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Update 01.129 - Server Side Character Control & Client Side Prediction

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Apr 7, 2016.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    In this week's update we are bringing you a new multiplayer feature called server side character control. It basically means that client position will always be determined on a server instead of on the client itself. This should prevent unnecessary deaths due to spawning inside of a wall and jumping into objects caused by a lower server speed. We also fixed performance issues for worlds with a complex conveyor system - they should no longer be so slow. Some improvements have also been made to gyroscopes - they should not spin heavier ships more than light ones anymore. And lastly, the situation where all the sounds played at once when a player alt+tabbed is also taken care of.

    - character on server with client side prediction
    - programmable block improvements (see details below)

    - fixed very slow worlds
    - performance increase and optimization for conveyor systems
    - fixed small ship missile turrets not shooting
    - fixed gyro behavior (spinned heavier ships faster)
    - fixed sensors detect ship out of their area of detection
    - fixed sounds play all at once when window focus is regained
    - fixed blocks were not ground from certain angles on DS
    - fixed wheels are not attached when blueprint is welded
    - fixed small ship missile turret won't reload

    Community Fixes
    - Programmable Block: Added runtime information to MyGridProgram via the Runtime property. [Malware]
    - Programmable Block: Allows for a usable, instruction-counted constructor with all peripherals initialized, and a save method which is called by the game on demand to avoid unnecessary serialization. [Malware]
    - Programmable Block: Implemented "yield return" support to programmable blocks. [Phoenix84]
    - ModAPI: Implemented support for custom emissivity settings. [Phoenix84]
    - ModAPI: Fixed duplicate GPS bug. [Phoenix84]
    Special thanks to Malware and Phoenix84 for the programmable block and ModAPI improvements!

    Update 007:
    -fixed crash on ilcompiler initialization
    -improved character rotation control when standing on ground
    -fixed advanced tools
    -fixed inventory bug when player was away from base
    -improved lighting
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  2. Spherical

    Spherical Trainee Engineer


    Really hope the fixes for simspeed drops are working
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  3. Hemp Plan[e]t

    Hemp Plan[e]t Apprentice Engineer


    Xocliw ur friend seems nervous ;)
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  4. Diegor34

    Diegor34 Apprentice Engineer

    hkStackTracerWin32.cxx error in DS are worse than ever... "ThanksĀ¹"

    My DS will be closed for longer... All that work to build and maintain that "####" to stay closed for the second consecutive update "Awesome, ThanksĀ²".
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  5. Sumyunguy

    Sumyunguy Trainee Engineer

    Gud gud gud. Thanks, devs :)
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  6. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer


    To use emissives:
    1) Model as usual in any editor, and create emissive textures with any name you want (You can use Emissive, Emissive0, etc... if you want, but you don't have to).
    2) In ModAPI, call IMyEntity.SetEmissiveParts("NameOfEmissiveTexture", Color, brightness);

    This also works with stock emissives! It also works with everything! Blocks, floating entities, and should work for weapons and the character too!

    void SetEmissiveParts(string emissiveName, VRageMath.Color emissivePartColor, float emissivity)
        Member of VRage.ModAPI.IMyEntity
    Sets the emissive value of a specific emissive material on entity.
    emissiveName: The name of the emissive material (ie. "Emissive0")
    emissivity: Level of emissivity (0 is off, 1 is full brightness)
    emissivePartColor: Color to emit
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  7. 4o

    4o Apprentice Engineer

    first page!)
    hooray to rubberbanding for your camera!:)
    hooray to drunk astronaut! it literally cant walk straight :)
    hooray to astronaut fsm failures:) it seems like it misses transaction event. right now it walks, with "falling" animation.
    caught desync. now a suit walks right when i press w. camera lost 1 degree of freedom: moves only up-down (mouse). hooray :)
    lifehack: switching to flying forces sync.

    @Malware: i used to save state every run. now i can decrease pb load on server. sincere thanks.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
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  8. DS_Marine

    DS_Marine Apprentice Engineer

    - fixed small ship missile turrets not shooting

    The automated gatling turret were not working too (on previous version).
    Can't test the new version until night time...
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  9. Dicarus

    Dicarus Apprentice Engineer

    More handheld weapon variety, neato.

