'm wishing for tomorrow: ;)

    • Suit (at least partly) charged when respawning
    • New EVA energy cost reduced or at least a battery to trade volume for suit charge.
    • Hacking enemy drone PB's no longer blocks all other ship controls in the world with the 'Autopilot Engaged' message.
    • The weird low granularity of movement when in proximity to a large ships resolved.
    • Jetpack sound problems resolved
    • Large ship/Asteroid interaction no longer punishes frame rate/sim speed
    • Multiple fixes to Interior Lights. Welding/grinding hitboxes, Intensity, New light sources not rendering until reload - did i miss any?
    • Picking an object off an autolocked Landing gear no longer results in CTD.
    • Grinder/welder integrity buffed a little more but still not enough to make them melee weapons.
    I launched a new world from Crashed Red Ship after 1.01.
    - After a week of tinkering around and dodging conflict i'm now able to capture a pirate ship nearly intact. i can finally think about what to do with the resources provided by my new life as the local scourge.
    It's been a lot of fun developing a new ship and systems to deal with this hostile volume of space.

    Last edited: Oct 1, 2015
  28. Beeskee Trainee Engineer

    For what it's worth, I'm not complaining about the bugs, just reporting them. :D

    I haven't played for months, mostly because I was depressed I couldn't find a working automatic assembler program. :(

    Tho yeah I really hope they get these fixed super-fast because they are all annoying.

    Oxygen issues and docking connector issues are at the top of my list. :D
  29. Mal Trainee Engineer

    The new Pirate Carrier Argentavis is aparently not a drone, Because I have disabled drones but I constantly get attacked but 1 or more Argentavis Carriers.
  30. Pontiac Apprentice Engineer

    The one I use is here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=375750713

    From stock, the only issue is that it doesn't seem to run more than one assembler at a time. Someone posted a possible fix, but I've not had the in game resources to test multiple assemblers yet (I don't test this stuff in creative).
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