    Any idea when astronaut NPCs will be a thing, if ever?
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  10. mepox

    mepox Trainee Engineer

    first page? :p
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  11. Kham

    Kham Apprentice Engineer

    Looking forward to testing. Last week's update made our DS game unplayable, so fingers crossed I can actually move this week.
  12. lostjounin

    lostjounin Trainee Engineer

    As much as I love programmable blocks... aren't there more pressing matters to attend to? Like SSS and Inventory related disasters? Either way, good update and hopefully at least half the community can still play the game :)
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  13. joemorin73

    joemorin73 Junior Engineer

    Nice teaser of Winona at the end.
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  14. MalkContent

    MalkContent Trainee Engineer

    does this fix the solar panels MaxOutput read on DS?
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  15. tharkus

    tharkus Junior Engineer

    Yay Community Fixes are back :)
    also I love that Pistol, love the teasers, they feed the hype :)
    good job !
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
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  16. TheFurryLion

    TheFurryLion Trainee Engineer

    really nice pistol, but where's the trigger ?
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  17. Bobylein

    Bobylein Apprentice Engineer

    Yaaaay first site!

    Hope our dedicated server runs better now.
  18. Bolex

    Bolex Trainee Engineer

    o i guess that means that still the animation wont work on our DS :/ jetpack still wont lift me up from the ground and I STRONGLY HOPE that when You said Gyro wierd behavior you mean that the strenght of my gyros will return to USABLE state becouse since last update it takes about 20 sec to rotate my ship 306 degree :( ...just when i was about to succeed in encouraging by 2 frends to buy the game :/
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  19. PsicoPato

    PsicoPato Senior Engineer

    OMG that HandGun!

    Flametrower next. ;D
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  20. Commander Rotal

    Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    @Xocliw @Deepflame SimSpeed still sitting at disastrous 0.08 while typing this. I call lies! Slander! Misconceptions! Cats and dogs living together!



    Edit: i'm always amazed to see people "disagreeing" with a factual statement. It's not a Dislike button kids.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
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  21. Harrekin

    Harrekin Master Engineer

    Programmable block fixes/improvements were community fixes by professional programmers on their spare time...
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  22. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    Changes to the way MP works? Butthole tightly clenched....
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  23. L0v0lup

    L0v0lup Trainee Engineer

    Wow.. my character on my server is lagging in random directions. Same problem for other players on my server. PLEASE hand out a hotfix ASAP! :eek:ops:
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  24. Potter

    Potter Apprentice Engineer

    So happy to see community fixes again.

    To all those who contribute on Github, you have my unending gratitude. Thanks for helping to make the game better.
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  25. Mr Engineer

    Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    First page! Very nice update. New Pistol? Looks good. I like those fixes. Thanks Keen!
  26. ltdan83

    ltdan83 Apprentice Engineer

    What planet was that video on?
  27. Nefali

    Nefali Trainee Engineer

    What you the devil losses have made you? With your last patch pulls me at the movement, at me lighting, synchronization with the server to hell has broken to devils! Just tell WHY WHY YOU HAVE ACTED THIS WAY?
    The lamps which are adjusted earlier within two fucking hours don't give now the necessary flowers at all! Hey yeah - they burn in those color scales which have been conceived - BUT LIGHTING STUPIDLY NEUTRAL EVERYWHERE! Instead of beautiful shades IT is SIMPLE BLYaT ANY!
    Besides now of your checks locations of the player on the server or as you have written it there - at me the character continuously PULLS Izz when walking! Plus to it also returns on an old position just regularly! WHY to do patches which BREAK and nothing is repaired?
    Why then to you not to upload publicly the OLD version (here literally without this last patch) the client that I could play with NORMAL awesome beautiful from within (thanks to WORKING AS it is NECESSARY to lamps) the ship instead of beholding stupidly "neutral" lighting moreover and continuously lags in that case if the server - not Im?
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  28. Thales M.

    Thales M. Senior Engineer

    I grouped my forward thrusters then add them increase/decrease thrust override in to bottom toolbar. But they don't show the thrust power.
    Sliding instead of walking continues.
  29. rexxar

    rexxar Senior Engineer

    The PB improvements were implemented by Malware. Keen put only a small amount of time into it.
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  30. doncdxx

    doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    Awfully big patch. Time for some content folder diving to see what they're not telling us about.
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